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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul stops the car on his way at a Dhaba. He tells Manvi to go to the washroom. She denies. we shouldn’t waste time. He points out that they cannot go until the car is repaired. He tells her to eat something to gain strength. They bicker over the issue and call each other ghosts. She finally leaves. He thinks how to get Manvi out of this problem. How much risk will she take for me?

In the washroom, Manvi thinks of Rahul’s words and mutters to herself. There is another lady in the washroom too. They both talk against husbands in general. She is surprised to realise a rock star like Rahul acts the same way. I thought he will be romantic. Manvi says he always pesters me to do this or that all the time. The lady gives her an idea to make Rahul understand her importance.


tells Rahul to take care and do the puja right. Raj comes there. He wants to talk to Rahul too but Rahul had disconnected the call by then. Raj knows Rahul is upset with him but what’s happening. What is this Ambika and Rudraksh thing? I know Rahul isn’t telling me anything but he is blindly doing whatever Manvi is saying. Sonali says she isn’t wrong. He talks of giving security to Rahul. Sonali has faith in a wife’s power. She has been doing so much for Rahul. I am sure she will do something to save Rahul.

The same lady (who met Manvi in the washroom) tells Rahul that some goons kidnapped his wife. Rahul runs to look for Manvi. Manvi peeks at him from the washroom. Now he will come under my control. The car isn’t repaired yet. He requests a guy to let him borrow the car. Manvi sees him requesting people for help like that. Rahul is right to call me mad. How could I think he does not worry for me? She goes out. He asks her how she came back. Who took you? She shares that it was a joke. He scolds her for cracking such jokes. The same lady apologizes to Rahul. Manvi isn’t at fault. It was my idea. Manvi wanted to see how much you love her. He agrees with her. The lady says atleast Manvi came to know how much you love her.

There is still time in the car getting repaired. Manvi takes Rahul with her to eat something. People approach Rahul and request him to sing a song. He keeps a condition though. Manvi will also sing with me. People request her as well. They both sing a romantic number.

Avanti is still in the police station. She dint say anything even though she spent the night in the jail. Lawyer brings her bail papers. Prithvi allows her to go. I will not let the killer stay out freely for long. Lawyer agrees but also asks him to target the right culprit. Avanti leaves with the lawyer. Prithvi says this isn’t over yet. I am sure you have a connection in these murders. I wont let you go this easily. You will have to bear the punishment as you are involved.

It is night. Rahul and Manvi reach Durgapur Jagir temple. Ambika is already waiting outside. Rahul can see flashes the moment he keeps his foot on the stairs. All three of them go upstairs together. They reach a point where a stone is kept. Ambika stops them. She moves the garland aside and sprinkles holy water over it. She asks Rahul to keep his right foot on the 12th step now. He does so. The weather begins to change immediately. They go up in the main temple. Ambika points out that the door of the temple is closed since last 9 years. It will open today thought. She unlocks the door.

Ambika again sprinkles holy water as she walks inside. Rahul and Manvi follow her. She asks the couple to sit down and pours water in a bowl. That tiger came here to drink water but it died thirsty because of the incident. She asks Rahul to drink water now. Rahul drinks it. Ambika lights the diya next. She ties a holy thread on Manvi’s and Rahul’s hand each. Ambika gives a Rudraksh rosary to Manvi. It will always help and protect you as you are acting to be Rahul’s shield. Don’t remove it ever though. Manvi nods. Rahul says I will have to remove this Naumukhi Rudraksh if I have to turn into the tiger to face those evil people. Ambika says I have given extra rosary of Rudraksh to Manvi for the very same reason. You will not be able to attack her when you turn into that tiger because of the same. She gives a small trident to Rahul next and Durgasaptashati to Manvi. Read it 108 times. It will give power to both of you. Think of it as your fresh start. It is just like starting a new relationship with your spouse after marriage. At time it happens that two people come in a relation but love and bonding is missing from their relation. This will strengthen your relation. You both will have to be together always to win. Manvi begins to read it.

Next day, Dadi asks Sonali when the couple will be back. Sonali says they have reached Delhi. They will reach anytime. Dadi asks about the puja. Sonali lies that it is just an excuse to spend some quality time together. dadi shares that her MIL was always after her after the marriage. Sonali asks about the box. Dadi says it is my ancestral necklace. I thought to give it to her once she is back. Sonali is glad to know she thinks so much of Manvi. I was also going to buy something for Manvi. It is their first Holi after marriage. Nisha overhears them. Manvi’s time is up now. I will make sure this is your first and last Holi in this house!

Precap: Manvi tells Raj not to take Rahul’s words to his heart. Give him some time. He will forgive you. Raj says did I ask for your opinion. It is between me and my son. we will sort it out. You don’t have to intervene.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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