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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi gets ready and talks to Rahul’s photo. Sonali compliments her. Hurry up now. Rahul must have reached there.

Manvi reaches the venue. She practises saying I love you to Rahul. The manager dims lights. Manvi thinks Sonali planned this. I dint know my MIL is so romantic. Someone comes there. Manvi begins to talk to him. She confesses her feelings thinking it to be Rahul. She is startled to see Agni / Kabir when lights come. She withdraws her hand. what are you doing here? He says people come here to eat. She asks him how he came in as this place was specially booked for us. He says sorry to her. I had no idea about it. Is Rahul here? She calls Rahul. They talk about the venue. He says manager called to say that the venue was changed to Chanakyapuri from Connaught Place. I am almost

there. She is confused. Flashback shows Agni paying the manager to call Rahul.

Rahul says it will take too much time in coming to CP. Why don’t you come here? Traffic is fine from the other end. I am near your house. I will meet Baba and Ma till then. She agrees.

Agni apologizes to Manvi. He asks the manager to bring Manvi’s car. Manager shares that there is some problem in car. It will take time. Agni offers to drop Manvi. He asks him why he will go so far. He cooks up excuses. She finally goes with him. He thinks she will go to restaurant today but wont be able to meet Rahul today. you will only have to talk to me today

Harsh is talking to someone named Chandok. I cannot bring 1 lakh now. There was some emergency at home. Shilpa thinks not to worry him by showing the bill. Harsh notices Shilpa. She speaks something else instead. Upmanyu notices Shilpa all tensed. She shares it with him. Harsh is managing so much all alone. I dint tell him anything. Upmanyu wonders where they will get this much money from. She suggests talking to Manvi but Upmanyu tells her against it. Raj thinks we married Manvi in that house for money only. His allegations will be proved true then. Rahul hears them. I had no idea Manvi’s family is in such bad condition. I cannot offer to help them directly as they wont like it. Upmanyu thinks to start tuitions again.

Rahul knocks at the door. They talk about the party from where Upmanyu left suddenly. Upmanyu lies to him about an urgent call. Rahul asks about what he heard just now (tuitions). Upmanyu does not want to tell him the truth. Rahul says will you have time. You will sing in my new album which is going to be released soon. There will be a lot to do. Upmanyu tries to chicken out but Rahul says no one said anything in the party. Plus its about my pride. I said yes to the producers. Upmanyu thinks of Raj’s words. Rahul says your signing amount is ready. Producer will just come with a cheque of 2 lacs. Upmanyu is shocked. Is it you who is paying or the producer? Rahul smiles. People have been asking me so many questions about you since that party. You can ask the company people directly if you don’t trust me. Shilpa denies. we trust you. upmanyu shares how he gave up the dream of becoming a professional singer long ago. Thank you for giving it back to me. Rahul knows how he should have gotten it all long ago. Don’t say thank you. I should leave now as your daughter is very short tempered. Don’t take any classes now. Upmanyu agrees. Shilpa remarks how God has a strange way of doing things. Whenever some problem comes on us Rahul comes to save us.

Upmanyu and Shilpa talk to Harsh. Upmanyu shares the good news with him and gives the cheque to him. Pay your franchise amount and the bills. Also buy some new clothes for yourself. Harsh hugs him overwhelmed. Upmanyu wipes his tears. This is a time to be happy.

Agni and Manvi come to the hotel. She thinks to scold the manager for misguiding Rahul. He tells her to chill. It is your special day. You sit down. I will scold the manager. She thinks Rahul should have been here by now. Agni mentally says sorry to her. I have made so many arrangements to make sure he wont come here today. You will have to spend time with me only. They sit down. She complains to him about Rahul and notices Agni / Kabir staring at her. She apologizes to him. I am very much troubled. Everything is going wrong. He nods. She thinks she is tired. He goes to bring cold drink for her. Agni mixes a pill in it. You will be mine today! Before Manvi can drink it Rahul comes there. Rahul is surprised to see Agni / Kabir there. Manvi tells him to thank Agni because of which she could come here. I took all my anger out on him. Rahul jokes if he is fine. thank you though. Rahul drinks the inebriated drink. Agni thinks Rahul spoiled his plan. I should leave before the pill begins to show its effect. Agni makes excuses and goes. You cannot defeat me every single time Rahul. I will make Manvi mine surely.

Rahul notices Manvi still upset. Move on. Why did you make special arrangements? She says I want to say something to you. I cannot say it all here before so many people. You dint come where I planned it all. The drink begins to show its effect on Rahul. He begins to act strange. Maybe there is something in this drink. She tries to stop him from drinking but he gulps it down. I want to say something but there are too many people here. Let us go out to talk. Manvi gets thinking about all the events.

Precap: Nisha introduces Kabir to Avanti. She also wants the same.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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