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Kabir tells his mother he cannot meet her now. I will meet you once I will leave from office. He acts to be speaking to someone else when he senses someone’s presence behind him. It is Manvi. She asks him to join them for breakfast. He tries to excuse himself on the pretext of meeting his friends. He dismisses her questions on his wound when she asks him. I will go to office with Rahul. Where is he? She replies that he has already left for office. She requests him to take her to temple. He tries to ignore but she keeps requesting him. I will only take 5 minutes. He thinks why she is pushing it so much. She gives him swear of their friendship. He thinks how all this makes her the perfect match. This is why I am doing all this. He agrees to take her to temple. She says I will meet you in 5 minutes.


teases Baba on the special dish he made today. no one touched it. Baba says Rahul ate it. She smiles. You forced him to eat it. They have a sweet convo over it. He recalls it well that it is Raj’s favourite dish. She says he dint even touch it. He nods. People change with time. People who don’t change with time are at fault. Irony is no one changes. They just act to change. They remember everything. You said Raj wants to start this relation afresh so I tried. I am sad though. Raj can never change. His attitude is the same. He dint regret anything. He was so arrogant as if it was me who cheated him. I should apologize it means. She asks him if he does not regret anything, even breaking their friendship. Did you forgive him honestly? He says I don’t know. But our fight is having an effect on the relation of our kids. I did my bit but you clap with both hands only. I feel some relations can never change. They change like seasons. Shilpa is very happy with his efforts. She goes to bring water for him.

Raj is happily munching on the dish that Upmanyu made. He cooks well. Sonali smiles watching it from far. Shilpa comes there. Sonali gestures her to look at Raj. I saw Raj eating like this (like a bhukkad) for the first time. Shilpa says he said it is Raj’s favourite dish. Sonali asks for its recipe. Shilpa agrees. They have agreed to stay with each other even if because of helplessness. I will just tell him. Sonali stops her. They will get back in that angry form if they find out. Shilpa agrees. We should somehow make them stand face to face. They might recall their friendship this way. Sonali thanks her for all that they have done for them. Upmanyu apologized for his mistake. We should have started instead though. Shilpa reasons that they are one family only. Instead of talking about it we should forget it. Sonali is once again impressed. Now I know from where Manvi got all the maturity.

Kabir is in thoughts. What is going on in Manvi’s mind? Why did she bring me here? Maybe I am over thinking. Manvi asks him to join her but he denies. She insists. He joins her. You are wrong Manvi if you think I cannot go to places like temple. I am ready to clear your doubts if this way can be of any help. Manvi goes inside. Kabir steps in as well. She looks at him from behind a door. I will get my answers real soon. A man asks Kabir to donate something. Another guy comes there as well. They both have snakes with them. Kabir looks tensed. Please leave. They keep asking for someone. Manvi thinks this is what she wanted to see. As per those stories the bulls were really scared of snakes. Same is happening with Kabir. I cannot believe it was him who did all wrong to our family. I wont let him harm anyone now. You wont be saved now, Agni!

Manvi joins Kabir. She dismisses those guys. I am really sorry Kabir. I walked ahead lost in my thoughts. He thinks it cannot be a coincidence. Do you want to ask me something? She denies. You want to tell me something? The snake charmers are here too. They will handle them. He lies that he is afraid of snakes since childhood. Something happened that made me this way. She tells him to leave then. He nods and goes. She is hurt by what all he has done to their family till now. Don’t call anyone a friend again. You have done really wrong with us. I wont give you any chance now.

Manvi thanks the people for helping her. They have been asked by the pundit ji to help her. She yet again thanks them. They wish to know why she made them do it. She replies that she had to figure out a few things. I got my answers with your help. They recommend her to offer milk to Shivlinga today. She goes to pray to Shivlinga. Only you can help me in thie situation. I have to sva emy husband and family from this problem. I am sure now that Kabir only is Agni. How do I bring out his truth before everyone? Rahul and Papa trust him so much. How do I prove it to them? Show me some way. A lady’s dupatta flies in her hand. Manvi thanks Lord for showing her the way. I will bring out his truth in front of everyone now.

Manvi asks Sonali if she likes the idea. Sonali agrees. Manvi says I will handle everything. Sonali gets Nisha’s call. She scolds Nisha. Did you call me to find out if we are alive or not? We don’t want any relation with you. Manvi takes the phone from her. She invites Nisha over at her house at 8 pm. Sonali gets upset hearing you. She tried to kill you. Manvi reasons that they only have a doubt on Nisha.w e should talk to her. She knows something about what’s happening since some past days. We should hear her once. Raj seconds her. Sonali is hesitant but Manvi assures her she will handle it all. I want us all to follow the same dress code tonight. Sonali is confused. Why dress code? Manvi agrees to tell her everything later. I will explain you in a message. She thinks they will get all the answers tonight. I want everyone to see the devil with their own eyes. If there is any mistake then Kabir will find out that I know his truth. It will be really difficult to handle things then. I cannot let it happen.

Baba is looking for newspaper. Raj is reading paper. He gives it to Upmanyu to read it but Upmanyu tells him to finish reading. I will see news on tv. Baba turns to go. Raj asks him if he is coming in evening. Baba thinks he still hasn’t changed. Maybe he doesn’t want to call. He says it isn’t important. If you think I shouldn’t come then I wont. Raj denies. I dint mean that. I think you should come. Manvi has made so many preps. She will like it if you will come. Upmanyu nods. They don’t show any reaction before each other but look happy.

Kabir thinks of the morning incident. It looks so right that there is surely something wrong behind it. What is your plan Manvi? I cannot plan my next move without knowing it. I don’t even know if she knows my truth or not. Why dint she tell anyone then? I will have to stop her somehow. What’s your plan Manvi? Rahul comes there. Let us go home. Kabir thinks to stay away from the house till he figures things out. He lies to Rahul that his house is renovated now. I should go there now. I will feel more comfortable. Rahul asks him to join them today. Our house is fine now. MAnvi has planned a surprise for us all. Kabir tries to decline but Rahul insists. Kabir agrees to join them for a short while only. I will have to be careful there.

Precap: Kabir stands in his bull form before Manvi. Rahul steps in between them and holds his horns.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I love the show very much but not the tiger track but because of studies I and my frnds can’t watch it plzzzz start repeating the show at 1:30 as it was first when started plzz don’t repeat gangaa at 1:30 plzzzz I request to reap eat at 1 : 30

  2. I love this show yer much but not the tiger track plzzz start repeating the show at 1 : 30 as it was first when started plzz don’t repeat gangaa at 1 : 30 plzzzz I request to put ye kahan aa gayein hum plzzzzzz

  3. Plzzzz repeat this show at 1:30 pm plzz I kindly request plzzzzz don’t repeat gangangaa serial plzzzz

  4. oh wow precap kitna achha that I hope ki tiger track jaldi khatam ho jayega

    1. it is a great achievement which is going to happen now at last tiger track will finish in this weak and it was started on 19 jan when he step on the 12th stair of the temple of durga pur jagir and now it’s going to finish in the end of may

    2. sorry sonia but my father took evo from us now i will comment only in day time because in day time my father r not at home

      1. OK no problem

  5. Thank his atleast manvi ko to kabir is reality pata chal gaya and rahul ko bhi jaldi pata chal mate gay atlat this track will finish and kuch interesting hoga anyways love the episode + show ?

  6. Y u guys r being late to post it..I used to get it within one n half hours of the telecast I don’t get it within 2 hts even.

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