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Agni wonders how Rahul reached the venue. I should have made Manvi drink that cold drink earlier itself. I cannot let them win. Nisha calls Agni. Where are Rahul and Manvi? Say that they had a fight. He tells her everything. She rebukes him for not being able to do anything. You could have told me. he says you could have done it if you were so smart. you stay in the same house. She calms down. I want you to meet someone who can make your work easy. He asks her to come to his house.

Manvi brings Rahul to their room. He is inebriated. I want to tell you. You might get upset though or run away. She denies. he holds her hands to confirm it from her. She agrees. He feels shy. Is this a thing to say to someone? She thinks he should say it now. I have been waiting since so long to hear it.

He says I have never said this to anyone. it is a different thing to say it to Nikhil. She is surprised. You are such a big super star yet you dint say it to anyone? Your fans love you so much. He makes her close her eyes. you have become fat. She is taken aback. You wanted to say this? he nods. She gets up and hits him with a pillow. Don’t talk to me. He reasons that she only asked him to speak. I spoke and you hit me now. She warns to hit him again so he lies down to sleep.

Nisha joins Kabir / Agni. She introduces him to Avanti. She will not just help you in your plan but ultimately wants the same thing. Agni says I think we have met before. Will you help me? She says no. I will help both of us. You want Manvi and I want Rahul. Nisha adds that she wants the couple to separate. We have one thing in common – we can do anything to get what we want. We should get together for the same. Agni thinks once I get Manvi I will kill Rahul.

Rahul wakes up with a headache. He cannot find Manvi anywhere. Dadi brings tea for him. he notices her looking upset. What happened? Did you see Manvi? I have a headache. Maybe someone mixed something in the drink. She says Manvi wont spare you now. He asks her if he said something wrong last night. She hits him (sweetly). You made the biggest mistake last night. You said what no man should ever say to a woman. You called her fat. She is upset since morning. I tried to make her understand but in vain. You also said no one lies when drunk. No one can help you now. He touches her feet to seek her blessings. She is happy to see the plan working.

Harsh counts the cash and goes to clear all the dues. Upmanyu thinks he saw Harsh relieved after so long. Money is indeed a big thing in life. I never thought so.

Manvi talks to someone in a gym. Rahul disconnects the call. She asks for her phone when he pulls her closer. She feels all shy. They both let go of each other. She says you only called me fat last night. Did you have a change of heart and want to apologise? He laughs. I was only checking if jeans will do some get. You should get some surgery done at this stage. I will pay for it. Do something about your face too. you will look less behenji. He goes. Manvi is taken aback. Behen ji?

Kabir / Agni calls Avanti. She says it will go as per our plan. Don’t worry. She asks Harsh how much more time will it take. He says we will have to change the pipe to sort this leakage. I will have to go to Noida to take it. She tells him to do it then. She asks him to take her car. I will talk to my driver.

Agni / Kabir talks to Rahul about their meeting. I cannot accompany you though. I have hired a project head who will go with you. Rahul is taken aback to see Avanti. Agni leaves for his work. Rahul gets up angrily. She tries to say something but he warns her not to start it. You need work? What is this new drama? I will tell Kabir I wont work with you? Don’t try any new trick with me! Stay away from me. she stops him. I know I did wrong. I am not asking you to forgive me. it is very difficult for me to face you again. I agree I was wrong. What could I do? I was upset with you. you asked me for marriage and left me alone at the mandap. I know I have done wrong with you and Manvi. I told Dad everything after Holi Party. He sent me abroad to do a course. I realise today how wrong I have been. I am saying sorry. I spent an entire night in police station as a punishment. I dint do anything wrong. You got what you wanted. I got nothing. I will take time to get out of this. I am sorry. He says you don’t need to say so. I am sorry for what you went through. I dint do it intentionally. She says you are not at fault. I can even apologise to manvi. He denies. you do deserve a second chance. they shake hands. Don’t make a mistake again. stop crying. She hugs him. Agni / Kabir winks at her from outside the door.

Sonali tells Manvi to ask Rahul to get his eyesight checked. Nisha hears them. Mom can spoil my plan. Manvi complains to Sonali about Rahul troubling her. Nisha coughs to interrupt them. My friend has a planned a get together. I thought to take you along. Things have not been right but I thought it can get better if we spend time together. Manvi agrees. Nisha goes to change. Sonali asks Manvi why she said yes. I cannot trust her. Manvi reasons that they forget to give a chance to people at times. What if she is saying truth? I will handle if anything goes wrong.

Rahul and Avanti reach restaurant. Avanti calls Nisha. Nisha says I am at the entrance only. Avanti goes to washroom. Nisha and Manvi come to the same restaurant. Manvi thinks Nisha dint do anything wrong. Maybe she really has nothing against me. One of the girls see Rahul there. Manvi thinks he might have come to surprise her. he should say hi. The girl asks Manvi to go and say hi to him. You both cannot stay away from each other after all. Avanti sits down next to Rahul. The lady tells Manvi see how a girl joined Rahul. Manvi is shocked to see Avanti with Rahul. Nisha says Avanti is Rahul’s best friend.

Rahul asks Avanti if the client will come. She says they will come. I am hungry.

Manvi wonders why Rahul is with Avanti even after knowing her truth. Avanti cleans Rahul’s jacket as something falls. Manvi is tensed.

Precap: Agni thanks Manvi holding her hands. I don’t know what would have happened if you had not brought me here on time. Dadi looks at them from far.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Yar yeh ka hai bakwas shuro kr di hai aik to Rahul ko sher bnkr Agni ko marna hai lakin woh mar hi nhi rha oopr se yah kabir nisha avanti mil kr ravi k drmyan tension paida krne ki koshish kr rhe hain mjhe yakeen hai k Rahul manvi pe doubt nhi kre ga shaid thora jealous ho jae but manvi zroor jealous ho gi aur us k demagh ka koi bharosa nhi hai

  3. ye kahan aa gya ye serial!!!!! Rahul ka jealous feel karna wala drama is gettin boring nw arre limit hoti h.. poor manvi

  4. Tum log jldi update kyu ni krte ho yar yeah kaha aa gaye him ke episodes KO ????

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