Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manvi thinking where did everyone go? Rahul comes and holds her romantically. Manvi gets shy and says Dadi or Papa will come. Rahul says let them come, they will not tell anything, I am their son. Yamini gets angry seeing them romancing and makes storm comes. Rahul closes the window. Photo frame falls on Manvi. Rahul takes her inside being worried. Manvi’s dad calls Rahul and asks about Mr. Joy Mukherji. Rahul says yes, I know him. Manvi asks what happened? Rahul says nothing. He tells that what do you want to know? Manvi’s dad says he liked his daughter for Yash. Rahul says Protima is good, and asks them to fix the marriage. He says I will talk to Joy Mukherji. Sonali tells Manvi that she saw that girl in parties and says their choice is good. Dadi says Harsh should

marry now. Nisha thinks everyone is joining Manvi’s family club. Raj tells Rahul that he will talk to Joy. Rahul says okay. He says I thought your relation with Joy was…and says may be Joy feels pressurize. Raj asks him not to worry. Manvi asks will you talk to him surely. Raj says why not. Rahul says wah..he will get his enemy’s son married. Manvi hugs Sonali and Dadi and says she is very happy. Sonali says this is good news. Sonali says since Sandhya come here, everything is good. Manvi says yes.

Yamini thanks them for supporting her. Sonali asks Yamini to tell her mum that she is fine. Yamini calls Kabir. Kabir says I hope everything is alright there. Yamini says yes and says nobody is doubtful. Kabir asks her to find the scene and says it is very important. Yamini asks him not to worry and goes to Rahul-Manvi’s room on the pretext of cleaning the floor. She checks in the cupboard and thinks now she has to clean the room. Rahul searches for his phone and come back to room. Yamini stops him and says she has done poocha/wiping the floor. Rahul asks her not to be hardworking and says other servants will do it. Yamini thinks I have to find that scene anyhow. She sees temple room and goes inside to check (strange, how can witch enter temple room). Yamini thinks if that scene is hidden with mantra and thinks scene is inside the lamp. She moves the lamp. Dadi comes and asks what are you doing here? Yamini says she was missing her husband and that’s why thought to clean the temple and pray for her husband. Dadi says God will give peace to Harish’s soul. Manvi comes and asks her to take rest. Yamini goes.

Manvi gets worried about Joy’s answer for Harsh. Sonali comes and looks sadly. She says Joy said yes. Manvi hugs her and is happy. She thanks Sonali. Sonali says it is all God’s work. Manvi calls Rahul and says I want to give good news. Rahul says Mukherji uncle wants to meet Harsh. Manvi says I was about to call baba. Rahul says we will go there and inform them. Yamini comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Manvi says yes, I am going to my baba’s house. Yamini thinks I have to go with her and meet her family as I have to kill them also after killing her. She tells Manvi that she has to get something for her husband’s shrad puja. Manvi asks her to come with her and says they will buy.

Rahul, Manvi and Yamini reach Shilpa’s house. Shilpa asks Yamini to come and sit. Yamini sits on floor thinking she is a servant now. Shilpa and Manvi make her sit on sofa. Abhimanya asks Rahul if he talk to Mukherji. Manvi says he said yes. Upmanyu is happy. Harsh asks who is Mukherji. Rahul says yes. Manvi says he is your sasur and asks Harsh to tell if he is seeing someone. Harsh says marriage is a big responsibility. Manvi says even I felt the same, but responsibilities get divided after marriage. Yamini thinks this guy is simple and she shall take him in her control. Abhimanya asks Harsh to meet Protima once. Harsh agrees. Yamini thinks they are simple people and it is difficult to break such people, but I don’t like simple things. Manvi says something is burning in kitchen. Shilpa is about to go to kitchen, but Yamini stops her and says she will check. She goes to kitchen. Harsh comes there to take water for Manvi. Yamini starts to control him with her powers and thinks he will help me take revenge from Manvi and Rahul.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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