Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi shows her first album to her parents. Shilpa wishes her luck. Your Baba would be so proud of you. Manvi shares that tonight will be a launch party at home. We will be introduced before the world. Shilpa tells her to get ready for the party then. Our blessings are with you only.

Manvi meets the doc. He tells her that Raj took the reports last night only. She asks about the reports. He is about to tell her but stops thinking of Raj’s warning. Just take care of Rahul.

Nisha is angry with Rahul. Am I his servant to follow his orders? Why can we not call professional party planners? When I came here then I thought I wont have to even do a single thing. people are making me do everything. Rahul can do something on his own too. His wife is also getting launched. He can also

do something. Shaleen tells her not to say anything against Rahul before him for now. He covered for me. Nisha reasons that he did all this to be in the good books of the producers. He does not love you. He is using you. Shaleen refuses to believe her. She asks him if Rahul would have given him a chance if he was doing this album on his own. Stop acting dumb. In this house, it is only you and I who care about each other. Shaleen nods. I will see how Rahul establishes himself once the case takes shape.

Sonali thinks of Guru ji’s words. Manvi notices her thus. Why is so worried? Is there something wrong in Rahul’s reports? She goes to talk to Sonali. Manvi says you can tell me anything. I went to hospital to meet Baba. Doc told me that Papa has brought Rahul’s report. Is everything fine with him? Sonali lies to her. Manvi asks her if doc dint say anything about the fact that Rahul kept forgetting things. Sonali lies to her again. it was the side effects of the dosage from the previous doc. Manvi tells her not to hesitate in telling her anything. I might be able to help you. Sonali nods. go and get ready for the launch party. Manvi is sure Sonali is hiding something from her for sure. What can it be?

Inspector checks Razak’s phone. There is an audio of his convo with Rahul in the phone. He recognizes his voice. Rahul threatened Razak to stay out of his way! We cannot arrest Rahul on this basis but we can surely interrogate him. I will find the truth anyhow!

Guru ji is looking at something. We might not be able to control the effect of the curse but we can reduce it thereby saving Rahul. We will have to do it tonight only. Only I can do it. His disciple offers to help him as it is a big risk. Guru ji denies. Only one person can help me. That person has been already chosen by the planets.

Manvi receives a parcel booked by Rahul. There is a note with the book. Rahul thanks her for giving her the guitar. I want our friendship to take a brighter turn in future. This book will touch you and let you know what I want from you. She takes out the book. It is Kama Sutra. She is shocked / angry. He wants me to read this? Whenever I try to be nice to him him he acts like this! You don’t deserve to be in this relation. She goes to look for Rahul. Chotu has not seen him but she decides to give him a fitting reply today. Sonali sends Manvi to get ready as it is about time (for the launch party).

Shaleen gives interview to media. Nisha is also telling people to listen to all of the songs sung by Shaleen. Avanti also comes in the party. Dadi wonders where Manvi is. It is her launch too. She notices Avanti. She came here as if she has come in a wedding! Avanti congratulates Shaleen. She is looking around for Rahul. Nisha tells her that Rahul isn’t here. What will he do here in his brother’s success party? How will he bear it that his brother will become his competitor? Manvi too isn’t here. Avanti says Manvi has snatched everything from her anyways. Shaleen is in thoughts.

Sonali is all lost. Raj asks her to cheer up for people’s sake. she says I am worried thinking about Rahul. He is being taken away from us because of the curse. How can I smile? He says I am doing whatever I can do.

Nisha asks SHaleen why his parents cannot be happy with his success. If it was Rahul’s party then they would have danced at the moment. Shaleen does not need anyone. I got this album on my own. She nods. we shouldn’t waste it. She asks an interviewer to click the photo of their next rock star. The lady asks about Manvi. Nisha says Shaleen is here. Manvi is singing a bit in the album. Shaleen is the main singer. They agree.

Nisha announces on stage that Shaleen will give them a small sneak peak of the album. Shaleen comes on stage. Manvi comes in the party. Rahul is not here also. He must be hiding after giving me that cheap gift! Shaleen is about to sing but the crowd gets diverted towards manvi. They question Manvi on her singing talent. Manvi replies that her Baba taught her classical music. Rahul has also helped me. We will certainly sing in future if given a chance. Shaleen walks out from there angrily. Nisha is irked and so is Avanti. Manvi is standing in my place but till when! Raj is also irked. It is Shaleen’s launch party and not Manvi’s. Sonali reasons that it is the launch party of both the kids. Raj retorts that she does not even deserve to be here.

The interviewer talks well about Manvi. Manvi says I am thankful to have him as my Guru and Baba. Raj tells SOnali that now Upmanyu’s name will be in newspaper with his name. She reasons that Upmanyu is in coma.

Manvi seeks Dadi’S blessings. Where is my gift? Rahul told me that you gave him a gift when he sung his first song. Dadi assures her that she will give her her gift. Enjoy the party. I will arrange for your gift by then. Dadi goes to Avanti. I am very much impressed by you. Your marriage broke with Rahul yet you are being such a good friend to Rahul. Avanti asks for Rahul. Dadi lies to her that Manvi and Rahul fought today. He went outside in lawn in anger. Avanti asks her if he went alone. Dadi nods. Avanti assures her she will come back with Rahul. She leaves.

Avanti notices someone outside with a hood. I guess my breakfast plan was right. This is the right time to weave my magic on Rahul.

Precap: Rahul suggests Manvi to give this book to Shilpa. She will read it out to her Baba and he will think of their old days. He will recover soon.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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