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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upmanyu and Raj discuss about their wives. Raj gets Rahul’s call. He is relieved to know that everything is fine now. we will reach soon. he ends the call. Baba asks him about it. Raj says they are fine. Rahul is heading to Sabharwal House with manvi. Baba goes to call the ladies.

Rahul comes home talking to himself. I never thought that the curse will be over. He finds Manvi lost in thoughts. What are you thinking? I am trying to change it all to romance and you aren’t paying heed. She shares that she cannot stop thinking about that place. There was someone there. He says police checked that place. They dint find anyone there. No kid would like to stay in such a dingy place. I will once again ask them to check that place again. she nods. Maybe you are right. This is a new start

of new life. He says you dint look so worried even when I married you stealthily. He speaks of a ritual where the groom picks up his bride and takes her inside carrying her in his arms. He picks her up when she asks him to keep her down. He drops Manvi hearing their parents’ voice. They ask Rahul and Manvi as to what happened. manvi manages the situation. They are happy to know that Rahul and Manvi are fine now and that the problem will is behind them now. Rahul also tells them that Kabir is no more.

Police is in that haunted house. One Inspector (Yadav) is tensed. He speaks to his colleague (Sharma). They wonder what Manvi saw in this dark when they cannot see themselves in here. Yadav hears some noise but Sharma hasn’t heard anything. Yadav goes in that direction (near the window) all tensed. He cannot see anyone which bothers him. Sharma tells him not to worry. There is nothing here. You might be scared seeing the old house. He keeps bottle of liquor on table. Drink it. You wont fear anything then. Yadav is hesitant but Sharma insists to drink. Think that your duty is over. They find this place really old like some ruins. It can anytime come down it seems. Yadav holds a leaf in his hand. I think someone ate this. Shrama laughs. It must be a goat. Yadav nods. the wife of a rock star cannot see any difference between a kid and goat. Yadav again feels someone is near a rack. Sharma calls it the effect of liquor. He rubs his hand over his face and it gets all bloodied. Sharma notices it. they find some body part there which is completely bloodied. Yadav ji feels like vomiting. Sharma goes to bring his cap. Yadav screams. Sharma comes to ask him what happened. They see someone banging at the window. they turn and find a girl sitting on a chair. They look at the window again when someone attacks them.

Sonali thanks Mata Rani for bringing them out of troubles finally. Rahul is out of the curse. she thanks Manvi for all that she did for Rahul and their family. Go and spend some time with Rahul now. Did you tell him that thing? Manvi shyly nods. I said it to him before you came in the room. Sonali is happy. Go to him now. Manvi leaves.

Manvi comes to her room. She tells Rahul not to do it. I will do it. take rest. He says I feel so light. I can feel my every muscle. I feel like flying. I was feeling so heavy in the past days. I have set everything so many times already. She says I understand it is because that spirit left you. He suggests going on a family vacation. We will lock Baba and Papa in a cottage. We will ask them to fight over their past. Seeing her sad he apologises. I dint mean it. she knows he dint mean anything. I wonder why God gave me all the pain. Why my Dada? He says don’t think so. God dint give it to you. All these negative energies come through me. It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t married me. Dada would have been alive if it wasnt for me. I am sorry. I don’t know where I am when it comes to supporting you. She says you were with me only. I dint see you or overlooked you, ignored you. he understands that the past will be with them. we can start afresh though. It will be our gift to him. we wont let anyone come in between us now. She promises him. They share a hug. Romantic song plays. He tells her that he missed her. I dint come this close to you since so long. He cups her face. They share an eye lock when his phone rings. It is from the Inspector. They wish to pay them a visit sometime now. Manvi gets tensed. Is Kabir alive? Rahul denies. you were right. There indeed was something weird in that house.

Inspector comes to Sabharwal House. He shares that their officers got attacked. Manvi says I told you there was someone. How can a small girl attack though? Inspector asks her if she is sure it was a little girl. Manvi nods. Rahul asks Inspector what the officers said. Inspector replies that they are not in a condition to say anything. How can such a small girl fight with them? Rahul does not find it unusual. We have been though a lot lately. Inspector says I understand but we need manvi’s help for what she has witnessed. Manvi agrees. Inspector requests her to help them in sketching the girl’s photo. Rahul reasons that they are tired. Inspector says she might forget it later. Manvi replies that she cannot forget it. She thinks of what she witnessed. We will do it tomorrow. Rahul denies. we are going to Mumbai tomorrow. I need a break. Manvi convinces him to postpone it for later. Rahul is not happy but then agrees for her sake.

Rahul and Manvi are sleeping. Manvi’s duvet gets pulled on its own. She pulls it back over her when the same happens once again. She gets up feeling scared and sees a shadow (of a girl). Who is there? Who are you? She tries waking Rahul. The girl laughs.

Precap: Manvi tries to wake Rahul but finds a knife buried in his heart. She screams in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. kya museebat hai abi to pichla track khtm hua hai wo b bri mushkil se aur next track b start kr dia thori si importance to love story ko b deni chahiye ye to love story k sath na in safi hai

    1. Loòool

  2. kya rahul dra diya na hamari maanvi nnhi si toh jaan hai vo and yes pls abhi sirf romants and romants hona chahiye .as per latest news rahul challenge larega maanvi ko ki voh rahul ki tarif kare Punjabi language me toh maanvi Punjabi get up leke tarif karne lagegi tabhi vohi vohi call ayega Jo hamesha rahul or maanvi ke romants ke bich me ata soory bohot jyada bhavnayo me doob gyi ok come in point ha toh call atehi maanvi chali jayegi beech me chodke or rahul naraaz ho jayega fir hamari pyari. maanvi rahul ko manayegi gaana gake mai tenu samjhavaa ki …….. and next BAAT yeh hai ki yeh hai mohabaate serial ki simmi is serial doctor banke ayegi I don’t know y just guess guyz

    1. Ap ka guess bilkull thk ha soniyaa kl k precap m waqai ye dkhaya ha b8. Ap ko kese pasta chala

  3. Wht rabbish is this….phle hi unblvebl chize dikhai..hme lga ki finly sb khtm bt y kya nya drama h….serial start kha hua tha aur pahuch kha gya…y sasural simar ka typs kun bna dia…nw i’ll stop wtchng this show….totly…bakwass…??

  4. Shakaib

    Love this show

  5. @avanti badi jaldi samajh me aya aapko ki show bakwaas hai

  6. Where is 2nd August 2016 written update? This ghost track should be ended immediately.

  7. Love you karan…… Start showing your romantic charm

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