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The lady whispers at Rahul. Recognize my voice. You are a tiger, a wild hungry tiger. This is your truth. No one else has heard anything. The lady instigates Rahul to smell the blood. Tiger attacks his prey. Shake your hunger. Don’t stop the hungry tiger. You have human blood before you. Taste it. Rahul licks the blood. Raj tells him about the ambulance. It is here. They will take these people. We are getting late for the concert. Rahul leaves with Raj. The lady calls someone (probably Agni). The work is done. He committed the sin to drink the blood of an innocent human being. No rudraksh can stop him from turning into tiger tonight. He will be sacrificed tonight by me.

Manvi asks Rahul where he was. I have been calling you. he tells her about the accident. Rahul shares that one

of the guy was bleeding. Manvi gets her Baba’s call. He complains about people shouting madly. When will the show start? She assures him it will start soon. Rahul is getting ready. He finds it wrong. It is already 20 minutes late. She asks him to wait. Rahul is unwell. Upmanyu gets concerned. She tells him it is nothing. Everyone gets nervous before going on stage. Be seated. It will start. I will come there. Manvi tells Rahul to get ready. Rahul feels something is wrong. She assures him she is with him. I am your shield. I will not let anything go wrong. He knows it well. But our enemies are powerful. Tonight is Purnima. You remember what happened last time? She replies that last time they were not prepared. This time it wont happen. She leaves to be with her parents.

Upmanyu wants to meet Rahul but Shilpa tells him against it. You will lecture him for no reason. Upmanyu wants to boost Rahul’s morale. He has stage fright. Shilpa denies. You too go through the same. They argue sweetly. She advises him to teach it all later. He still goes to meet Rahul. She hopes he does not create a drama here.

Manvi checks the preps. Everything is set. The guy speaks of opening the sunroof during performance. Tonight is full moon light. It will come on Rahul ji directly. It will look amazing. She declines. Change the lighting but sunroof wont be used to let the moonlight in. You have 15 minutes to do it. He agrees reluctantly.

Upmanyu comes to a green room looking for Rahul. He notices Kabir there flirting with some other girl. Upmanyu recalls seeing him with a different girl before. He questions Kabir. You were saying the same line to a girl a while ago. Aren’t you ashamed? The girl thinks he is mistaken. Upmanyu gives Kabir’s logic. I saw him telling the same line to another girl 15 minutes back. The girl asks Kabir. Kabir calls it a misunderstanding. We are meeting now after Holi party. He whispers to the girl that this guy is old. He cannot see things clearly. Upmanyu hears him. How do you know I saw you feeding samosa to the girl if you dint meet me earlier? Now I will tell you how smart this old man is. The girl asks Upmanyu to beat this cheater. Upmanyu wants to drag Kabir to stage to tell everyone how big a fraud he is. Manvi hears his voice. Kabir hides behind Manvi. The girl slaps him as he calls her a mistake. Manvi asks Kabir what’s happening. Upmanyu too tells him to speak now. Kabir says I never got caught for flirting before. Uncle ruined my count. Upmanyu lectures him on cheating with girls. Kabir explains that the girls are also flirting. Don’t take it seriously. Chill. Upmanyu begins to talk to another topic altogether. Manvi intervenes. Kabir says sorry to upmanyu. Upmanyu shares that he came to boost Rahul’s energy. She says I was with Rahul a while ago. He is fine. I am sure you don’t want to miss the opening. Upmanyu leaves. Manvi says sorry to Kabir from her Baba’s behalf. He does not mind it. She asks him to join them in the VIP box. He denies. Your Baba would be there too. She smiles.

Raj and Upmanyu come face to face. Raj questions security for letting anyone come inside. Check if he has pass. His attire does not show he has a pass. The guard says he is Manvi’s father. Raj dismisses him. He taunts Upmanyu on his clothes. Shilpa comes there just then. She tries to take Upmanyu away but Raj does not stop taunting the family. Finally your dream came true. You always wanted to find a rich boy from a big family for your daughter. You have finally done it. The result is that you are standing in the VIP lounge of the concert which you could never afford. Upmanyu says you think everyone is like you. Shilpa requests him to be calm for Manvi. I know what you mean but it will only go against Manvi. Upmanyu says Raj will never change. Shilpa takes him with her.

The fans shout Rahul’s name excitedly. Upmanyu is irked by so many people shouting at once. How will I hear Rahul’s voice between this noise? Shilpa says you should be happy that so many people are excited to hear Rahul. Calm down and let me enjoy. Rahul begins the concert. The lady is shocked. Rahul should have turned into a tiger by now. He tasted blood before my eyes only. How is he still normal? Kabir tries to flirt with the girls in the crowd. The lady looks at the sunroof. This is the speciality of the stadium. Why isn’t it happening? I wont let the wait of all these years go in vain. One song ends. The guard asks lady for her pass. She hypnotises him.

Manvi hugs Rahul backstage. I am so happy to see the crowd cheering madly for you. Baba was clapping for you. He dint see Baba but is glad to know Baba liked it. She happily takes him back on stage for the next performance. She thanks God for everything is going smoothly. The lighting guy asks Manvi if he can open the sunroof for one song only. The lighting looks dull. She refuses. I told you that the sunroof wont be unlocked. You cannot open it. I am sorry I should not talk to you like this but try to understand. It wont happen. She leaves. The lady realises that Manvi is responsible for it. The sunroof will open for the last song. You wont be able to do anything about it. Entire world will see Rahul turning into a tiger tonight!

Precap: Upmanyu and Raj are on stage. Upmanyu speaks a few lines on stage and whispers to Raj that he cannot move ahead in life by pulling someone down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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