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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul walks up to Sujoy. You did a fab job! You are too smart. You tried to kill uncle by pushing him before tempo. Later, you brought him here to cover up. I am the witness of what you did. I wont spare you so easily. Rahul tells him to be quiet. Consider yourself lucky that you are still standing on your own feet. Tell the truth or I will call Mala. Sujoy says he was already trying to blackmail me using her name. Rahul points out someone else also saw him pushing uncle before tempo. You are lucky that a few people here believe you. Sujoy says you can get more people by paying money. You can buy witnesses but no one can change the truth. You and your father can stoop to any level. Rahul warns him not to take his father’s name. Sujoy instigates him more. Rahul tries to hurt him but Manvi

tells them both to be quiet. My baba is fighting for his life. You both are trying to prove each other wrong. She asks Sujoy to leave her alone for now. You (Rahul) ruined my life along with hurting my Baba. Aren’t you happy? Leave. He says let Baba get up once. He will tell you the truth. She asks him to leave. Nurse tells them to be quiet. Rahul leaves and so does Sujoy.

Shilpa comes to Manvi. He is muttering something but I cannot understand it. He speaks so much all the time but isn’t saying anything as of now. Ask him to speak to me. She hugs Manvi. Harsh asks them to go home. I will stay back here. They leave reluctantly.

Talwar asks Raj what’s going on. I don’t want to hear any more excuses. Tell me where Rahul is. Raj says sorry to him. He isn’t home. Talwar says my daughter is sitting amongst guests dressed as a bride and Rahul isn’t home. Did you call us to insult us? Raj lies about a meeting. Talwar does not buy it. Raj cooks up stories. Rahul is doing it all for Avanti. Talwar says it is good that Rahul is thinking about Avanti. He could have avoided the meeting today atleast. Raj agrees. I will pull his ears as soon as he is home. Avanti notices their happy faces. It means everything is fine but where is Rahul.

Manvi recalls her wedding with Rahul as she looks in the mirror. She looks angry. She looks at the sindoor in her maang and at her mangalsutra. She is about to remove it but Shilpa holds her hand. What were you going to do? Manvi says it is all a sham. I was trying to remove its impressions. Shilpa hopes no other girl goes through it. All the rituals matter a lot. You cannot negate them like this. Manvi is confused. Shilpa says whatever happened, however way, has happened. You are now Rahul’s legal wife. The relation wont change even if you remove the vermilion. Manvi refuses. It was all a lie. Shilpa insists it is the truth. Manvi decides to divorce Rahul. I will never forgive him. Shilpa tries to make her understand. Society has some rules. It isn’t easy for a girl to break them. So much has happened till date. People are talking about your relation with Rahul. Manvi does not mind it. Shilpa adds that Sujoy’s mother too thinks the same. Manvi refuses to do it. Shilpa asks her if she will spend her life alone. No one will step forward to marry you. Manvi cannot understand what she should do. Sujoy said Rahul tried to kill Baba. I should accept him? Rahul said similar thing about Sujoy. He is a liar! Shilpa is grateful to Rahul for taking Upmanyu to hospital on time. Manvi cannot trust Rahul. He is a cheater. Shilpa reasons that the wedding has happened now. You said you can do anything for our house, for our family. I want to ask you something. Save us from society’s taunts. Go with Rahul. Manvi shakes her head. I cannot do it. I cannot go with him. Shilpa says no one can change what’s written in fate. This is what God wants. Accept it. She folds her hands before Manvi. Please go with Rahul. Manvi wipes her mother’s tears. Don’t cry. I will do what you say. She hugs her as she cries. Shilpa talks about a ritual that is to be done before leaving. Rahul is waiting for you. Manvi nods. She thinks to never let Rahul win!

Sujoy tells Rahul it was a good try. I will win though. Even after all this, Manvi hates you. She wont go with you. She will come to me. I am still telling you not to waste time. Leave. Rahul agrees to kill him on the spot in that case. I will go to jail! I live by my promises. I have promised my FIL. I don’t break my promises. Sujoy talks against Rahul to Manvi. We will end in marriage in the court tomorrow itself and get married. I don’t care about all this. I know he has cheated you. I will set everything right. Trust me. I love you. Manvi says you have already done a lot for me without asking. Even your own people don’t help you that much. I trust your love. Forgive me but! I am married now. Rahul and Manvi look at each other. Manvi adds she is someone else’s wife now. Sujoy keeps saying things against Rahul but Rahul intervenes. Manvi says it is my problem. I will handle it myself. I have been through enough today. we cannot change what has already happened. Please go from here. Sujoy tells Rahul not everything is over yet. I will come back. He leaves. Manvi is in tears. Rahul walks up to her. Trust me. She says I wont forgive you ever for what you did today. you have taken the enmity of my dad and yours to another level. I know you have done this to snatch my happiness. I cannot change what has been written in fate. It is my helplessness to accept this marriage. I will live with you but never love you! Rahul thinks it will certainly happen once his Baba gains conscious. You will trust me and love me too. I will wait for you to trust me. She looks away.

Shilpa tells Rahul hope he will take care of Manvi. Your family will accept it. Rupa asks him if his family knows he is here. Rahul declines. They don’t know about any of this. They are waiting for me at home. I was supposed to marry Avanti today. They look at him in shock.

Precap: Rahul reaches home. Everyone asks him to come in. The mahurat is passing. Rahul asks Manvi to come.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Waaaaooooow……. This show is getting interesting now… but I want to say that k Manvi plz don’t be like Devika ok Kalash, jise hmesha sb pr bharosa hota h sivaye Ravi k…

  2. Yes I agree with you .same kalas ik viswas Ki story chal rhi hai.lekin please ab is sujoy ko na dikhanye.or ye avanti bhi Rahul k liye pagal n ho nahi Ki tarah ab inhi dono Ki story chale .

  3. mary christodoulou

    hope the story wont become as kalash because then it will be vr boring..hope the makers of the show dont make such mistakes..we like kundra alot he is a good actor ..

  4. We r watching this fir kundra…. Love him…..gud to c them married


    i have been watching this serial for the last 2 months .Very interesting .Lead actors including the seniors have done very well. story line is quite gripping ,makes you eager to watch next episode. I feel help of technology should be made use of . in the previous episode mobile phone which Rahul had used was broken by Sujoy. Nothing is lost. they should use the SIM /memory card to retrieve the evidence recorded .Sujoy is creepy character -dont develop his character .Go ahead with more gripping story line . GREAT SHOW .SHOW SOME GOOD MUSIC .in coming episodes
    Presently in Australia

  6. wooo did ekta kapoor just think 1 storh and then do some miner changes and show the dtory sgain and again still can i ssk u something guys is kalaash also of ekta kapoor and she is making yeh kqha aa gye hum like kitni mahobbat hai 2 woo man like seriosly

  7. I am watching this serial from starting.GOOD SHOW GOOD STORY. Hope they will keep continuing like this only……

  8. The story is perfect now….except for the heroine. Compared with the other heroines on And Tv serials, she doesn’t suit this serial and not a match for Kundra. I think the producers should think of changing the heroine.

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