Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni’s mom tells driver to drive slow. I got a call from Inspector that Agni’s car met with an accident. He is missing since then. His ally says you must be worried from Rahul. She nods. Rahul has that horn. He might get to know its powers. We have to stop him before he does something wrong. She finds Agni sitting unconsciously by a tree and takes him in the car. Agni’s mom says Rahul dint do right. He has called his death by hurting her son. no one can save you from me now.

Raj and SOnali talk about Rahul’s surprise. Dadi comes there. They ask her why she looks so worried. She thinks she shouldn’t hide truth from them. She shares that Manvi isn’t fine. Someone hurt her using a sharp object. Sonali is shocked. She rushes to Rahul’s room to check on her. Dadi feels dizzy.

Raj goes to drop her to her room.

Sonali helps Manvi sit up. She demands to know what happened. Raj also comes there. He scolds Rahul for hiding stuff nowadays. Rahul says we dint want to disturb or upset you on your special day. Manvi got hurt. Sonali says kids are more important. How did Manvi get hurt? Rahul tells them about Kabir kidnapping Shilpa mom. She is at her home finally. I have taken care of Kabir. He would think 100 times before hurting my family members. Raj says Ma said you attacked Manvi. Manvi denies. it was only an accident. he wanted to save Ma. He hit me by mistake while doing so. Rahul says Guru ji also helped us a lot. He risked his life for us. Kabir will surely think of taking revenge from him which is why I made him stay at my guest house. No one knows of it. Raj nods. Sonali says I am upset with Rahul for hiding stuff with me. I am not going to talk to him. Manvi says it was our idea. Rahul teases his mom by saying her image will go down in kitty party. Raj and SOnali go. Manvi is happy that Rahul dint tell them about the horn. Rahul says the less people know about it the better. No one except you, me and Guru ji should know about it.

Shilpa says I am lucky to have such people around me. Rahul and manvi risked their life to save me. Harsh nods. we have misunderstood Rahul very much. Manvi’s faith on him shook as well but she dint give up. Shilpa says it is very important to find a good life partner. I am sure you will also find a good life partner for yourself. I am waiting for that day only. Baba says it is enough for now. He sends Harsh to his room to sleep. He tells Shilpa not to worry as it will only worsen her health. Think about us also. She lies down to rest.

Agni’s mom is tending to his wounds. You will be fine. such normal wounds wont do anything to you. they will heal up soon. Agni says they wont heal till he takes revenge from Rahul and Manvi. I will not sit peacefully till I kill Sabharwal Family. His mom says Rahul knows its secret now. It wont be easy for you to get it now. This has been a very long fight till date. We have reached her finally but your anger can pull us back to from where we started. If you would have listened to me and waited to get well and then attack Rahul then we would have surely won. Rahul wouldn’t have known the power of horn also. You don’t listen to me. He applies lep on his wounds on his own and screams in pain. I am ready to bear it if you think I will be better soon to take my revenge. She is pained to see him thus. He asks her not to cry. Rahul dint do right by keeping that horn. No human being can take care of it. Just wait and watch. It is going to cost them badly.

Shilpa mumbles in her sleep in fear. She wakes up screaming badly for help. Baba holds her. This is your house. Calm down. She says I thought Kabir will. He says you are at your own home. Nothing will happen to you. What did you see? She says Kabir killed me. He comforts her. Think about Manvi and Rahul. They dint let us know anything in such circumstances as they know how Harsh and I would have felt. They did everything on their own. They lied to me that you went to your mother’s home. She says that’s where I was going. But I don’t want to see Kabir’s face in my life. He assures her it wont happen.

Rahul brings breakfast for Manvi in bed. You always do it so I thought to do it for you today. She is pleasantly surprised by the gesture. There is a special reason behind it. Mata’s Idol will be placed in the house today. I have organized a puja. Manvi asks Rahul why he thought of puja. You are not so interested in it. He says there is a reason behind it which I will tell you at the right time. Have turmeric latte (haldi wala doodh) for now and get well soon.

Nisha and Shaleen talk about the new drama happening at home.

Raj asks Sonali about his mother. Sonali shares that she is resting in her room. Raj says where Rahul is. Sonali says he is busy making all the preps for puja. Raj does not find this time right for all this but Sonali says let it happen. Mata should be with us after all that has happened recently. Let him do it.

Manvi’s family also comes for the puja. Shilpa and Sonali talk about the recent incident. Shilpa says it all happened because of Rahul only or there was no chance of me getting out of there safely. Manvi meets her mother.

Rahul comes with pundit ji. The idol will be shifted along with the cupboard underneath to its right place tomorrow after renovation. Pundit ji nods. They all sit down for the puja. Rahul and Manvi do the puja. Shilpa says we should go but Sonali and pundit ji asks everyone to take Prasad. The idol will be shifted tomorrow to the house temple. Rahul stops Manvi and asks her to come closer. She says here. He says I am not doing anything like that. He shows the cupboard to her. It has the box containing the horn in it. She says this is the best place. He knows that there could be any other better place. I have warned everyone to keep away from the idol. Only I or you will do puja here. I have specifically warned mom. They smile and say Jai Mata Di.

Manvi gets a call from someone. The guy warns her not to heave a sigh of relief so soon. the danger isn’t over. She asks him if he is Kabir. The man says I am much more dangerous than him. Don’t worry about me. Worry about your husband. Manvi panics. He tells her to check in the house. You wont find her anywhere. Come to terrace if you want to see him alive. If anyone is with you then I will kill Rahul. Manvi tries Rahul’s number but it is unreachable.

Precap: Manvi comes upstairs. It is all dark there. I have come all alone here. Don’t do anything to Rahul. Light comes on. She looks around in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ooh mujhe lagta hai rahul ne sigh ko safe nahi balki bohot jyad unsafe jagha chupaya hai and yes yeh yamini and yugtag whatever the name yeh kyuaa rahe agar yeh koi naya track hai toh ok but agar yeh us bull yani kabir/agni ke kul huye toh yeh track chalta rahega and trp 0.3 SE 0.0 ??ho jayegi and yes pata kuch funny sa honevala hai maanvi honeymoon trip plan karegi and rahul bohot khush ho jayega but maanvi pure family ke saath honeymoon jayegi but yeh rahul ko pata nhi hoga jaise hi voh pure family ko apne honeymoon trip me dekhega voh shock ho jayega like?????and maanvi ki taraf dekhega kuch iss expression SE??

  2. Cute episode it’s rahul only who called up manvi so that she comes up to the terrace so that he can give her surprise I saw yesterday on tv when light comes all dining and candle light arrangment was there Thursday ka episode is going to be nice??☺☺

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