Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is night. Rahul begins to change into the tiger when Ambika touches the Naumukhi Rudrakash to his body. Rahul returns to normal. Manvi asks Ambika if she will help them now. You saw it all with your own eyes. Will you help us now? Pundit ji told me your name. Only you can help us. Please don’t say no. Ambika says we have very less time. We will have to do it all tonight only.

Ambika shares what her father used to say. Someone will come looking for me one day. He was right. Sadly, I cannot help you. I am not the Ambika you are looking for. She is here only though. She asks them to come with her.

Ambika opens a cupboard. They see a book inside. Pundit ji kept my name on this book only. You are looking for this book. It will answer all your questions. Pundit ji told father

we will need it one day. I was also sure someone will come here to look for answers. Manvi is intrigued. How will this book give us our answers? Ambika points out that this isn’t an ordinary book. This gives answers only to people who are in dire need. You have come this far. I am sure this book will help you unravel the secrets. Ambika and Rahul pick up the book. The weather begins to change.

All three of them open the book. Rahul points out that the pages are blank. Ambika says we need a lot of strength to find the answers here. Your wife is with you. I want you both to hold hands. It will give you much more strength. Keep one hand on the book. They do so. The pages begin to flip on their own. Some images appear on the pages. Manvi wonders how they will read it. Ambika says we get the power to read such scripts on the night of Purnima. She waves her hand over the book. Ambika says loudly what she has understood. A holy, pious spirit of tiger is inside you. Rahul is confused. How will a tiger be pious? Ambika points out that he thought of animals that way. Our ancestors used to think the animals were the indication of Gods. Rahul says I have only read it in stories. She asks him if he has seen God. He denies. She is sure he must have experienced it at some point of life. Asuras exist just like Gods so. Manvi wonders about the connection of the Asuras and animals here. Ambika tells them to think why the tiger used to drink water from the same river on a particular night. Tiger is a vaahn of Durga Ma. The tiger of Durgapur Jagir used to kill the Asuras. The Asuras are all around. If they succeed in their bad thoughts then everything will be finished.

A Kul was formed 10 years ago. The leader of the Kul started killing tigers. The tiger killed the leader of that Kul. Later, someone killed the tiger. I am sure you have a relation with that incident or killer. Rahul nods. He is my father. Ambika is taken aback. I thought of it too. This is why the spirit of the tiger is inside you. You will have to understand that the tiger is too strong. He has a strong motive behind coming back. There is some incomplete work probably. Manvi asks her what it is.

Ambika reads again. There was a bull of that Kul who was very strong. The tiger could not end their existence so he is back. His mission is incomplete. You have to think how you will see it – a curse or a chance to save the world. Rahul says how it can be a blessing. I am turning into a dangerous wild animal who is on a killing spree. Ambika shares that this tiger will not kill any innocent person any time. Manvi talks about the attack on her. Ambika says he will try to take the people who come in his way, out. He will not kill anyone. She asks Rahul to wear the Rudraksh bead with pure devotion. Rahul asks her how she can be so sure. There have been 2 dead bodies already. Police is investigating the case. Many people doubt me, maybe Manvi too. She denies. police is investigating the case. Maybe there is someone else who is involved in it. He asks her who it can be. Manvi takes Avanti’s name.

Avanti is in the police station. She questions Inspector. How can you say I am the culprit? You know how videos are being photoshopped nowadays. He has already checked it. It is you only. You would have heard about Niru’s murder in the news. Why dint you come to tell us you went to meet her? Avanti says I have no relation with Niru. Manvi is trying to frame me in all this. If I want to kill someone I will take a gun or something. Why would I go with tiger’s claws to kill someone? Why will I do both the murders this way? He is taken aback. People knew of Niru’s murder. How do you know about how the constable was killed? No one knew about it. Avanti realises her mistake. My father is commissioner’s friend. He only told him. He says commissioner sir only told me not to let this info out. I am sure he wont tell anyone. I think you should sit down now and tell me everything. This would be good for you.

Rahul cannot understand why Avanti will do so. She is my friend. Ambika says police will find out about it. Mayba Avanti still loves you. She cannot see you with anyone else. Manvi wants to know how to get the spirit out of Rahul. Ambika has a solution but tells them to be strong. Asuras are gaining power day by day. They have found a way to bring their old Samrat back to life. They want to kill you. Manvi is shocked. How do they know of this? Ambika says they know it now. They can find Rahul anytime. Rahul has only two options now – to either kill them or die! Rahul says how I will identify them. Where will I meet them? Ambika cannot say surely. The only motto of their life is to kill you.

A man comes to cave like place. There are people around him. They keep saying Agni. A few people give him a bath. He changes his clothes. A lady is praying to devil. The guy comes there. She tells Agni (the guy) that the pious tiger is back. He has changed his avatar. He defeated us last time. I dint forget it till date. We have to take revenge this time. He is back in a weak body this time. It will be very easy to win over it. That is when you will be able to bring the devil back.

Precap: Manvi is lying unconscious. Rahul gives her mouth to mouth. She wakes up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  4. but now the prominent question is who is that agni from his appearance from back he could be inspector prithvi

    1. No its romi of yeh he mohabbatein ?

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  6. Mrunali kadam

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