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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir and Rahul reach Sabharwal House. Rahul loves the decor. Kabir is tensed. Why would have Manvi kept this party knowing fully well I will come? What are you up to Manvi? Rahul sends Kabir inside. I need to speak to the caterer first.

Agni’s mom is doing puja. Fire blows out on its own. She gets tensed. Something wrong is going to happen. I will talk to Guru Ma. She agrees to inform Agni (after talking to Guru Ma on phone). Agni is still not here. Plus Guru Ma gave such news. I wonder where he is. She calls Agni. Where are you? I have been waiting for you since so long and you are still not here. Is something wrong? He tells her to stop. I anyways cannot understand anything. I don’t know if Manvi really doubts me or not. She saw the wound on my stomach. I don’t know if

it is real but she tries to stay near me for any reason. She has called me in a party right now. I know nothing. She is shocked to know he is at Sabharwal House. You dint even ask me before going there! You dint do right. Guru Ma said tonight can be dangerous for us. I had warned you to stay away from that Manvi but you fell in their trap. Listen to me carefully. Be careful from that girl. I am getting all bad thoughts today. He says I couldn’t help it. Everyone asked me to come over and insisted so I had to come. I will go inside and try to leave asap. I will figure out what’s in Manvi’s mind today. She tells him to do what he wants to. Don’t forget one thing. Women are anyways the symbol of Shakti, especially those who have vowed to protect their husbands. He agrees to try to leave asap. The call ends. Agni is sure Manvi wouldn’t have kept this party for no reason. She can try as much she wants to I wont let her find out my truth.

Kabir enters inside and is shocked to see the decor. It’s all red. Manvi did it all intentionally. He holds his head. Manvi welcomes him in her head. You will have to bear the same amount of pain that you have given to my family. I will have to stop you from leaving though. Kabir thinks to leave somehow from here. Manvi stops him. Where are you going? He lies that he is unwell. She takes him with her to do pray to Mata Rani. He thinks that she shouldn’t have done this to him. The holy atmosphere, chants begin to affect him. How do I get out of here! I have to control myself. I have to divert my attention. Manvi keeps looking at him. Kabir understands Manvi did all this to trap him. She knows everything about me. He looks at her in anger. He kneels down before her and shouts in pain. Everyone turns to look at him. NIsha also comes there. What’s happening here? Shaleen said he will come in 10 minutes but he is still not here. How will I handle things alone?

Shilpa and Sonali ask Kabir what happened to him. Manvi offers to tell. Why is the colour of your eyes changing Kabir? Are you having trouble seeing this red colour? Why are you so scared of snakes? Should I tell your truth to everyone? NIsha gets tensed.

Kabir says what you think of yourself. He begins to change. People rush out of the party. Horns appear on his head. Both the families stand there completely stunned. Kabir stands before Manvi in his bull avatar. Baba says what’s happening. Who is he? The horns hide. Manvi says you cannot scare me this way Kabir. Oh, not Kabir but Agni. This is your real name. You cannot harm me any way. You can try as much as you want! This animal (pointing at Kabir) came in our lives as a human being. He won our trust first and then came in our house. He created misunderstanding between me and Rahul and between the families. He only stole the money. He beat my Dada and blamed papa falsely. What did you say to Dada that he dint tell me the truth till date? She tells Raj that even his Guru ji is on Agni’s side. I heard him talking to a woman of their Kul. She said that Dada saw Kabir turning into a bull. How did you threaten my Dada? Nisha thinks to make use of this opportunity. I will put all the blame on him and no one will doubt me.

Nisha puts all the blame on Kabir (including wrong medicine incident; the gas leak incident). He forced me to support him by threatening me. I was very much scared. You think I can harm you? He is so scary. I don’t have the strength to fight with him. Kabir tells her to stop lying. I will kill you! Manvi stands in his way. You cannot harm me or any of my family members now. I wont let you come back in my family again. he asks her if she has lost her mind. You want to win from me? I can kill you all if I want to. You know why I came here? You enjoy telling truth so go ahead. Say it. I came here to kill Rahul. He is my biggest enemy. I wont spare him. Shilpa asks him what Rahul has done to him. Agni asks Manvi to speak up. She is worried thinking that her family knows nothing about the curse. What is Agni tells them something? Agni says I came here to end what is inside Rahul. Manvi slaps him.

Manvi asks Agni / Kabir if he has lost his head. You lied to come in this house and were going to talk against my husband? You think anyone will trust you? Nisha agrees. He is a big liar. Rahul has not harmed him in any sense. In fact, he is after you. There is some strange madness in his head for you. He told me he can go to any extent to get you. Manvi is shocked. Kabir / Agni says I will prove it true now. Manvi slaps him again. How dare you think that I will talk to a low person like you? You are full of evil. I will only hate you! You don’t deserve to even stay here, forget about friendship. Get out of here. I wont let you stay here! She puts vermilion on her head. This is the symbol of my marriage. I will support my husband till the last breath of my life. I wont let anyone harm him. God too has to bend down before a married woman. Who are you then? Leave this house before I throw you out! You broke my and my husband’s trust and my brother’s strength yet you lost today. You can never win Kabir! Get out of here! Agni / Kabir glares at everyone. Baba asks Manvi to step back but she refuses to let this devil win tonight. I am here in Mata Rani’s care. I will not let him win. He will have to lose. He has tried to ruin my relationship with Rahul; has created misunderstandings between all of us; tried to kill Dada; and tried to break our house but not anymore. He will be punished now!

Kabir tells her to stop. You think you humans can kill me? It is not in your power. I have come fully prepared to kill all of you tonight. Everyone asks Manvi to step back but she stays put. She picks up Mata Rani’s trident. She is about to hit Agni but he holds her hand. You may not know that Agni gets what he wants! How will you save yourself from me? Baba tries to intervene but Agni pushes him. Your family is a fool to think this red colour and trident can kill me! No, not even your Devi Ma can kill me tonight. You all will look on. I will take Manvi from right before your eyes. Baba holds his chest. Agni comes once again in his bull avatar as he pushes Manvi. Rahul holds his horns. Agni is happy to see him. I will first kill you and then I will kill Manvi when I am done with her. Rahul says how dare you. Agni pushes him. Rahul tries to hit him but Agni holds his hand. I will kill you tonight. Maybe you are forgetting that it isn’t Purnima tonight. Rahul asks Manvi to take everyone upstairs. She nods. Rahul and Agni fight.

Manvi asks everyone to go upstairs. I am Rahul’s shield. Trust me I wont let anything happen to him. Give me one chance. She tells her Baba to go too. Sonali says where are you going. Manvi says it is important for me to be with Rahul. I don’t know what I will do but I wont leave him alone. Please go inside.

Agni says you are an ordinary human being tonight. You are powerless tonight. I have all my powers with me. I will kill you tonight. He comes once again in his bull avatar. Rahul looks angry.

Precap: Agni and Rahul continue fighting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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