Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul and Agni continue to fight.

Manvi finds the trident. It can be of Rahul’s help.

Baba demands to know what’s happening. Sonali thinks what to tell him now. She says we dint know Kabir will turn out to be this way.

Manvi rushes upstairs to help Rahul.

Baba wants to do something to save Manvi. Shilpa is sure Manvi wont leave Rahul alone. They can fight as much they want to but they wont leave each other’s side. Baba is worried about Manvi. Sonali says true love is very strong. I am sure nothing will happen to Rahul till Manvi is with him. She will find a way to save him.

Manvi sees Agni beating Rahul. He screams in pain. Manvi is holding the trident. Raj hears Rahul’s shouts. I have to go to him.

Agni says I would have killed Rahul that

night only but I lost that chance. I will do it tonight. Manvi prays to Mata Rani to help Rahul. Tiger is your Vahan. How can truth lose? Please save my husband. Do some miracle and help my husband Mata Rani. I beg you. She prays to Mata Rani.

Rahul gets strength from the prayers. He gets the strengths of the tiger. His face changes (to that of the tiger). Rahul attacks Agni. Agni and his mother are outside Sabharwal House only. They stop in shock to see Agni wincing in pain. Rahul passes out. Agni’s mother says I was sure something wrong is going to happen today. Her helper offers to kill Rahul but she asks him to bring Agni out safely.

Manvi ties Mata Ki Chunri on Rahul’s hand. She feeds him holy water. Chotu and other servants take him inside.

Raj notices the wound on Rahul’s hand. it is deep. How did Kabir escape? Manvi says I saw some stranger taking him in a car. Baba is curious as to how Rahul defeated such a devil. We could not understand what was going on outside. Manvi says I know nothing. I could only pray for her. Sonali shows them her hand (it is burnt). Her prayers saved my son tonight. Shilpa is happy to see Manvi’s another mother with Manvi here. Nisha thinks she underestimated Manvi. She is even stronger than the demons. I should change party now. I made Kabir my enemy as well. I wont be safe otherwise. She sheds fake tears. Sonali tells her to leave from their house. Nisha agrees to leave. I have realised I am also a devil like Kabir. I was so weak to comply to him. Raj says you could have told us earlier. She says would you have believed me if I had told you that a demon lives in the house. I confessed to Shaleen as soon as I found out his truth. She apologizes to Manvi. Shilpa tells MAnvi to forgive Nisha. Everyone makes mistakes. Kabir is anyways scary. Anyone could be scared of him. Manvi replies she isn’t blaming her for that. But she created problems for us since the beginning? Nisha admits hating her or being jealous of her since the beginning. I thought you weren’t fit for Rahul. I thought Avanti deserved Rahul. But I agree I was wrong. I swear on Shaleen that I will try to become a better human being now. Please forgive me. Manvi gives her another chance. Nisha hugs her. You are a great human being. I misunderstood you. Raj asks Shaleen to take Nisha to their room. Nisha and SHaleen leave. Sonali tells Manvi this girl Nisha does not deserve forgiveness. I can write it down for you that this girl is never going to change.

Manvi cries in the washroom. She thinks of Rahul. You never left me alone in any problem but I left you alone tonight. I couldn’t do anything for you. I am really bad and weak. Forgive me please. I couldn’t do anything for you even after being with you tonight. Please forgive me Rahul. But it wont happen now. I wont let anyone harm you, not even Kabir. He wont be able to harm you at all!

Nisha comes to her room. Finally I am back in my room. I was fed up of hearing Rahul and Manvi’s praises there. Shaleen praises her for her acting. Nisha reasons that she had no other choice. They got saved from that Kabir’s super human powers. I have to find another way. He reminds her of her swear just now. How could you swear falsely on me? She says I had no other option. I knew everyone will trust it. Behen ji’s like Manvi believe in it all. He asks her if she knew Kabir’s truth. She denies. I would have never even spoken to him if I knew about it. But Manvi was the least surprised of us all. It was as if it was really normal stuff for her. Rahul did not let Kabir complete when he begun to spoke about Purnima night. There is something more. It seems like Manvi and Rahul are hiding something. The story does not end here. I will figure it out. He wont sit quietly now. Shaleen does not think so. He lost so much blood and is badly hurt. He wont think of coming back now.

Sonali tries to calm down Raj. Nothing wont happen to Rahul. He says the danger is not over yet. Kabir will come back again. It is all because of me. my greed for fame and money is the reason for it all. My son’s life would not have been in danger if I hadn’t killed that tiger. She tells him not to say so. You will get unwell this way. He cries. I wont be able to live with this guilt. This wouldn’t have happened if I had not killed that tiger. I am responsible for it. I became my son’s enemy. She advises him to take care of himself to take care of Rahul. He cannot help but think of the impending danger on Rahul. When will this stop? She comforts him. Everything will be fine.

Baba is relieved to think Rahul dint get any serious injury. He faced that devil bravely. I am so scared to even think of it. Kabir is Agni! He got bull horns. It is something that one can never hear or imagine. Shilpa says I too never felt this. He was at the hospital all along when Harsh was admitted. I wonder if anyone knew about this. Harsh says I knew it. His parents question him about it. Did you not think of Manvi? He replies that he was worried for Manvi only which is why he kept quiet. He related everything to them. He threatened to kill Manvi just like he killed Inspector Prithvi. I was scared. Forgive me. Shilpa says you are not at fault. Even we were scared. Baba wonders why Kabir is after Rahul and his family. His eyes looked different and dangerous as he looked at Rahul. He dint look normal. I have to find out why he is after them. I don’t think he is only after MAnvi. There is something else as well.

Agni’s mom is taking care of his wounds. He winces in pain. She tells him to calm down. It isn’t easy to end Agni. I wont let anything happen to you. She thinks they dint do right by harming her son. You weren’t my enemies till now. it was only the tiger. But it is only you now!

Precap: Manvi asks Rahul why he risked his life for everyone. Guru ji said I will be your shield but you saved us all today.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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