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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi continues speaking badly to Rahul. You took it on ego. You couldn’t see me choosing someone else over you. You hurt Avanti too. You only know how to hate! You are a selfish person who never thinks of anyone else but him. He knows she does not trust him. She nods. I will never trust you. I came here for my mother and for my family’s respect. I will kill myself if you ever try to come close to me or try to touch me ever. He goes from there. She misses her Baba. Please come back. Save me from all this. I am tired. I cannot fight anymore.

Shaleen sits down next to his dad. Rahul dint do it right today. Concert’s date has been announced. Lot of negative publicity can happen now. Media will get another chance to do negative publicity. We will have to bear lot many losses. Raj

refuses to cancel the concert for Rahul’s one mistake. Shaleen denies. I know all of Rahul’s music and dance steps. I can do one concert on his place. Raj warns him not to think of taking Rahul’s place. I did have a fight with him but no one can make use of it. He is my blood, my son. Shaleen asks him about him. Raj calls him zero. You are mistaken to think people will buy tickets seeing your face on the posters. Don’t come to me with such a negative idea again! Shaleen leaves. Sonali asks Rahul why he was scolding Shaleen. Stop drinking now. Raj cannot take it that his son has insulted him today. He cheated me. I know why he did it. That girl is instigating my son against me. She is behind all this. Sonali reminds him Manvi is Rahul’s wife. Raj refuses to accept it. It is all Upmanyu’s plan. She and her father wanted to trap us. I wont let them succeed. Manvi will have to leave this house at any cost. Sonali thinks Raj is right. No nice girl will marry some other groom just like that. She isn’t fit to be the DIL of my house!

Rahul thinks of all the circumstances that made him marry Manvi and how everyone thinks wrong of him. He peeks inside his room. Manvi has fallen asleep on the floor only. He covers her with a duvet and puts a pillow under her head. I will continue to try to make you happy, even if that will mean staying away from you. I gave a pain unintentionally. Will you be able to forgive me ever? He goes outside once again. Manvi wakes up. She is shocked to see the duvet and pillow. She throws it away. She sits up. Rahul falls asleep on the sofa.

Next morning, Manvi is shivering because of the cold. She thinks of her Baba. I have to meet him.

Doc tells Shilpa that Upmanyu’s can wake up anytime but they cannot be certain. Don’t give up though. She asks about the bill amount. He assures her that they only care about the patient. We will discuss it later. Manvi comes there. She asks about Baba. Shilpa gets concerned about her. Are you ill? Manvi denies. Shilpa has no idea when Upmanyu will wake up. Doc said he is better than before. Tell me what happened at Rahul’s home. Did they say anything to you? Manvi hides everything from her mother. Shilpa understands her lies well. I can only have the hope that it turns out to be true one day. I will spend my life with that hope of seeing you happy and your Baba healthy. What are you doing here this early in the morning? It is your first day in your new house. Manvi reasons nothing is important for her than being with her Baba. Shilpa explains that this is her responsibility now. You have to look after your family, your husband. Manvi refuses to accept Rahul as her husband but Shilpa stops her. This is the truth of your life now. You should be there. They wont stop taunting us otherwise. I cannot bear anything anymore. I have had enough. I wont be able to take it anymore. I request you to go back to your in-laws house. Handle your responsibilities. Manvi agrees to go after meeting her Baba once. She goes to see her Baba.

Rahul comes to his room but does not find Manvi there. Where did she go this early in the morning? He gets doc’s call. Doc updates him about Upmanyu’s condition. Mrs. Chatterjee wants to see the bill. Rahul requests him to postpone the topic for as long as he can. Doc says I cannot do it for long though. You can explain your wife. Rahul is relieved to know that Manvi is in hospital. The call ends. Rahul thinks only uncle can tell everyone the truth now. Once he gains conscious, he will tell everyone everything.

Raj is angry to see the newspaper and news channels talking about Rahul marrying stealthily. He calls out for everyone angrily. Go out and see the fuss media has created. Rahul has sunk his name. You have ruined our respect. Sonali suggests him to look for a solution. Raj tells everyone not to talk to media at all. Rahul will especially not say anything! Nisha says we will all be quiet but who will tell your new DIL. She went outside early morning. She will tell media everything. Why would she care? Raj speaks against Manvi. She has come here for this reason only. Rahul says her Baba is not well. Raj isn’t affected. He deserves that only. Call her. Ask her to come from the back entrance. Rahul tries Manvi’s phone but it is switched off. Sonali is irked that Manvi went away on the first day itself without informing anyone. Rahul understands everyone is upset with Manvi. What if media persons throng her?

Manvi gets down outside Sabharwal House. Media reporters see Manvi. They ask her numerous questions about Rahul’s marriage. Raj comes there. He asks the reporters to step back. Let my DIL come inside.

Precap: Manvi is talking to Sujoy on phone. Rahul takes her phone. He warns Sujoy not to dare call Manvi again or he will kill him. Manvi tells him not to talk to Sujoy like that. Rahul points out that as of now he is only saying it, but he does mean it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  6. Feel so bad for rahul.why is he behaving so politely with manvi even when manvi keeps on accusing him for what he hasn’t done? Just irritated with her accusations,what does she think of herself?Hopefully upamanyu gets well soon and reveals the truth.want sujoy and avanti’s truth to be revealed soon.

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