Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali welcomes Manvi and Rahul back home by doing their aarti. Raj keeps looking at Rahul who is not at all looking in his direction. Sonali says I know couples want to spend their first holi after marriage with friends. I am happy you have come here. She gives the necklace to Manvi that Dadi gave for her. She has gone to see her relative. Manvi is hesitant but SOnali points out that it is Dadi’s love for her. Manvi takes it. Rahul says I am tired. I will meet after freshening up. Raj asks him if he is fine. What happened there? Rahul replies to his mom only. Everything went smoothly. Sonali asks Rahul to take his father’s blessings today on Holi. Rahul says I cannot fake anything. I have had enough already. Raj tries to stop him but Rahul leaves. Manvi tells Raj not to take Rahul’s

words to his heart. Give him some time. He will forgive you. Raj says did I ask for your opinion. It is between me and my son. we will sort it out. You don’t have to intervene. He walks away angrily. Sonali asks Manvi not tot ake Raj’s words to heart. We have to go to Khanna’s place. Manvi wants to go home to meet her Baba too. He got discharged today only. Sonali agrees. Accompany us for a while and then you can go. did everything happen right? Manvi nods. we don’t know what will happen now but we got a hope after the puja.

Nisha is irked with Manvi getting all the importance, especially the necklace. No one gave me anything till date. Shaleen reminds her that mom gave her a bangle a few days back. Nisha says even the servants of my house have better bangles than this. She will flaunt her necklace in the party and I will have nothing! Shaleen tells her not to be jealous of Manvi. Your husband is going to become a super star today. I will get you everything. No one will look at the old necklace that Manvi will wear in the party. They will only see my Nisha’s jewellery.

Upmanyu is reading all the old newspapers, catching up with all that he missed when he was in coma. Shilpa and Harsh smile. Upmanyu says you might think me to be mad. Only my duaghetr and SIL know my importance. Where are they? Shilpa shares that Manvi called in the morning to know when you will be home. upmanyu is sure she will come to meet him. make something special now that I am here. Shilpa has already made his favourite food. Upmanyu jokes that he will make Rahul 100% Bengali.

Manvi asks Chotu about Rahul. Chotu says he went outside. She is sad / upset to think Rahul does everything on his own. This was our first Holi but he left all alone. Sonali compliments her. Manvi says Rahul. Sonali assures her he will be home soon.

Everyone celebrates Holi. Manvi stops an aunty from putting colour lying about allergic to colours. Manvi walks away. The lady says sorry to Sonali. Sonali knows what the real reason is. She goes after Manvi. Manvi says sorry to her MIL. Sonali says you can lie to everyone but not to me. You called me mom. I can understand that you are waiting for Rahul. Manvi denies. Sonali says every wife wants to celebrate her first Holi with her husband only. The guy you are waiting for will come soon. He will take care of your allergy. They go to eat something. A few ladies tell Nisha that her MIL forgot her after Manvi came. Nisha excuses herself. She complains to Shaleen again about Sonali spending all the time with Manvi. I stand nowhere. Why are we living in that house if we don’t mean anything to them? He says we can discuss it later too. She gets angry so he agrees to do something. He asks about Avanti. Nisha says she isn’t picking up any call. She would have done something to show Manvi her place if she was here.

Avanti speaks to someone on phone. Her lawyer assures her the Inspector wont be prove anything on the basis of that video. She tells him to do anything but get her out of the mess. He agrees. You will have to help me too. It is very important for me to know your side of the story too. She asks him if he thinks she is the murderer. He denies. She tells him to act quickly. That Inspector should not find me again. Lawyer advises her to keep a low profile for a few days. You have just come out of jail. Be a little cautious.

Manvi keeps waiting for Rahul. What work came that he left without telling? He knew I had to meet Baba! It is heights! A few guys notice Manvi. She has no colours too. Let us give her company. They are under the effect of Bhaang. They walk up to Manvi and surround her. She refuses to have colours but they insist. Rahul comes there just then and beats them. They try to run when Rahul pushes him. Manvi is relieved to see him. He says I wont let anything happen to you. She asks him where he was. I dint even play Holi without you and you! He asks her what.

One guy picks up a bottle to attack Rahul from behind when some guy holds his hand. He beats those guys along with Rahul. The guy says fight like men atleast. Everyone comes there. Sonali asks them if they are fine. Rahul assures them he was only teaching people how not to misbehave. Sonali asks Manvi if anyone misbehaved with her. Manvi denies. Rahul came before anyone could do anything. Rahul extends his hand towards the guy. He says I am allergic to people who attack from behind. Rahul is glad to know there are more people like him. They go inside to talk.

Rahul and the guy exchange intros (Kabir Raichand). Kabir says I just shifted from Mumbai. He has the popular music company of India. Manvi comes there. She greets Kabir. She wishes Rahul Happy Holi. Rahul gets her tone. There was nothing happy in it. He rushes after her.

Avanti decides to end the story today from the roots itself by killing Manvi. Her blood will be mixed in Holi colours. No one will even doubt me. Manvi will have to die. Her screams wont be heard by anyone in the noise. I am sorry but you will die!

Precap: Raj asks Manvi what it is. Who invited them (Manvi’s family) in the party? Rahul says Upmanyu is my FIL. I invited him in the party. Is that going to be a problem dad?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Maanvi : happy holi rahul
    Rahul: happy…..hey did you notice the tone …there was nothing happy in it

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