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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Manvi scolding Rahul. You did all this planning so I can be yours. I only hate you! Rahul says I was only joking. She does not believe him. He tries to make her understand but in vain. She refuses to trust him who has cheated her on every point of life. He replies that he will never try to take advantage of her. She still demands to know what he did to her at night. I have been bearing you for my mother only, but not anymore. I will tell your fans what you have done to me. I will see what you do then! He repeats that he made those marks using lipstick. Nothing happened between them. IS this how I reacted when you joked with me about my MMS video? She stays put. I will tell everything to your fans. They only will make a decision now. No one makes such jokes with a girl. He

is fed up of making her understand things. You hate me. I cannot bear you too. Forget about touching you, I dont even want to see your face. Pack your bags. We will leave for Delhi right away. Lovers go on honeymoon. We share the relation of hate.

Chotu looks on happily as Nani dances on a song of Kya Kool Hain Hum 3. Nani asks him if he has not seen any hot girl dancing till date. He smiles. She promotes the movie. Get me 2 tickets of the movie. He too wants to see the movie with his gf. She asks him to bring 2 more tickets then, but the seats should be away from us.

Raj is on his way to Shimla. The driver cannot see things clearly because of the bad weather. He gets Guru ji’s call. Today is the puja. Will you bring Rahul on time? It is very important with him. Raj agrees. Guru ji is still pensive though. I feel as if something wrong is going to happen.

Manvi is still in tears thinking about Rahul’s words. She has packed their stuff already. She angrily throws away the saree that Rahul had gifted her last night on her birthday. The lady comes to talk to Manvi. You should not have scolded your husband like that. Manvi says he sent you to talk on his behalf. Manvi asks her why he gave her liquor last night then. The lady shares that Rahul was personally making every prep for her birthday since last night. Nothing happened with you. There would have been marks if anything had happened. The drink you had was made of leaves that are special here. My husband brought it for your husband but he declined. I gave it to you by mistake. You got drunk and then forced sir to dance with you. Sir brought you here. I know everything that happened. Sir had called me last night to change your clothes. He wanted to tease you so he made those lipstick marks on his body. He did not do anything wrong with you. Only lucky girls get such a husband. Manvi realises her mistake. I mistook Rahul once again! I said so much to him. I made a very big mistake.

Mrs. Talwar is pained to see her daughter’s condition. I could not understand what you were going through. Avanti tells her to relax. Ask Dad if my ticket is booked. Nisha comes there. Avanti’s mother leaves. Nisha asks Avanti how could she do something so stupid. Thankfully, your mom came on time. Avanti says I thought you will not believe all of it. You think Avanti Talwar could suicide? No ways! Dad was sending me to US. I was only hinting him not to do it. NIsha realises this is why Mr. Talwar spoke rudely to her. It is dangerous. Avanti reasons that she slit her wrist just when she heard her mother at the door. I knew they will save me. Now my Dad will not send me anywhere. Nisha compliments her. You know how to make your parents listent to you. Rahul is coming back today. Dad has kept some puja for him. Avanti is happy. Let him come. Our games will start once again.

Manvi says sorry to Rahul. What should i do now to make you understand i genuinely mean it? He replies that he kept on telling her he was only pulling her leg but you did not listen to me. Now you believe me just because someone else has told you the same thing! This proves what you think of me. Truth is, you dont trust me. You say I take revenge from you for the enmity that your and my father share. Tell me who gets insulted daily? You can stay in the house if you want but you and I share nothing from now onwards! The hotel guys ask Rahul to stay back as the weather is not good. Rahul is in no mood to stay back. Manvi suggests him to stay but in vain. He starts the car.

Sonali is worried about Rahul and the puja. Dadi assures her everything will be fine. Sonali tries Raj’s number but it is unreachable. She thinks to ask Shaleen. Sonali notices something on Nisha’s laptop. What were you trying to find? You should help me in the puja arrangements instead. Nisha says sorry to her, but Sonali is not interested in her excuses. She leaves from there.

The driver is unable to drive the car in this bad weather. The road is slippery because of the rain.

Manvi requests Rahul to take the car back to the hotel. He asks her if she wants to blame him for any random thing once again. She politely makes him understand that this is very risky. Rahul talks about his promise to dad. He wanted to keep a puja on Purnima for me. He does that every year. He is the only one who supports me. I have hurt him once, I wont do it again. We will go home only.

Raj’s car stops as per the instructions of police. He gets to know that the way ahead is blocked because of a fallen road. Raj wonders how he will take Rahul back home with him for the puja?

Precap: Rahul gets hurt. Manvi ties a cloth on his hand. His blood falls on the ground. Pundit ji look on in shock. Back home, Sonali is doing the puja but the agni gets blown out. GUru ji and Sonali are shocked!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ok now that’s a v.wrong message, especially to teenagers- mk ur parents listen to u by slitting your wrist! What?!

  2. Rahul ka kaunsa mms video banaya tha iss stupid manvi ne???

  3. Shilpaa she was just joking , ki USNe rahul ka mass banaya hai

  4. Why d nxt episode till nt updated?…
    Plz update it frst..
    I want to know d preview of 26 th jan…

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