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The lady heats an iron rod and sticks it over Agni’s hand. It leaves a burn on his hand. Agni holds his hands high in the air. The lady says this is your identity. Always remember that you are the best amongst us. You will make us win.

Ambika says I know it wont be easy but you cannot escape it. Rahul doe not want to escape it. my father made this mistake after all. I am thinking how to fight. I am reayd for it. Ambika is happy to hear it. the spirit of the tiger is strong but you are weak. We need a shield. Manvi says where we will find one. Ambika points out that there can be no better shield than a wife. A wife’s devotion is very pure and strong. It can be dangerous though. You will have to bear all the attacks that will come in Rahul’s way. Rahul tells them against it. Ambika

leaves the decision on Manvi. Rahul repeats that it is his decision Manvi has already suffered a lot because of me not anymore. Manvi tries to say something but Ambika makes her understand that Rahul is right. You only saw a tiger attacking you as of now. You have no idea how strong Asuras are. They are very dangerous. Manvi makes up her mind. I will become Rahul’s shield. Every evil power will have to pass through me first. I will stand with Rahul in this fight. Rahul asks her if she finds it a joke. You wont do it. Manvi refuses to leave him alone in this. He takes her aside. This isn’t going to happen. I wont let you do this. She insists that this is her wish and decision. He says this isn’t a film but real life. I wont be able to save you. She says I am only doing my duty. I don’t want to lose you. What will I do if anything happens to you? She covers up. We are each other’s strength. Things have gone wrong whenever we have parted ways. It is very important for us to be together. This is a fight between good and evil. You wont say no. She makes him swear on her name. She assures him nothing will happen to her.

Ambika asks them if they have made up their mind. Manvi nods. Ambika tells them to start from the same temple from where this started. We have to do a puja tomorrow itself so you can have a better life ahead. I will meet you in the temple tomorrow.

The lady tells Agni he is ready for his mission. Agni wants to see the person in which the spirit of that tiger has come. I want to see his face. She does some magic. She talks about Rahul and Manvi. He is the man whom the tiger chose and this lady is his shield. Agni says I will kill him just like that. The lady denies. He has the powerful spirit of tiger inside him. That tiger killed our Guru, our Samrat. The tiger, which can kill him, is not easy to tackle. Agni points out that the power of the tiger increases by doing puja. Has it happened now? She denies. Agni decides to attack on the couple tonight itself. I will kill them both along with that tiger’s spirit. The lady likes his plan. I spent so many years as my Prabhu’s servant. I am fully sure our guru will come back to life after killing that tiger. Do your work. Agni realises that the couple is on the way to Durgapur Jagir. I will attack them on the way.

Manvi asks Rahul why he isn’t talking to her. He is unhappy with her decision. She tells him that that chapter is already closed. He points out that it happens when people decide to do something mutually. I don’t want to put your life in risk. I cannot save myself. Why are you risking your life? She asks him why he put his life in risk by marrying her forcibly. You knew I hated you and could file a complaint against you. You still took that risk. Why can I not be with you in this problem? He is fed up of her talking about his sacrifices all the time and tells her to stop but she keeps saying the same thing. You want me to stay away from you so the animal inside you cannot hurt me. He tells her to shut up. Now only speak when you find something else to talk about. There has been no second when I dint think of you. You matter more to me than you think.

Agni does some puja. The lady wants to complete their revenge tonight by killing that tiger. The soul of the tiger will die along with that person’s body.

Rahul and Manvi see smoke on the road. Rahul is sure it isn’t smog. It is something else. There is no fire around. MAnvi is sure something is wrong behind it.

Ambika is reading the book. She hears someone calling for help. It is Manvi’s voice. Something is wrong. She checks the book and is shocked. It is a very bad sign. Ambika prays to Durga Ma. Rahul and Manvi are innocent. Don’t punish them. They want to help you in your fight. Help them. Make them reach Durgapur safely. They wont be strong till the puja is done. You will have to help them, protect them. Ambika tries their number but it is switched off. I wonder where they will be and what will they be facing.

The car is driving on its own and the steering is not at all shifting. He tells Manvi about it. There is zero visibility on the road. They cannot see what lies ahead. The car hits a tree. The door of Manvi’s side opens. Manvi falls out in the jungle. Lightning strikes.

Ambika understands the sign. Something wrong is going to happen.

Manvi is holding onto a tree. She screams for help. Rahul is completely stuck because of his car belt. He tries loosening it but in vain. On the other hand, the lady asks Agni to trouble MAnvi all the more. She thought she will save that tiger by becoming his shield. Kill her. Agni continues with his puja.

Manvi cannot hold on any longer. Rahul holds her hand just then. He tells her not to leave his hand. The lady is unhappy to see it. How did he reach there? Agni says you said they dint do puja till now. How is he so strong then? How can he face our attack? He gets angry.

Rahul pulls Manvi up safely but she passes out. He brings her up safely. Rahul shakes her but in vain. He gives her mouth to mouth. She gasps for air. He hugs her assuring her everything is fine. She asks about the smoke. It is gone. The accident happened because of it. I fell in the ditch. Someone was pushing me. I tried to come up but someone kept pulling me down. He makes her sit in the car.

The lady is disappointed to see the couple together again. A guy says maybe the spirit is too strong. Will we be able to defeat it? What if like last time? The lady slits his throat. A weak ally is dangerous than any enemy. Agni will make us achieve our mission.

Precap: A lady tells Rahul that some goons kidnapped his wife. Rahul runs to look for Manvi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. ye kya ho rha h !!! koi mje serial ki trp btayga

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  4. manvi can’t be kidnapped there is nothing happy thing going on now at least don’t seprate them

  5. Mrunali kadam

    Manavi ke hands me kuch toh hai , manvi ki kundli Rahul ke liye lucky hai yeh sab bataya and suddenly yeh chodke koi aur jagah pe track leke gaye, romantic scenes chodo jo dikha rahe hai filhal woh bore ho raha hai
    And serial is nt yet in top 10 TRP
    Romantic scenes dalo yar plz

  6. Maanvi should not be kidnapped she should be killed because her presence or absence doesn’t make any difference in the show

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