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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini telling Harsh that even Protima couldn’t identify her when she forced herself on her. Harsh is shocked and says Sandhya. Yamini says I am Yamini and can take anyone’s avatar and can do anything. Harsh asks what you are doing this? Yamini asks him to ask Manvi and says you will ask if you left alive. Harsh is shocked. Yamini says I will tell you. She says Rahul has killed my Yugand. There is no reason for killing Protima, but I got her killed as Rahul snatched my love and I will punish the people whoever is related to him. Harsh says Rahul and Manvi can’t harm anyone, I can’t believe this, but if your husband was like you then it is good that he died. Yamini gets angry and attacks him with evil powers. Harsh shouts. Yamini says nobody can hear your voice,

outside this room. She says nobody will come and help you. She says your voice will end in this room. Harsh is in pain. Shilpa tells Upmanyu that they are atleast supporting each other, but Harsh is alone. She says I feel we shall stay with them. Upmanyu says yes, you are right and says we shall support each other. He goes to bring Yash. Yamini frees Harsh from evil powers and smirks. Harsh falls down weak.

Upmanyu comes and knocks on the door asking Harsh to open it. Harsh says Sandhya is not human but devil. Yamini says I am not Sandhya, but Yamini. She says you voice is can’t be heard. Upmanyu opens the door and sees him sleeping on bed. He thinks he needs rest. Once Upmanyu goes, Yamini opens her eyes as she is lying on bed as Harsh. She smirks. She opens the cupboard and takes out Harsh from the cupboard. She says I am having fun to kill you. Harsh asks what I have done? Yamini says not you, but Rahul and Manvi. They will repent for their every breath. She says my first victim is you. Suddenly her hairs appears as that of tiger and she hurts his legs. Harsh is shocked to see blood coming out of his leg. Yamini says this is not enough and takes tiger’s form.

Manvi comes home after locking Rahul in a shed. She thinks about locking him and says Rahul was looking helpless and thinks what to do? She says why this is happening to us. She says at one side is Rahul and other side is Harsh. She says she has to prove him innocent at any cost, and thinks she can do this if Rahul is with her. She says I need him and will talk to him in the morning. I will make him understand that Harsh can’t harm Protima. She thinks Kabir is behind the incident. She thinks I will talk to Rahul once he returns home. She hugs his pic and cries. Janam Janam song plays………………….He recalls their romantic moments. She says come home soon…Rahul. She gets a call from Upmanyu and asks if everything is fine. Upmanyu says Manvi….and asks her to come home fast. Manvi asks what happened?

Upmanyu asks her to come fast. Manvi thinks why is he scared? She sees neighbors in the house and asks what happened? Shilpa is crying and Upmanyu is sitting in shock. Manvi asks what happened? She asks Upmanyu to stay. Manvi asks where is Dada? She rushes to his room and sees blood all around in room and tiger nail marks on his face. She is shocked. She asks Harsh to get up and says you can’t leave me. She cries badly. Upmanyu comes and is shattered. Manvi asks him to tell Harsh to get up and not joke. Upmanyu says your dada can’t get up. Manvi says nothing can happen to him. Upmanyu says he is dead. He says my Harsh is gone….Manvi cries.. Upmanyu cries and says I couldn’t save your brother. He cries hugging her. Shilpa tries to commit suicide. Manvi stops her and asks what do you want? She hugs her and cries.

Police comes there and says your neighbors have informed us. He pays his condolences and says I can understand what you are going through. He asks them to let him do the work and if they know anything then tell, as it may help in investigation. Inspector comes to Harsh’s room and asks constable to take the sample. Inspector looks at Harsh’s wounds and says this is tiger’s hand marks. He thinks humans can’t do this, but how can this be possible that attacked happened in the house. Inspector asks if he has any enmity with someone. Manvi says Harsh have never talked badly with anyone. Inspector says I thought Protima’s parents have done this, but they are in hospital. The marks on Harsh’s body is someone’s work.

Upmanyu asks what do you mean? Inspector says nails and teeth marks on his body, and it seems an animal have attacked him. Upmanyu says wild animal, and says how can it came home, I would have heard the screams, but I didn’t hear anything. Inspector says this is tiger’s work. Manvi is shocked and recalls Rahul becoming tiger. She thinks Rahul can’t kill anyone. Upmanyu says how can it be possible. He says we didn’t receive any report from the forest dept. He says may be tiger had attacked on his neck silently. Manvi thinks she can’t tell anyone about the tiger. She thinks only one person can do this. Next morning, Rahul wakes up in the shed as a human. He looks at himself and holds his head in pain. He is about to call Manvi and just then door opens. Rahul thinks I asked Manvi to close the door. He wonder who has broken the lock. He thinks if anyone else know about this secret.

Manvi tells Rahul that Harsh was killed by a tiger. She says locked can’t be open by itself and says only a tiger can break it. She points finger at him. Rahul is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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