Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

rahul n maanvir r on their way. its pouring like crazy. a police guy stops them n tells them to go back. its impossible to go back. rahul doesnt listen n leaves from there. maanvi tells him to stop n lets go back. he says we are going back thats it.

he drives rashly on a kaccha road n the car doesnt stay steady. guruji asks his staff is rahul back from durghapur. the guy tells him they might not be able to come back due to road bloackage. guruji knows tonite nothing can save him today. if he goes to the temple n his blood falls on the temple stairs nothing will be able to save him. he shouldnt go there at any cost.

the car has stopped. rahul says let me see wats the issue. maanvi shows concern n says let me come with u. he shuts her up n says dont irritate him. rahul gets

out of the car n falls in a mudpit. hes badly hurt. maanvi asks from the care wats wrong. rahul says stay in there n dont come out. he has started to bleed a bit but gets up.

he opens the car bonet n checks wats the issue. maanvi looks so worried. she keeps telling him should i come n help u. he says just shut up n sit. he tries to find out wats the car ka problem n maanvi looks on. the car bonet falls on his hands n hes hurt. maanvi comes out n helps him. the blood has started flowing n rahul can hear the bells again.

panditji is doing some jaap to stop the evil curse from returning. he says this curse will bring rahul here to the temple anyhow.

rahul is focused on the bell sound n again those tiger roaring sounds. he asks maanvi can u hear them. maanvi says there r no sounds at all. ur mistaken. he tells her i can hear it n screams loudly. maanvi is scared. he keeps telling her there r these noises.

he starts talking towrds the mandir. maanvi tries to take him back but he doesnt listen. hes getting into the curse spell. sonali n guruji r doing the pooja at home but in vain. rahul is about to fall; hearing those bells. maanvi helps him walk. she cant hear anything.

while guruji does the pooja it goes off n sonali is shit scared n cries. rahul keeps sreaming y i here these noises. maanvi keeps telling him there is nothing rahul. guruji says the curse is coming to live i can feel it. sonali says nothing can happen to my rahul n it wont happen i believe. guruji says if rahul keeps his foot onto the mandirs 12th stair. he wont be able to return back ever.

maanvi says we have reached. i can see light come lets go. they r close to the mandir stairs. pandit sees them n screams go away go away dont come here. maanvi sees the pandit n asks for help. pandit screams go away.

they are at the 1st stair of the mandir. rahul is unable to walk. maanvi takes all his weight on her n cries saying i wont let anything happen to u. pls be a lil strong on try walking. pandit tells her dont get yr hubby here. yr bringing him to the dead. stop n go away.

rahul limps n tries standing till maanvi ties the cloth onto him. while limping he puts his foot onto the 12th stair. panditji screams. guruji is shocked n sonali is scared.

pandit says anarth ho gaya. everything is destroyed now. pandit says its not easy no1 can stop him from stopping his hunger now. maanvi begs to the pandit to help. rahul is unconscious on the floor. maanvi runs up to the mandir n shouts at the pandit for not helping. pandit says this mandir is cursed n u didnt listen to me. maanvi says i dont believe in all of this. pandit tells her years ago this happened because of his father n he is that same boy. nobody can help u go away from here. maanvi runs to rahul n says dont worry ill never let anything happen to u. stay here ill go n get help. she runs about like crazy knocking on doors of the villagers n asks for help. nobody helps her. she is crying.

Tomorrow: maanvi brings a cart from somewhere. puts rahul on it with hardwork. she pulls the cart slowly slowly n takes him away from the mandir. rahul is unconscious as yet

Update Credit to: shanakyasharan

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