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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj talking to his Guru ji. He then calls Sonali and says I did not get Rahul and Manvi, I spoke to Guru ji, he said he has strong feeling that Rahul is in that village, I will go there and bring him. She says no, its too dangerous, don’t go. He says Rahul is my son, his life is in risk by mistake, I can’t let anything happen to him, wait for my call, I will reach there and call. She worries.

Manager says these items can’t be found here. Rahul asks him to get it anyhow and gives money bundle. He says its my wife’s birthday. Manager says you love her a lot. Rahul says I want her happiness, I will go and final place. He asks someone about the lake. The man guides him. Someone looks at Rahul. Rahul looks around and gets a red cloth. He goes ahead.


recalls her birthday with her family. FB shows her family singing for her. Her mum makes her eat sweets. Manvi asks her dad to sing. He sings aati rahengi baraate……… FB ends. She cries and sings the same song. A lady Madhu comes and says my husband works in these hotel, your husband has sent this Bengali letter for the surprise. Manvi smiles and asks did Rahul pan surprise for me near the cake. Madhu says he has sent car for you, with this Bengali cd and saree, happy birthday. Manvi smiles and says I just said I like Bengali movies, and he has sent this, I will be with Rahul to know his truth.

Sonali apologizes to Dadi on Raj’s behalf. Dadi asks her not to apologize for others, as other won’t realize mistake then. Sonali says no, Raj is worried since few days. Dadi says I m his mum, you think I don’t understand his problem, I know its about Rahul, I have seen fear on his face, he is hiding something, do you know anything. Sonali says no, Raj is over protective about Rahul, Guru ji told us to take extra care of Rahul. Dadi says Raj is educated and all these beliefs. Sonali says he is emotional, don’t feel bad. Sonali goes. Dadi thinks Sonali is hiding some secret, what is it.

Manvi gets ready and comes out. She sees decorated auto and smiles. A man wishes her happy birthday an asks her to come, he will take her to lake. Rahul gets ready in Bengali style and asks Madhu and her husband to do arrangements soon. He tastes food made by Madhu and says its nice. Someone looks on. The girl rushes to pandit and says Nana ji I have seen them staying in hotel, they are Rahul Dhawan and Manvi Dhawan, I did not know about their family. Pandit says why did they come here, I feel that guy is related with that incident, the curse will get revived, the storm will ruin everything, this time the couple will get ruined.

Manvi reaches the lake and sees beautiful decorations. She smiles and says Rahul did all this. Pal bhar thehr jao…………plays………Rahul comes in Bengali attire. She walks to him and asks whats all this. He says its surprise for you, I could not make you meet your parents, its your birthday so thought to get Bengali food for you, so lakeside dinner. Manvi says Madhu came to give me gifts. Madhu says yes. Rahul says she helped me in this setup. Manvi thanks them.

Rahul holds Manvi’s hand and takes her. Ye fitoor mera……….plays……… he wishes her happy birthday. She says thanks, but how did you do this, it was not needed. He says your birthday had to be special. She asks how did you find this place. He says that man told me. The girl looks on. Rahul says your gift is coming here. She asks what else. He says you will get mad seeing it. She says tell me. He asks her to have Bengali food. She insists. He asks the man to get the gift. He says your gift, video chat with your parents. She smiles. The man says there is no network, Sir said its imp so I managed, you can talk madam. Manvi says its big thing that I see my parents.

Raj talks to Sonali says network is bad here, weather is not good either. She asks him to come back, its risky to drive in fog, if you get in trouble, who will save Rahul, I worry for you and Rahul. He asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to him and Rahul, they will come back before puja. She wishes they come back safely.

Manvi talks to her mum on video call. Her mum and brother wish her happy birthday. Manvi thanks them. Her brother asks is she happy, what did she do all day. Manvi says I m very happy, I did not think I can see you all today, Rahul made this possible, look at the arrangements. Rahul greets her mum and Harsh. Her mum thanks him for taking care of Manvi. Manvi says I want to see Baba. She sees her dad and cries. Rahul says talk to him, he can hear you.

Manvi worries and wonders who who changed her clothes. Rahul greets her and asks how are you. She asks him who changed her clothes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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