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The door bell rings. Shaleen opens the door. It is Manvi. He mistakenly thinks her to be Rahul’s fan. Pray for him. Don’t bother us like this. She tries to talk but he doesn’t let her. A guy comes. Shaleen scolds him for lax in security. Shaleen call the guard. Take her out of the house right away. Manvi notices his hand. there is a mark around his finger. She notices the photo kept nearby. She remembers the ring that she saw in the police station. This means Rahul knows the truth. He took the blame on himself to save his brother.

Shaleen comes to his room to wear his jacket. Nisha asks him what happened. What did you do? Shaleen scolds her for being selfish. I have heard enough. I am going to police station. I will confess my crime. I will take my brother out. Nisha

stops him. Rahul is Raj’s life. No one values you here. Shaleen denies. Rahul proved it today that he loves me. I will get him out of jail now. You always used to tell me to be a man. I will prove it to you today! He leaves.

Raj completes all the formalities. Rahul signs on the bail papers. Shaleen comes there just then. Raj looks angrily at him. He even slaps Shaleen. Shaleen tries to speak but Raj slaps him again. I regret having a son like you. Rahul tries to stop him but in vain. Raj says thankfully a girl came and told me the truth on time. You would have been in jail otherwise. Rahul asks about the girl. Raj says we don’t know who that is. Police is not telling me. he scolds Shaleen. Arrest him. I am embarrassed by what he did. You have your criminal. Rahul does not want to leave his brother alone but Raj refuses to let him do anything for Shaleen. Raj leaves. Rahul assures SHaleen he will get him out of here.

Raj comes home angrily. He warns Rahul that he does not want to talk about this topic again. Sonali is relieved to see him home. Nish asks about SHaleen. Raj says I don’t want to hear his name. He must have told you or he dint? Sonali is confused. Raj shares that Shaleen did the accident for which Rahul got arrested. He killed those people. He kept quiet when police took away Rahul. He is in the right place. He deserves it. he ran away after doing the accident. everyone was worried. I got to know on time or Rahul might have still been in jail. This wouldn’t have affected Shaleen anyways. Rahul tries to make him understand but in vain. Raj clearly warns everyone to stay away from this matter. Let SHaleen understand his mistake. It might help him change for good. Sonali requests him but he signals her not to.

Lightning strikes outside. Rahul thinks of all the incidents. Its all happening because of Manvi. My brother is in jail today because of her. I wont leave you! I will never forgive you. Sonali brings juice for him. Rahul asks her if she ate anything. Your one son is in lock up. She is in tears. I told her to keep quiet but she! She told police about Shaleen. Sonali says she might have thought to help you. Rahul angrily says she is no one to help me. SHaleen is my younger brother. It is my duty to save my brother come what may! Sonali wonders if her tears are of happiness or sadness. Rahul cannot see tears in her eyes. I know Shaleen is not a bad guy. He might have tried. He might have got scared of Dad. He thinks more about me than me. he gets scolded by Dad for me. he looks after everything that I do. I am just a face. I got one chance to help him. it is wrong to run away from the accident spot but he is not wrong. Sonali denies. he did wrong. You cannot stand before his brother and his problems. Nisha mistakes them as she hears only the end of their convo. Only I can help Shaleen. No one here thinks about him! She walks away. Sonali agrees to talk to Raj. Rahul is still angry with Manvi. Why are you and your family still after me? What do you want?

Nisha talks to Shaleen’s photo. You are an idiot. No one here values you. It doesn’t matter to them if you are in jail. I will have to handle everything now.

Nisha notices Manvi coming to their house. Who are you? What are you doing here at this hour? Manvi says I came to meet Rahul. Police let him off. I want to meet him once. Nisha asks her how she got to know so soon that Rahul is out of jail. Manvi shares that she recognized the ring. It is not of Rahul but of one of his family member. Nisha is about to scold her when a guy brings umbrella for her. Nisha tells him to inform Rahul about the girl who has come to meet him.

Manvi walks inside the studio. She thinks of the happy moments she has spent with Rahul. Rahul comes there. She is relieved to see him all fine. I want to apologize to you from my Baba’s behalf. He dint do it intentionally. He made a mistake. Rahul corrects her. I am Sir for you. you work for me. She says everything is fine between them. He is angry with her. What’s your father’s problem with me and my family? Who are you to interfere in my family matters? She knows he is concerned for his brother. My Baba made a mistake. I had to rectify it. Rahul denies. your Baba is taking some revenge from me for some reason. he goes to any extent to trouble me. What has my brother done to you? Who asked for your help? How do you know my brother was the one driving it at that time? That ring could have fallen in the car earlier too! She tells him not to prove his brother innocent. You knew your bother is the culprit so you took blame. Rahul shares about Shaleen. He gets anxiety attacks. My brother is very sensitive. He cannot stay overnight in the lockup. That man, who your father claimed died, is still alive! He is getting treated in the best hospital. I could have managed the matter well but you and your father had to interfere! Manvi warns him not to disrespect her Baba. She turns to go but he stops her. You will leave when I will give you permission. Go home and tell your father if he ever tries to trouble any of my family member then I wont spare anyone. Stop acting to be sorry. Feel bad for your father. He couldn’t do anything in his life and is jealous of other people’s success. Get out! Manvi runs out from there.

It is raining. Manvi wonders why she is crying. Why are his words affecting me so much? Why did his words hurt so much? I used to hate him so much so why!

In his room, Rahul too thinks of Manvi. He tears the song. I used to sing it with you. You gave excuses and refused to sing it with me. Now I wont give you any chance to say no. I will never sing with you. He tears the song!

Manvi refuses to let Rahul hurt him. He is wrong.

Precap: Manvi tells Rahul she never wants to see him again. I leave this job. He says not you but I will throw you out of my office and life!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. what nonsense….love had just started and again all this hell of hatred ……really….. make them fall in love

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    love was in d air nd just finished in 1 day????!!!!

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