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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shilpa asking when will they come here. Manvi says we should go to their house. Shilpa says they shall know about our home, and must not think that we are from a hi five family. She says Protima can take a decision then. Upmanyu says you have taken a right decision. He says they will like our house and culture and will ask us to make their daughter as their bahu. Manvi says I want Harsh and Protima to go out and meet. Rahul says this doesn’t suit our culture and says mom will test her. Manvi says outside. Harsh says I will say. Shilpa says they will come here, and then Protima and Harsh will go out. Yamini thinks she will make them betray and hate each other. Yamini comes out and says she made bengali food. Manvi thanks her. Harsh asks her to give water. Yamini gives

her roti and touches his hand. Harsh gets tensed. Manvi asks what happened? Yamini says may be he didn’t like my food.

Manvi says food is good. Rahul says may be he is nervous about the meeting. Harsh thinks if she is doing this deliberately, and thinks just now her husband expired, I am thinking much. Upmanya gets a call from Joy. He says they will come today. Shilpa says we shall send Rahul and Manvi with them. Rahul says it is good, I will take Manvi on a date today. Rahul gives tips to Harsh and says grooming is necessary. He checks his cupboard and says your dressing sense is just like my wife. He says I will call my stylist. Harsh says I want to meet Protima, the way I am, and asks them to tell him what to ask Protima. Manvi says you are really a kid. Rahul says when the right girl comes infront of you, you will realize that she is the one. They ask them to keep the stuff inside. Upmanya comes and takes them from there. Harsh thinks I have to keep my clothes in cupboard now. Yamini comes to his room and tries to trap him in love with her powers, and holds his hand. Harsh asks what are you doing?

Yamini apologizes and says she didn’t mean that. She says my kind of girls (she is much older than him and calls herself girl) need your kind of guys who is honest and caring. Harsh thinks what does she mean and wonders what she wants. He thinks I have to stay away from her. Manvi tries to take suitcase from cupboard’s roof. Yamini makes the table turn and make Manvi fall. Rahul comes and holds her on time. He talks romantically. Manvi says it is Papa’s room and says you are in waiting list. Rahul asks him not to make him wait longer. Harsh takes Manvi to a side and says I don’t think we shall go out. Manvi asks him to meet he. Harsh says you said naa that I will know seeing the girl. He says it is yes from her side. Manvi asks Yamini to come with them and says she will drop her. Rahul and Manvi talk to Protima.

Rahul tells Harsh that Protima is down to earth. Manvi praises Harsh. Rahul praises Protima. Harsh says Maa Baba sent us so that we can talk and not to hear your talks. He asks waiter to get another table for him, and asks Protima to come. Manvi says he is very happy today. Rahul says bengali people are fast. Manvi says Harsh is looking happy with the alliance. Rahul says I am happy that they left. Manvi says I will call Baba and tell. Rahul thinks what is her problem, she shies away from romance. He asks her to keep the phone down. Manvi asks what you can do? Rahul says I will kiss you infront of everyone. Manvi says you can’t do. Rahul pulls her towards him. Manvi says everyone is sitting. Rahul asks her to call.

Sonali calls Manvi. Manvi asks Rahul to let her pick call. Rahul permits her. Manvi tells that Harsh and Protima like each other. Rahul asks her to cut the call. Manvi tells Sonali that Rahul said that he will kiss her if she didn’t cut the call. Sonali laughs. Rahul takes the call and says he couldn’t do anything at home then how can he do here. Sonali says I don’t need explanation and asks them to come home soon. Yamini comes to the inhouse temple and looks at the sky. She thinks scene might be inside and is about to move the lamp. Just then she sees someone’s reflection behind her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. after a very long time the epi was the best as if how rahul blackmails manvi and tell that he will kiss her. plse continue this track only not that stupid one.

  2. Kal ka precap yeh tha ki manvi dad had decided the date for engagement that is at the eve and rahul gets shocked listening it..:-D

  3. Kal ka precap yeh tha ki manvi dad had decided the date for engagement that is at the eve and rahul gets shocked listening it..:-D

  4. thanks H Hasan for the update

  5. ooo pehli baar ooshi ko gussa nhi aaya and superb episode after a long time

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