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Talwar tells Raj he made a joke of their friendship and trust. Our partnership ends today! I wont give you another money. I will block all my funds. Your superstar son’s concert will happen here in the locality from now onwards. Avanti says no dad. You wont do anything like this. Her father says how you can say so even after what Rahul did to you. Avanti says Rahul was never mine. You should actually thank him. He never loved me. Think, if he would have married me for your and Raj uncle’s sake then we wouldn’t have been happy at all. I know you love me a lot. You cannot see me in pain. I am glad that this relation ended before it joined. She tells Raj he should be happy. Rahul married the person he loves. She congratulates the couple. Manvi is in tears. Rahul is about to say sorry

to Avanti but she says it isn’t needed. Everything is fair in love and war. Manvi thinks Avanti does not know the truth. You helped me a lot by saving our house. I am happy for you atleast that you dint get stuck with Rahul. You were saved. Rahul tells Avanti he knows he did wrong with her. I don’t want to lose a friend like you. Avanti asks her dad to come. Please don’t fight with uncle for me. Talwar walks out miffed. Avanti too leaves. She turns to look at Rahul. You have hurt Avanti. You will have to bear the consequence for life. You will never be forgiven for it.

Dadi says let us welcome the DIL now. Raj refuses to be a part of it. I don’t accept this marriage. This girl does not deserve to be the DIL of this house. I am upset with you rahul. I have been insulted because of you for the first time. I will never forgive you for this. He goes inside. Dadi tells Sonalithe truth will not change if someone accepts it or not. Manvi is our DIL. Make preps for puja. Don’t create any more drama.

Sonali reluctantly does the aarti of the couple. Manvi’s Grahpravesh happens. Sonali backs down when they bend down to touch her feet. Dadi tries to tell her to accept the kids open heartedly but Sonali stays put. You spoke about Grahpravesh. They don’t need my blessings. They are grown up now. They don’t need me. I was mad to call him (Rahul) back to back. He was breaking my trust by getting married there. If he cared even a little about my blessings then he wouldn’t have done it. I kept asking him what’s the problem or if he likes someone. He kept quiet. He broke the trust. I don’t know this girl (Manvi). Don’t know from which house she is! Anyways, we will have to accept her now that my son has married her. The lost love will never be recovered by following these rituals. She tells Chotu to remove all of it. Rahul follows her inside. Nisha too goes inside. Dadi assures Manvi everything will be fine. She wipes Manvi’s tears and also makes her wear a chain. This is my blessing to you. May you get all the happiness of the world! She goes to check on Raj along with her husband.

Manvi stands alone in the hall. She remembers her Baba’s dreams about Manvi’s in-laws. There must be one family in the world which will keep my daughter as nicely as we do. Manvi cries. You did find one family for me but maybe it wasn’t in my fate. See how lonely I am, even though I am amongst so many people. Is this what’s written in my fate? What did I do to deserve no happiness? She recalls Rupa telling her how much Sujoy loves her. Only a true lover can do it. She looks at Rahul’s photo on the wall. Why did you do it with me? You hate me so much that you ruined my life! Like every girl, I too wanted a life partner, who would love me forever. what did I get in return? You ruined my life just so you could take revenge from me. Why did you do this to me? Her Baba’s words about her husband echoes in her head. Choti asks her to come. Rahul Bhaiya’s room is this way. Manvi thinks I will never forgive you for breaking mine and my Baba’s dream. I will never forgive you for this! I hate you Rahul!

Rahul talks to SOnali. I know you are upset with me. you are right to be upset. She advises him not to waste his time. It is a big difference to call someone a mother and accept her thus. I understood it today. He reasons she means a lot to him. Try to understand me once. She retorts she kept asking him a lot many questions about his decision of marriage. You kept us in dark. Why? I lost today! You made me realise today I failed as a wife and a mother. He shakes his head. You are the most amazing mom of the world. Just listen to me once. She says we all got hurt. It dint matter to you. You left your dad’s best friend’s daughter at the mandap! Do you think you did right? You brought your dad’s enemy’s daughter home as your wife. Is this right? If you don’t care about your family’s respect then I will never be able to accept her in my house. She has distanced you from us. I can never accept her! She cries. Rahul leaves from there.

Manvi comes to Rahul’s room. The room is fully decorated. Manvi feels bad. All these preps would have been for Avanti. She is the only person who helped us in our worst times. Rahul cheated her as well. It is one of his interests to play with the lives of girls. I am like a toy for him. Nikhil comes there. I thought you are the best girl in the world when I met you after the concert that day, but I was wrong. Everyone in the house is crying since you have entered. Rahul Bhaiya has upset our parents for the first time. Why did you stealthily marry him when he was getting married! You wanted to make a joke of us, right? Dad is right. You are very bad. I hate you! Rahul intervenes. Is this a way to talk? She is your bhabhi. If this isn’t enough then she is elder to you. Behave yourself. Nikhil says you aren’t my old Rahul Bhai. I don’t want to talk to you. He leaves.

Nisha and Shaleen celebrate the day by drinking. They dint expect all this from Rahul. He took a stand against Dad for that ordinary girl. Nisha says this is the perfect opportunity to go close to Dad. Create more gap between Raj and Rahul. Suggest him to re-launch you in the next show. It will be wrong to let Rahul do his next concert owing to the current situation. You can be the option. Rahul has cheated Dad. You have always listened to him. I am sure he will listen to you. Talk to him once. Shaleen agrees.

Rahul freshens up. He says Manvi but she tells him not to take her name from his mouth. Don’t even try to come near me. He wishes someone should hear him too. Atleast you should listen to me. Try to understand me. She questions him on the same. Tell me why you ruined my life. Why did you marry me? Why did you try to kill my fiancé? Why did you try to kill my Baba? Why? If you can dare to speak the truth then have guts to accept your mistake! He says the truth is, I made a promise to your Baba. I will not let anything happen to you. I will keep you away from that cheap man Sujoy. She calls him cheap. Baba had chosen Sujoy for me. He can never be wrong. What new proofs do you have? Did you try to join his name with Mala again? Rahul says Mala is impregnated with Sujoy’s kid. You can ask her. Come, we will go now. Manvi denies. Mala dint tell me anything about her boyfriend till date but she told you? You are paying all her bills after all. She might be indebted to you. Sujoy can never be wrong. Rahul recalls Sujoy’s cheap thoughts about Manvi and how he had pushed Upmanyu before the truck. Epi ends on Rahul’s face.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The precap is that shaleen would be telling his dad that he knows the dance steps and lyrics of rahuls songs ..this is the time for him to shine… Then his dad gets angry on him and slaps him and says how dare u think u can take his place

  2. Ooooo nxt episode . ..Plz..

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