Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with Manvi’s mother showing anger to Manvi because she said she is not ready for marriage now… Manvi said she want to do something for herfamily first, become a singer and fulfill their desires, Shilpa said don’t be we have your brother for that, your father is lost in his own world, don’t be your father, as he wasted his life don’t waste yours too… Sujoy is a nice guy, he wants to marry you without dowry. what if he refuses to marry you? What would we do then??

Sonali walked out from Rahul’s room where she found Raj waiting for her with some tube in his hand.. how’s he? Raj asked worriedly.
Sonali: why don’t you go and asj yourself? I don’t wanna come between you both.
After saying that Sonali

walkedaway. Raj went to Rahul and started applying cream to his wounded hand. He asked how’s it happened.
Rahul replied, just happened. Raj said you started it… Rahul said it happened between us after 15 years. Raj said yes last time when it happened you were in 5th standard. Rahul apologized he said his mind was in a different place, she shouldn’t have talk to him liks that. I will try to recored this song as soon as I can. Raj replied no you take your time, this album should be perfect. Both hugged each other. Rahul said I don’t understand these girls, made an algebra of my mind.
Raj said he solved two algebras, both were crazy that’s why they were best friends. he started telling him about Gayatri. You know Rahul when your mother died I was broken then Sonali came and I gotten used to her… Sonali was listening everything with teary eyes. Rahul saw her and pulled her inside, he said you are lucky dad you got true love two times…
His father replied I m still popular in girls.
Rahul said then plz teach me something…
They both came out. Sonali asked to Raj are u sure he was talking about Avanti because Avanti is already impressed by him.
Raj said yes he us sure its Avanti.

Next day Rahul asked Twinkal how to impress a girl twinkle replied why you need to impress anyone you are a rock star everyone loves you. Rahul asked just tell me if someone doesn’t like me what should I do to change her feelings about me? Twinkle said if you want to impress someone you should impress her best friend first…

Same day Roopa called Manvi and told her that Rahul called and apologized for that day, he even sent me gifts and clothes to my parents and he is willing to pay for my marriage. Manvi said don’t trust that guy, how could yoh forget what he has done with you. Roopa said I know but he is saying sorry and I can’t kill him for his mistakes.

When Manvi reached to studio the mamager was distributing girfs to everyone, Rahul came wearing a shirt which had written I m a nice guy… Manvi asked the mamager why Rahul is behaving weird, he told her everything what twinkle told to Rahul. Rahul came back and told everyone to start practicing, a man came and said one girl is absent she is hospitalised… Rahul was angry he said music is not a joke, replace a girl… Rehersal is cancel today. Everyone left only Mamvi and Rahul remained.
Manvi said to Rahul no one can become a nice person by wearinf t shirt. if you were really nice guy you should have worried about that girl but you are only worried about your work. You can’t impress me by sendind gifts to my friend… Then Manvi left. Rahul realized and told his men to go n check for that girl.

After some time Avanti came and told him about mascarate party she is having. Rahul said he is busy, Avanti said she knew he would say that that’s why she already invited his full team and she knows today’s rehearsal is cancelled. Rahul said okay and Avanti happily left. Whole team means Manvi will be there, thought Rahul.

Manvi saw that invite and threw it rudely, her brother came and asked what is going on between you n ma why u both not taleto each other, manvi said ma is telling me to get married to sujoy and this sujoy why he talked to them without asking her… Harsh saw the invite and asksd what is this? Manvi replied its some party, but I m not going they have nothing to do other than party and I can’t make excuses every time.

Sujoy came at night and asked manvi to go for a late night show. Just then Upu came shouting something about Rahul, sujoy said yes I agree then Upu accidently saw those tickets. He said how dare u to take my daughter for a late night show. Sujoy said its not for me its for you and aunty. Upu said but shilpa dont go to late night shows. Sujoy said okay i will tear them, upu said no don’t waste money shilpa cant go but I can, lets go… Poor sujoy has to go with him. Harsh said to his mother Manvi has to go to her office for some work and I m also going with her, Manvi asked why he lied. He replied he lied so that mother couldn’t be suspicious and I also want to see these kind of parties.

Precap : Rahul and Manvi standing side by side wearing masks, a man with mike told them to remove their masks and congratulate each other, they both removed their masks and looked at each other shockingly.

Update Credit to: shreya_preets

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