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Manvi suggests Rahul to practise deep breathing. He holds her hand. She starts singing to divert his mind. All his attention gets diverted immediately. He says Manvi and she stops singing. The light comes. He pulls open the lift. He falls on her as soon as he steps out. She gets hut on her head. She pushes him aside. She scolds him again. I was trying to help you and you tried to take advantage of me. Why do you do it all the time? She walks away.

Manvi comes outside. She requests the guard to let her use his phone. She calls Harsh. He tells her about his bike getting punctured. Go home with your friends. Take an auto. She agrees. If I would have told Dada that everyone has left then he would have gotten worried. This Rahul! He comes there just then. what did I do now? She says I

wasn’t talking to you. He reasons that she was taking her name. She walks away from here talking about finding an auto. He says this is Delhi and late night. She refuses to take lift from him. He says I know you think of me to be a monster. I will help you if I can. Do you really think I will let you go alone in this weather? She stays put. She sits inside an auto. He too sits down next to her. He asks his driver to follow the auto. She asks the auto driver to stop but he holds her hand. He signals her to be quiet. The auto driver starts the auto. She frees her hand. The auto driver is surprised seeing Rahul sitting in his auto. I have heard all your songs. Manvi guides the auto driver. Rahul’s security guy calls Rahul. The car cannot follow them in this narrow lane.

Manvi stops the auto and pays the driver. Rahul gets down too. She doubts his intentions. He says I just want to make sure you reach your home safely. She replies that he wants to find her house. All the girls can die for you but not me! This is why you are so after me. I wouldn’t have even looked at you if I wasn’t helpless. I know the real face of yours. it is my mistake. I shouldn’t have helped you. You only wear a mask of goodness. I cannot tolerate a man like you around me. Leave. He tells her to stop. You only see the posters. You don’t know the real person in the poster. She still rebukes him / taunts him. He holds her hand asking her to shut up. What do you think of yourself? You make your own opinions about anyone. I only followed not you but your voice as I am a musician. I only came here to make sure you reach home safely. Your mind is negative to see everything about me wrong. I might not be the best person in the world but you don’t have a right to judge me! Not even you! You spoke about the party? I am Rahul Sabharwal. Anyone could have come to me if I would have shared my identity. Your eyes were tied. Did you ever feel for a second if I touched you wrongly? You were alone on the stairs. I could have done anything. Judge before you speak. It is stupidity to trust what you hear. Sujoy sees them together. Rahul leaves.

Manvi speaks to Rupa. She still talks against Rahul. He was trying to make me believe he never misbehaved with anyone. he thinks I am mad? I am not that kind of girl who would fall in his words. Rupa says I changed my opinion about him after speaking to him. at times I think you keep finding ways to hate him. Manvi knows Rupa is Rahul’s fan. You wont speak anything against him. Shilpa overhears her convo. Which guy is she talking about? It cannot be Sujoy. She hasn’t told me about this guy. Manvi ends the call. She thinks of Rahul’s explanation.

Upmanyu thanks Sujoy for taking him to see the film. Take me next time too. Upmanyu goes inside. Sujoy notices the worry on Shilpa’s face. I know where Manvi works. Shilpa gets tensed. Sujoy says I know about the situation at home. I wont tell uncle. He advises Shilpa to tell Manvi to keep distance from Rahul. I just saw Rahul with Manvi outside. Maybe he came to drop her. Shilpa is surprised. Sujoy too finds it weird. I kept quiet as I understand Manvi. It is good that uncle dint see them. Shilpa wonders what has happened to Manvi. She knows about her Baba’s anger towards Sabharwals. He doesn’t want Manvi’s name to be spoiled. You know how Rahul’s image is. I worry for her. Shilpa nods. He leaves from there. Now I wont give any other chance to manvi to postpone our marriage.

Rahul is disturbed by Manvi’s words. His younger brother Nikhil comes there. Why are you upset? Rahul says this girl always insults me. Why do I even bear her? She is so negative about me. She doesn’t understand truth. Nikhil says not all girls are bad. Rahul says you met that sweet girl for the first time. You would have realised the truth after spending more time with her. Nikhil denies. Meet my girl once. Rahul asks him if he knows any details about that girl. Stay away from the girls. They create havoc in life. Nikhil asks if mom does the same. Sonali asks them about it. Rahul asks her to take Nikhil from here. He is boring me. Nikhil leaves.

Sonali comes to speak to Rahul. Why are you so angry? He refuses to talk about it at the moment. She says you never let someone overpower you. He says you don’t k now that girl. She replies that she atleast knows her son. Would you find any solution by getting irritated? Talk to her clearly on the matter if it is affecting you so much. The bitterness will go away if you will speak face to face. It is late. Take rest now. He thanks her. Rahul thinks mom is right. I have bore her talks a lot. I went to drop her off safely and she scolded me only? It is heights!

Manvi thinks of the party. She is unable to sleep. What has happened to me? Why can I not stop thinking about that Rahul? I cannot let him play with my mind. He does not matter to me. Someone knocks on the door. She gets up. Who could it be? She goes out to check. She is shocked to see Rahul at the door.

Precap: Manvi tells Rahul that she knows his secret. You don’t worry about someone’s respect. You are going to get engaged with someone. You are still involved with another girl whom you made pregnant!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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