Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rahul asking Manvi, how big is her ego? He says can’t you apologize to mum. Manvi asks him to trust her. Rahul says he knows his mum and she can’t do as such. Manvi says you mean that I am lying? Rahul says you are capable of lying and tells that she had accused a 7 years old girl before, when she was actually playing with him. Manvi says she had seen that girl killing her dad. Rahul says may be you are doing this because of stress, hallucinates or imgination . He asks her to just take rest and goes. Manvi thinks why this is happening with me, I would not have believed, but I have seen with my own eyes. I am not betraying Rahul. Yamini thinks everything will be ruined. She gets Kabir’s call and says Rahul will kick Manvi out of the house in 10 days. She says even

Manvi will hate him. Kabir asks did you get the scene? Yamini says she didn’t get time. Kabir says I sent you to get scene. Yamini gets angry and says she will search for the scene. Kabir thinks he has to bear Yamini’s anger else she will kill him. He thinks it is good that Rahul and Manvi are going far from each other.

Next morning, Manvi wakes up and thinks Rahul might have slept in guest room. She thinks even mummy ji is upset with her. She thinks to talk to Rahul and make everything fine. She calls servant and is informed that Rahul went out, and Sonali is sleeping. Manvi thinks to give newspaper to Sonali and then make breakfast. She knocks on the door. Yamini opens the door and realizes that she is in Yamini’s face. She changes herself into Sonali. She asks Manvi to forget everything. Manvi says she didn’t complain to Rahul. Sonali hugs her. Rahul sees their hug and gets happy, says whatever he would have ask for, will get. Manvi says she is happy and will make some sweets for them. Rahul hugs Sonali. Yamini thinks she will get Manvi leave the house. Servant praises Manvi for the food which she had made the previous day for Sonali and her friends and says that even his family liked it. Manvi says I will make food for your family also whenever there is a party at home.

Nisha comes to Sonali and asks if she is worried. Sonali says I can’t trust anybody except you. Nisha thinks what happened to her. She is talking in my language. Yamini/Sonali smiles. Nisha says when you slapped me, I didn’t tell anything. She says manvi tried to separate us. Sonali says I apologize for that. Nisha gets happy and thinks I just can’t believe this. Yamini thinks to use her and vice versa. Nisha says you have always given more love and priority to Manvi and gave her many gifts, and asks if I am so bad. Sonali says there is a reason behind giving more gifts to her. She says Manvi can’t walk like poor being Sabarwal’s bahu. She gives diamond bangle to Nisha. Nisha gets happy and thanks her. She goes to show it to Shaleen. Yamini thinks she is so stupid, it is easy to play with them. Nisha thinks she should thank God for this.

Sonali asks Manvi if everything is ready. Manvi says yes and goes to bring juice. Sonali starts eating chicken. Manvi says today is Tuesday and you said that you don’t have chicken on this day. Sonali asks her to change her behavior. Rahul comes and tells Sonali that it is her rule. Sonali says actually Manvi forgot that today is Tuesday and ordered chicken for you. She asks Manvi to accept her mistake. Manvi is shocked. Rahul scolds Manvi. Yamini feels something and runs to room. Rahul says my mum was about to faint. He says she is my mum and have always supported you. Manvi says I am your same wife who was with you in troubled times. Rahul thinks what is happening? Just then Raj and Sonali comes back. Manvi says Papa. Raj asks why you both are shocked. Rahul asks Sonali what she is doing with dad. Raj says what is this question? Sonali says she is old to go on a romantic vacation. She says you forgot us in just 2 days. Manvi says you went to room just now. Rahul keeps her hand on his head, and asks her to promise. Sonali says I went to Maldives with your dad. Everyone is shocked.

Rahul tries to open the door. Yamini is shocked. Raj asks him to break the door. Rahul says she is some fraud.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan a very big thanks for updating today’s episode
    at last some thing good happen although rahul doesn’t believe her but raj and real sonali came hope so it’s the beginning of all problems to finish/end of this track i really wish and hope it

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