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Rahul asks Manvi to send water. She nods. You don’t listen to me anyways! She goes out of the washroom. Outside, Manvi cannot stop laughing as she thinks about the incident. Rahul too is smiling inside. Chotu brings water. Manvi tells him to take it to the bathroom. Manvi gets Shilpa’s car. She tells her about meeting a lady who saw Upmanyu’s accident. I tried to ask her a lot but she did not tell me anything. Manvi agrees to come right away. She tells Rahul about going to hospital. He offers to take her but she declines. I have to meet Ma personally. She is very much disturbed. I have to talk to her. He nods. I am very happy that you found a witness. Now you will get to know the truth. She agrees. I will get to know everything now. This is what is scaring me. She leaves.


is irked to see Rahul and Manvi’s bond. I wont let them come together ever. Malika is shocked to see Avanti’s mother. She sends Malika outside. She next questions Avanti about what all she is doing. Avanti advises her not to worry but her mother is all the more tensed. Rahul does not love you! Avanti explains he is her zidd. I have never lost in love and neither will I ever, especially not to that downmarket girl. Rahul is mine and will always be. Her mother tells her to stop all this drama. Avanti warns her not to try and stop her. You got a chance to save me last time. You might not get another chance this time. Her mother is taken aback.

Manvi reaches hospital. Manvi asks her mother about the lady who saw the accident. Shilpa tells her about the lady’s reaction to the situation. Manvi reasons that she could atleast tell us the truth. Shilpa points out that the lady seemed to be a patient here. Her records can be found here. Manvi decides to check at the reception. Sujoy accompanies her.

Manvi requests the receptionist to help her in gaining info about the lady. The receptionist declines. It is against the rules. The doc steps in to help Manvi. The receptionist gives that lady’s details (NIru’s) to Manvi. Sujoy offers to go with Manvi but Manvi politely declines. He intentionally talks about the trust factor. You trust Rahul more. She says that is not the case. He asks her to call Rahul as well. We will sort the matter there only. Manvi calls Rahul. I am sending you an address. Reach there. I will tell you the matter later. Avanti notices Rahul leaving all by himself. I lost such a golden chance. He was all alone.

Manvi meets Niru at her home. She still refuses to talk about it. Manvi requests her to help her find the culprit. I will not approach Police if you are not comfortable with it. I only want to find out the culprit behind the incident. Niru yet again declines but Manvi share she was getting married the day her father met with an accident. The doubt is on either my husband or my ex-fiancé. Only let me know who that person was! Niru allows her inside. She tells her what all she saw on the day of incident. Manvi assures her she wont fall in any trouble. Niru asks her how she will find those men. Manvi replies that both the men are waiting outside.

The forest official tells Raj that the marks are only outside in the garden. There is no such mark anywhere else. Maybe someone joked with you. I can leave one of my security guard with you. Raj says I have enough of security already. Just get electric fencing around my house. Forest official agrees, but it will take some time. Raj gets angry but Sonali approaches the matter calmly. The forest official leaves. Sonali asks Raj what he was doing. Raj shares that he would not have been this worried if it was some other animal. It was a tiger but! Sonali talks about the puja that Rahul said he has done. Raj is not sure if Rahul has actually done it. Guru ji will be coming tomorrow anyways. Raj talks about what happened all those years ago. Sonali points out that she had stopped him back then as well. Raj explains that their luxuries and riches are because of that act only. Sonali nods. We would have been bereft of this pain and fear also. Raj gets irked. You mean it is because of my mistake. I will fight / handle my things on my own. She tries to make him understand she dint mean it but he tells her to let it be. I will handle my problems on my own. He walks away in a huff.

Manvi and Niru step out. Sujoy, Rahul and Shilpa wait outside. Avanti watches from outside. Manvi asks NIru if it is either of these men. Please look at the carefully. Don’t be scared. Tell me who is the one who pushed my Baba before the tempo. My life depends on your answer. Niru says I cannot do this! I wont be able to do it. Please leave. Manvi requests her, assuring her she wont tell anyone ever. I will not come back here again. Niru asks her if she will leave it all so easily. Will you not feel like sending the culprit behind bars? How will you do it without a witness? Shilpa folds her hands so as to request her. This truth has created rifts between many relations. You can help us by speaking the truth. Rahul too asks Niru to speak up. You can join your course next semester also. Will you live peacefully thinking you left the culprit free? Niru asks for time. I will seek my father’s guidance on the matter. I will tell you tomorrow about my decision. Manvi panics but Rahul assures her they can wait for one more day. Everything will be fine. Avanti is shocked. Manvi thinks Rahul is responsible for her father’s accident?

At home, Manvi checks Rahul’s temperature. You are not still completely fine. You should rest. He knows she is concerned about Niru’s answer. He assures her she will speak the truth. She is tensed. Her one answer can end our relation. He asks her if she still thinks he is to be blamed for her Baba’s accident. Manvi is blank and clueless. There are so many misunderstandings between our relation, our family has been arch enemies. Sujoy and his family are very close to our family. Ma is right. The relation can happen in any way but the meaning changes with time. It becomes important. He is sure she will trust him tomorrow. our relation will have a new beginning tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it. She knows there will be a change in their relation tomorrow. Can we not become friends forgetting all our problems and misunderstandings behind? He says I want to be your friend for always. But will we be able to pass one night without fighting? Tomorrow you wont have any excuse to fight with me after finding the truth. We will have to find new reasons. She smiles. They shake hands to seal their friendship.

Precap: Niru wakes up as she hears some noise. She goes outside to check.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I m sure dat sujoy.. Or awanti will do something against rahul…… Niru will take rahuls name…..

  2. No Niru should not take Rahuls name. she should ran away without telling d name. manvi is worried of rahul now hope their relation is not shown as sour again. save this couples from both d villains A N S.

  3. niru will take rahuls name for surre…….oh dear so many misunderstandings

  4. I love rahul an maanvi. I hope niru dont take rahuls name………. If she does then that will create more problems. ? Love this series and love rahul always.?

  5. according to d precap,
    i think that sujoy is going to harm niru…

  6. I think avanti might do something to cause problems in rahul n manvi relationship sujoy can only give threats as he does not have anything while avanti has something to change niru point of view n blame rahul so that it will create misunderstanding between the two or that mysterious tiger might do something since rahul is cursed
    A lot of misunderstanding makes me want to watch more of it love da suspense

  7. oh wat the bull shett ????i thought the girl niru will take rahul name because its a story n i m dam sure about it!!!!!

  8. Ek aur turning point serial boring hojayega dekhte hai sujoye ya rahul

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