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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha is again blackmailed by the security guard. She thinks she will need to do something about him else he won’t stop asking for money. Shaaleen and his mum come there. His mum asks Nisha why she isn’t wearing new jewelries. She asks her to show it to her. Nisha wonders what to do. She opens her cupboard and finds the one that she never wore. She shows that and mum praises her choice. She leaves. Shaaleen asks Nisha why she lied and showed old jewelry. Nisha asks him why he had to tell his mum everything. He says everyone was asking about her and what’s going on with her. She seems to be hiding a lot from him. She tells him to mind his own business and leaves.

Raj and Talwar think of another plan against Upamayu and this time he should not get time to arrange

money. Talwar asks why so much hatred for him. Raj says it’s a long story.

Party starts. Rahul is in mask and no one recognizes him. Soon Maanvi, Harsh, Avanti arrive. Maanvi’s friend comes to her. Harsh says he will go and make a round. There’s an announcement that lights will go off and when it comes back whoever are standing next to each other will be partners. Maanvi’s friend goes to drink water and just then the lights go off. Avanti searches Rahul, but can’t find him. Rahul comes beside Maanvi and lights come back on. They become partners while Avanti gets Maanvi’s friend as her partner and Harsh’s partner is Twinkle. They play different games. Maanvi thinks what she got stuck into. Avanti gets annoyed with her partner and says all her plans are spoiled. She arranged this party to get closer to Rahul. She leaves. Harsh and Twinkle loses in last round. Rahul and Maanvi win the competition. They remove each others masks to see the face and are shocked. All girls come to Rahul and Maanvi leaves.

Rahul follows her and stops her. Maanvi starts her lecture saying she knows it was all his plan, but she is not going to get impressed because she has seen his real face. He asks her when she didn’t know who her partner is, then how he would know. They both were playing the same game. She just doesn’t listen anything.

Maanvi comes to Harsh and asks to leave immediately. But Harsh says his partner got injured while playing and now he has to drop her home. Maanvi asks him to come back fast. Seeing Maanvi, other girls talk how lucky she is to get Rahul as her partner. Maanvi gets annoyed and walks away. Rahul again sees her and chases her. He grabs her asks what’s the problem. He made mistake and apologized to Rupa and she also forgave. Maanvi says she is not going to trap in his drama of being a good guy and pushes him back. Rahul’s security comes and asks if she did anything. Rahul asks him to stay in the car. He will come. Meanwhile, Maanvi walks away. Rahul decides to find out today only why Maanvi is angry at him.

Harsh’s bike breaks down. Twinkle said she told him she never sat on a bike. Harsh says it’s just punctured. He will have it fixed. They walk now.

Rahul takes the elevator and Maanvi takes the stairs. Lights go off. Rahul is stuck inside elevator. He shouts for help. Maanvi hears and says it’s good he got stuck. Rahul is not feeling well. Maanvi soon realizes it and says she’ll get some help. He says he has claustrophobia of darkness and loneliness and asks her to stay there. He manages to open the door little bit and they can see each other. He says he has this since childhood. He lost his mother at an early age and his dad used to leave him alone to go to work. Maanvi’s phone lights go off. He gets scared. She doesn’t know what to do and touches his hand. She asks him to hold her hand, she’s there only.

Precap: Lights come back on. Elevator opens. Rahul comes out and falls on the floor, taking Maanvi with him.

Update Credit to: KK

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