Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti calls out after Rahul. It is actually chotu who is standing there wearing that hood. He wonders what all Dadi makes him do! Avanti hugs Chotu from behind. Where have you been Rahul? Avanti slips in the mud as soon as she sees Chotu. Dadi says we don’t believe I rich and poor but Chotu? Rahul is married. You wont get close to him but Chotu? Let it be. Go in Manvi’s room and ask for clothes. You like her things a lot anyways. She mentally tells Manvi this is her gift for today. I don’t want people like Avanti in your party.

The album is launched. A reporter asks Manvi to sing a few lines from her album. Shaleen and Raj look unhappy. The producers insist so she sings. Everyone is glued to her son. Shaleen thinks no one waited for his son and are all ears to Manvi’s

song. Manvi thinks of Rahul as she sings. Sonali advises Raj to change his expressions. He does not find it right. I wont let Manvi take over Rahul’s career. I will not bear it. Sonali says they are one now. Why are you comparing them? Everyone wants them to sing together. raj says in business there are only competitors. I wont let that girl go ahead Rahul!

The producers congratulate Raj on having Manvi in their family. she is such a rare talent. Raj asks about the contract with Rahul. The producer says we are going to do that but we want to do a long term contract (of 3 years) with Manvi. Sonali diverts them.

Manvi is still thinking about the book Rahul gave to her. Dadi asks her why is she standing alone. Manvi asks for Rahul. Dadi says I understand how important this day is for you. But he wont come here today. he knows how hard Shaleen has worked for this day. He does not want to distract anyone. he wants you to be successful. He is sitting alone in guestroom. You are lucky to have such a good husband. Manvi thinks he is the biggest drama. I wont spare him!

Manvi goes in the guestroom. She talks about the gift. He says it is very useful. She says who gives such gifts to girls. He says there is no gender discrimination. I will give it to anyone if I can. She is taken aback. He says knowledge is to be shared. She talks about his fans. He says I always recommend it to my fans. She repeats that he should not give such book / advice to anyone. he says it makes them improve on their skills. I gave this book to dad last year. I am sure he made use of it too! he wont agree to it though. She asks him why he gave her this book. He replies that he has seen her performing. With these tips, your performance will be better. She is aghast. When did you see me doing all that? He says I did not see you full-fledged but I am sure you are good at it. you can do better with these tips. She calls him mad. Rahul suggests Manvi to give this book to Shilpa. She will read it out to her Baba and he will think of their old days. He will recover soon. Chotu intervenes just when she is about to hit him. the delivery guy comes there. I delivered you the wrong book. The right book is on how to better classical singing. She is surprised. Rahul asks her about the book. She does not say but he insists. She tells him to be quiet and goes to get that book. She covers it well in her room. Rahul wants to see the book. She hides it but he warns her. we will get into a fight otherwise. Dadi comes there as Manvi had called out her name to scare Rahul. Manvi is hiding the book behind her hand. Dadi asks Manvi to come as the guests are looking for her. Rahul snatches the book from her hand in between. Dadi leaves. He is shocked to read the title. I swear I did not order it. She nods. he understands the reason behind her fighting with him. I was talking about your singing performance. I even said I gave it to dad and about giving it to your parents. This wasn’t the book! He feels embarrassing. By the way what did you think of when I spoke about your performance? She dismisses the topic. He shouts after her to tease her. Keep this book, no problem!

Nisha asks Chotu to serve food. Manvi asks her if she ordered food again. So much has been cooked already. Nisha taunts her about high class parties. Manvi says why waste food. Nisha does not want a lecture from her. we anyways don’t serve khichdi to our guests. She excuses herself. Manvi is sad to see so much food getting wasted.

Manvi feels bored in the party. She thinks Rahul disappeared again. she notices Rahul’s car leaving and follows him in an auto. Rahul has come to a poor colony to distribute leftover amongst the kids of this area. She gets to know this from Rahul’s guard. The guard also tells her about a cold storage there where Rahul keeps all the veggies. She goes inside to see.

Manvi is about to pat at Rahul’s shoulder when he asks her what is she doing here. You scared me! She says the same to him. How did you know I am here without even looking at me? He asks her how she came here. She shares that she followed him. He smiles. You are following me? She nods. I am your culprit if following your husband if wrong! I am glad to know you are doing such a great thing. He talks about Nisha ordering extra food always. I don’t like it so I bring all the leftover food here. What prompted you to follow me? She shares that she was feeling bored and then saw him leaving in the car. I am glad I followed you. always bring me along whenever you come here. He agrees. Meanwhile, a man locks the door from outside thinking that someone left it open by mistake.

Rahul tells Manvi that these people are poor yet they find some or other reason to stay happy. they inspire me. She is feeling cold. He suggests leaving but the door is closed. I left it open. She too hasn’t done it. Maybe someone did it by mistake. Rahul calls out for help but in vain.

Manvi is wearing Rahul’s jacket. It is already half an hour. No one opened the door. There is no signal here. He tells her to control. The guards will come looking for me very soon. Jump, exercise to feel warm. She says this is not the time to do it. He tells her a story about one of his crazy fan to divert her attention. Manvi begins to tell him about Rupa. They get talking. Manvi sneezes as she is cold. He gets worried for her. you will fall ill this way. He keeps the hay on ground. Don’t shout on me but we will have to sit closer so that our body heat keeps us warm.

Precap: Raj asks Manvi about Rahul. You both left together. Rahul has become irresponsible since you have come in your life! She replies that Rahul did not come with her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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