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Rupa asks Rahul if his family knows he is here. Rahul declines. They don’t know about any of this. They are waiting for me at home. I was supposed to marry Avanti today. They look at him in shock. Manvi thinks of how Avanti had been helpful to them. I don’t think any other cheap guy like you would have been born ever. You dint even spare that girl. She helped me in my problems. What kind of a person you are! Shilpa says it is time for your vidaai.

Rupa’s mother asks Rahul to take care of Manvi. She is like my daughter too. Hope you will never hurt her. Rahul promises her. Shilpa advises Manvi to go to her new home open-mindedly. Accept everyone. She tells Rahul to take care of her daughter. Manvi wonders what’s in her fate now. Rahul hopes his father takes out

all his anger on him and not on Manvi. They all bid Manvi a tearful adieu.

Raj orders the security guards to find Rahul from anywhere. He reprimands Sonali for not telling him earlier. The reporters report that Rahul is still not home yet. There is some problem for sure. Talwar asks Raj what’s going on. You and your son have made a joke of all of us. Sonali assures him Rahul is on the way. He will reach soon. Talwar asks her how the groom can not be home on his own wedding day! He could have gone for the meeting some other day. Why today! He asks Raj to speak the truth. Reporters ask the same question to Raj. The fans want to know where rock star Rahul is. Raj orders them to go out! He asks the security for the same. You all cannot insult me like this! They question his decision but he stays put. Raj asks the guests to have food. I am sorry to keep you all waiting.

Shaleen wonders where Rahul is. He dint even think what the guests will feel. Nisha is happy about it though. Dad will think of someone else finally. Talwar gives 10 minutes to Raj. If he isn’t here by then, then both our personal and professional relations will end. They get to know Rahul has come. Everyone rushes at the door to get Rahul. They all ask him to come in. The mahurat is passing. Sonali notices his clothes. They don’t seem to be your clothes. Come inside and change. Rahul asks Manvi to come. Raj picks up Manvi’s veil. Everyone is stunned to see her. Raj remembers his insults to her in the past. He asks Rahul what’s this. Talwar asks about the girl. Rahul explains she is his wife. Shock registers on everyone’s face. Raj slaps Rahul twice. Sonali has to stop him. Let Rahul speak. Tell us you are lying. You were going to marry Avanti. Rahul declines. Manvi is my wife. This is no joke. Raj too refuses to believe it. Talwar says Avanti was telling me Rahul isn’t serious about this wedding. I should have stopped it long ago. You have made a joke of me and my daughter before the world. Your son proposed to my daughter at our home. She is here dressed as a bride, waiting for him. He brought an ordinary girl home and says she is his wife! He refuses to hear any of Raj’s excuses. We might be best friends but nothing is greater to me than my daughter. Just wait what I do now! I will make sure you are destroyed. I will destroy you and your empire! Manvi cries. Rahul says I am your culprit. It is my mistake. Dad knows nothing about it. Talwar tells him to be quiet. Sonali says everyone is looking. Talwar says now you realise it. Raj made a drama of us. The same people will see your family’s destruction tomorrow. Avanti leaves from there. Raj asks Rahul if he is happy now. I feel ashamed to call you my son for the first time in life!

Avanti cries thinking about Rahul’s words. She is very angry. Nisha comes there. Are you ok? Avanti asks her to leave her alone. Nisha says calm down. Avanti asks her if getting insulted at the mandap is alright to be calm. Nisha says I dint think you are one of those typical girls to cry and get over your pain. Avanti says Avanti Talwar does not care about anything. Nothing can break me ever! I wont leave you Rahul. You will have to bear the consequence. You have insulted Avanti. You have my place to someone else. I wont let you breathe for a single second in peace. No one will be able to stop me in doing so. Nisha says what if I say I don’t want to stop it. In fact I want to help you. whatever happened was wrong. You should not sit quietly. Rahul should realise what he has done to you. You deserve your revenge but not now! You are angry right now. Any step taken in anger is never right. I know you love him more than anything. You cannot take it that Rahul chose an ordinary girl over you. I can give you a solid plan to get Manvi out of your way. Nisha tells her something in mute.

Shilpa looks tearfully at Upmanyu. Harsh tells her that Rupa and her mother have come to meet. They need to go back to. Shilpa goes outside to meet them. Rupa offers to stay over for a few days with her but Shilpa denies. You just got married. I am fine. We will manage. Rupa’s mother says my husband has to go for as his new project starts tomorrow. I can stay back if you want. Shilpa politely says no to her too. They leave. Shilpa thinks I thought we will have tears in our eyes to see Manvi go. We dint think of this. Ma Shakti, support my daughter. Do something that she stays there happily. Harsh tells the nurse to give all the bills to him. Shilpa asks him how they will do it. Harsh refuses to take help from Rahul.

Talwar tells Raj he made a joke of their friendship and trust. Our partnership ends today! I wont give you another money. I will block all my funds. Your superstar son’s concert will happen here in the locality from now onwards. Avanti tells him against it.

Precap: Manvi’s Grahpravesh happens. Sonali backs down when they bend down to touch her feet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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