Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul thanks the hotel guy for making his wife talk to her family. You made things so much better for us. Manvi compliments Rahul on his song. I did not know you could sing normal songs too. He is happy as she liked it. They cutely argue. The pundit’s granddaughter hears Rahul’s name. She rushes to inform her Nana ji.

Mr. Talwar tells Avanti that he has made arrangements for her at their relatives house in abroad. You will stay with them till the time you dont stop thinking about Rahul. Avanti is unhappy. I will decide what I want to do and how I want it. He reminds her that this is his house. She nods. I can atleast pick a few of my important things. He allows her.

The girl comes to tell her Nana ji (pundit) that that guy gave his wrong identity at the hotel. His

real name is Rahul Sabharwal. I heard his wife taking his full name. Pundit ji thinks everything is going wrong in the village because of his coming back here. He should not have stepped his foot here! He is certainly Raj Sabharwal’s son. The change in the weather indicates that something wrong is about to happen. The girl’s life is in danger!

Manvi enjoys the Bengali delicacies. She asks Rahul why he is not eating fish. He shares that he only eats boneless meat. She cleans it for him. He keeps looking at her as she relishes her food. She asks Rahul to taste it using hands instead of spoon or fork. Rahul excuses himself.

The waiter offers local liquor to Rahul. He politely declines. Rahul returns to his table. Manvi had enough chillies. She drinks local liquor by mistake. Rahul realises it, but it is too late. The liquor starts showing its effect on Manvi.

Avanti’s mother goes to check on her. Avanti has slit her wrist. Her parents are stunned to see her thus.

Manvi wants to go towards the lake. Rahul advises her against it. She insists. He tries to stop her but in vain. He follows her. She compliments him. You are very good. You made my birthday a very memorable day. You look good too. She starts dancing on Zara Sa Jhoom Loon. They are about to come close for a kiss, but he instead picks her in his arms, and takes her to their room. She wants to fly. He makes her lie down. She holds him close. I started to like you. Why did you do so wrong with me? I started to like you so much that I. She does not complete it. I started liking you again. I cannot understand if I should go far from you or come close to you. He says I only want you to be happy. I want you to trust me. I love you Manvi. He kisses on her forehead. She is holding onto his shawl. Sweet music plays in the background. He frees his shawl from around her hand without waking her.

Next morning, Manvi wakes up. She is shocked to see her saree lying next to her. Who changed my clothes? Rahul greets her good morning. He gives her orange juice to clear her hangover. She asks him about last night. What happened? How I came here? Who changed my clothes? I cannot remember anything. He asks her if she is lying. How can you forget the best night of your life! He keeps teasing her. She straght away demands to know what happened last night. How did the marks of lipstick come on your neck? He continues teasing her. You did everything that happened last night. I did not do anything. You were very happy last night. I gave you my everything. She is in tears. It cannot be! You are lying. You are taking revenge with me. I did not change your clothes that night. I made the manager do it. He keeps on pulling her leg but she ends up slapping him. I hate you Rahul! I have not seen anyone worse than you in life till date. How dare you touch me! I kept telling you to stay away from me but you took advantage of me. I was happy for what all you did for me last night. I thought you were a good human being but I was wrong! You did so much planning to take advantage of me. I only hate you!

Precap: Manvi says sorry to Rahul. What should i do now to make you understand i genuinely mean it? He replies that he kept on telling her he was only pulling her leg but you did not listen to me. Now you believe me just because someone else has told you the same thing!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. So cute episode. . love karan and mannvi….

  2. whole epi was nice except lst part ,wen manvi slapped rahul …!!!

  3. sonaina swati

    nice epi but………………wht the hell iz wrong with manvi?????????

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