Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi Starts With

nisha purposely irritates maanvi n says chill out n eat something maanvi

she says no thank u i need to go i have some urgent work

avanti tries touching rahul’s collar but he stops her

nisha goes aside n calls kabir n says congrats the plan was a success

she has just left so now get your plan in action

maanvi goes outside n curses rahul with bad words lol

she says how dare he meet avanti n didnt even inform me

im not gonna ask him he needs to tell me…he called me fat afterall..i am not gonna talk to him

kabir comes n meets her outside the hotel

he says ho she is pissed

he says come let me drop u off

she sits n is in no mood of talking

on the way kabir tries talking but she

is in no mood

kabir says is there a problem u can share it with me.she says nothing at all

kabir gets his manager’s call n he acts as if he is not comfortable living in a hotel…maanvi tells him wats wrong

he says i cant live in hotels…its too alone n lonely

she says u need a partner n u need to get married

they pass through a market

some ppl misbehave with a girl

he gets off the car n goes saves her

in the fight he gets bruised badly n bleeds

maanvi panicks n says lets go home n get u treated

they come home

maanvi calls rahul n says come home soon kabir is injured..come home i will tell u everything in detail

rahul comes home n maanvi rushes to him n tells him wat all happened

kabir says its nothing big dont worry

rahul tells him to shut up n asks the doctor is he fine…

kabir acts as if he is about to faint

rahul gets worried

rahul tells him to stay here n maanvi also says your house is under renovation so stay here

kabir is happy his plan started working well

rahul tells kabir not to hesitate at all n think as if its his house too

kabir is put up in the guest room

raj also comes n chats with kabir

maanvi offers raj tea but he doesnt reciprocate

after raj leaves

maanvi tries acting sugary sweet with kabir infront of rahul to make him jealous

maanvi ignores rahul n he thinks is she still mad at me for the fat comment lol

kabir asks rahul if everything fine between u n maanvi

he says ya ya i guess messed around with her n she is angry

ill go patao my biwi n come

kabir says this is just the beginning of u n her fighting my friend

rahul goes behind maanvi n says stop na

she i about to trip n he holds her firm n again both share a deep eyelock n maanvi cant stop blushing

she says move away from me

u go have food outside with ur lady friends

she tells him about how she saw him n avanti

he explains the whole thing to her

how she cried n aplogised

maanvi says go to her only dont come to me

u go have lunch n dinner with her only

he says u are again jealous…

she says dare u call me jealous anymore

im the last person to be jealous of avanti or any other girl

rahul tells her stop getting jealous now will u

i will order some cold water for u.he shouts chotu get water for maanvi madam

she is burning in jealous

maanvi says shush …

he laughs at her

she says wait till u feel jealous some day

he says so u r jealous then

she is left speechless

coming up

kabir thanks maanvi for letting him in their house n looking after him

he holds her hand n she feels uncomfy

she says its fine

u are rahul’s friend

daadi watches this n kabir sees daadi looking at them…daadi is kinda shocked lol

RM scenes r sooo cute…rahul loves towering over her…lol

she was about to trip over a blanket n he held her

she couldnt contain her smile

hahahah this is so funny

RM come to kabir

maanvi acts all sweet to him to show rahul

she says look look kabir i got u a nice soft pillow so u feel comfy

rahul just keeps a straight face knowing wat maanvi is upto

then she offers him milk

he says i hate milk

rahul laughs looking at maanvi’s plan flop

she says dont worry i will cook for u

rahul keeps making faces to her

kabir tells rahul wats wrong with maanvi

wat is up with her

he says yeh toh hubby wife ke beetch chalta rehta hai

she is teasing me…

rahul n kabir have their banter on women

rahul praises maanvi n her qualities to kabir…says the day she came into my life …everything changed n i am a happy married man

kabir thinks this is about to change my friend

harsh has to sign some contract n the guy asks him to leave the money here or his working lincense will be chopped off

build up for future money issue maybe

dinner table

RM n kabir eating

maanvi offers food to kabir first n says wat maanvi wat rubbish have u cooked

she says if u r so interested go eat from where u had lunch with a girl …go go

she talks nicely to kabir again

dinner table

RM n kabir eating

maanvi offers food to kabir first n says wat maanvi wat rubbish have u cooked

she says if u r so interested go eat from where u had lunch with a girl …go go

she talks nicely to kabir again

rahul goes n kabir thanks maanvi for the hospitality

he holds her hand n says thanks maanvi says its not a prob but she doesnt like his touch

daadi sees this n kabir sees her seeing them

daadi says i dont find this boy’s intensions nice at all

kuch karna padega

coming up

avanti called rahul to talk about his bday

rahul takes this chance to tease maanvi

he says thank god u remember its my bday

maanvi hears that

he says here no1 knows about it

all r behenji’s here who i cant hang around with


she could sense it so fast

the face she made at kabir…lol

sonali n raj chatting up

daadi comes to sonali n says i am going out for a walk

daadi looks tensed

sonali asks wats the matter

she says how long is this kabir guy staying at our place

raj says till he gets well

daadi says he can go get well at his place y at our place

raj tries to clarify but daadi says shut up

i know how to recognise ppl better than u

she says i dont like this boy

rest is upto u guys

raj says maa is getting so suspicious just like that

sonali keeps daadi’s words in mind

maanvi is in the room doing some work

rahul says lets harass her a bit.its fun

he calls up avanti n says i miss hoe old days yaar

how we used to hang out n stuff

today everyone is so behenji type

then rahul acts n says oh how sweet of u avanti to remember my bday

u are such a darling avanti

avanti on the other hand is shocked seeing how nice rahul is to her

maanvi is red with jealousy and anger

maanvi says go to hell rahul

maanvi goes to the wahsroom

rahul tells avanti i am just kidding will talk to u later bye

maanvi comes out n he still acts talking nicely to avanti…maanvi says u have gone nuts rahul

wat r u upto

go to hell

maanvi leaves

she is in the same blue night suit

rahul has a hearty laugh on the bed seeing her this jealous

epi ends

hats off to daadi man…sonali took daadi’s words seriously

raj says i know wat to do with this money
raj has a plan up
he calls maanvi sweetly
maanvi beta come here
maanvi is shocked.she turns around n looks at raj
raj has a sweet smile on

Update Credit to: shanakyasharan

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  2. Cute and funny episode moved it the way rahul teased manvi was awasome but now stop gassing her bechari manvi ???

  3. I read in Facebook that now rahul is also feeling that kabir is trying to come near manvi which he don’t like and he stops him

  4. Rahul has to stop Kabir otherwise he can lost Manvi. But I know this will not happen

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