Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi calls Rahul. Come immediately to hospital. She does not share anything with him. rahul rushes to hospital. She has called him here for a full body check up. He reasons that she could have told him clearly on phone. I panicked. She knows he would have given her excuses then. He agrees reluctantly for her sake.

Raj asks for Rahul from Sonali. Chotu tells Raj that Rahul went to hospital for full body check up with Manvi. Raj scolds Sonali for letting Manvi take Rahul to a doc. Sonali shares that she told Manvi that Rahul is not keeping well since some days so she took him with her. raj is worried for Rahul. Such drastic changes are happening inside Rahul. Anything can happen. What if doc says anything to Rahul?

Rahul does not want to give a blood sample but Manvi tells

him to be quiet. He is made to remove his jacket. Doc is taking Rahul’s blood sample. Changes happen in Rahul as he smells and sees blood. Manvi distracts him out of it. A man is keeping a vigil on Rahul. Doc tells that the report will come in some time. I will inform you as soon as it comes.

Rahul is taking Manvi to some place for stealthily calling him to hospital.

Razak (the guy following Rahul) updates Inspector about Rahul. He is forgetting things nowadays. He loses memory at times. Inspector finds the info interesting. I want the reports before anyone else. Razak agrees. I will let you know where they are heading to.

Rahul stops the car at a place. He has planned a surprise for her. He asks her for wait in the car. She asks him to be back soon. I find this place weird. He jokes that it isn’t as weird as her. Manvi hears Rahul calling out for help. She immediately gets down and runs in the direction where he went. She finds his jacket. She shouts Rahul. She next finds his shirt. She is crying while taking his name. She finds a man there who is carrying woods. She asks him if he saw Rahul. He says four men picked up a guy just now. He wasn’t wearing his shirt. She panics. I have his shirt. Manvi reaches a dhaba. She is shocked to see Rahul there, wearing the uniform of a dhaba guy. Surprise! She scolds him for giving her tension. He reminds her of what she did in the morning. I liked it though. Whatever happened between us, yet you were scared like a typical wife. I wanted to make you feel special on this special day today. She asks him what day it is. He says it is Valentine’s Day. Maybe it is called osmehting else in Bengal. She warns him not to say anything about Bengalis. We don’t need a particular day to celebrate love. you must have celebrated many V-Days as you are a rock star. He declines. I never found someone special. Today can be the day. Will you be my Valentine, Mrs.Manvi Sabharwal? He extends his hand for her. Romantic number plays in the background. Rahul asks the dhol guys to come. She asks him when he arranged all this. He shares that he did it when she was speaking to doc. He dances while she claps and moves. He asks her to keep dancing like that only. You will be able to do it better if you will give your hand in mine. You wont regret it I promise. He even proposes to sing for his wife tonight. He sings Raabta for her. they both think of their happier times together. Manvi feels shy.

Rahul gets a call from someone. Manvi asks him to pick it but he is not interested. I wont let this moment get ruined by anyone, not even Dad. She loves the food. He had specially called at the dhaba to make special food for his wife. She jokes she had no idea she will get to eat such good food after taking him to hospital. He teases her when she panicked after seeing his clothes. She tries to dismiss it by bickering but they both do not want to fight today. Razak observes them. He is dressed as a dhaba guy.

Shaleen gifts a ring to Nisha. She is impressed. I heard your album. It is just too good. You will be the next rock star of India. It will be good reply to dad. Shaleen tells her that Rahul has come to know of his singing. She worries he can stop this album from releasing. He adds that Dad has already started judging me. Rahul himself congratulated me via a text. Dad should not know about this. This is what he wrote. He is a fool. She worries for Dad’s reaction. He tells her about a note he has written (for the Inspector). He tells her it all in mute. Dad will think Rahul has done something wrong. Rahul will become a criminal in the eyes of people. His career will go down the drain.

Inspector asks for Rahul’s report from the doc. Doc does not want to share it without the consent of the patient or without court’s orders. Inspector leaves. Nurse asks doc why he lied to Inspector. Doc wants to share it first with someone from Rahul’s family. I have not seen such case till date.

Rahul feels something weird. Manvi asks him what is he thinking. He says nothing. She thanks him for making this day special. I will always remember it. He notices Razak looking at them. He feels something weird. Why do I feel danger from this man? Manvi brings him out of his thoughts. Razak goes aside to make a call. Rahul excuses himself and goes to hear him. Manvi wonders what Rahul must be doing now. Rahul is about to go after Razak when manvi calls out for him. He signals her to wait. He goes close to Razak. Razak tells Inspector he is keeping an eye on Rahul. Rahul overhears him. I was right. He is indeed following me but why!

Precap: Rahul asks manvi to come. There are a lot of wild animals here. She replies that she should be scared of him also then. He agrees. It might be that I brought you here for that very reason. It might be that I want to kill you! She is taken aback by his answer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. when will the drama move towards the cure of rahul’s curse promo is terrifying but i know nothing big will happen other than that manvi will feel that some thing is wrong and where’s rahul ‘s parents conversation’s recording about rahul’s reality or the curse rahul had?where is it?

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