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The Episode starts with Manvi stopping Rahul. She asks what is he doing here, and touches the stone. She prays and takes Rahul saying you will get ill. Pandit says whats this miracle, who were they, how are they related to this temple. Raj is angry knowing Rahul and Manvi did not reach hotel. He tells Sonali that Manvi is not good, wherever she goes, there is problem. Sonali says its not Manvi’s mistake, don’t blame her. Dadi asks what happened. Raju says it was your idea to send them on honeymoon. Nisha hears them. Dadi says so what, what is there to worry, maybe they liked some other place and changed route. Raj argues with her and says do you know in which problem will Rahul fall, my years of hardwork will get waste if he reaches that temple. Sonali asks him to stop. Raj goes to his

room and worries. He gets ready and tells Sonali if Rahul really goes to that temple then everything will be ruined. She says don’t say this.

He says whenever I hear about that village, temple and sacrifice, I can’t control, will anything happen to our Rahul, our pujas to get saved of that curse will get waste. She says nothing will happen, everyone will doubt if you react like this, we can’t tell this to anyone. He says yes, just pray that Rahul does not reach that temple, I will talk to travel agent and leave for Shimla, I won’t let anything happen to Rahul. He leaves. She says we have to save Rahul from this darkness.

Nisha tells Avanti about the secret, what is this temple in Durgapur Jagir. Avanti says we will find it, its serious if uncle and aunty are worried, I hope this secret is enough to break Rahul and Manvi’s marriage. Her dad takes the phone and scolds her. He asks does she not respect herself, stop this. Avanti says I want Rahul at any cost. He says I won’t tolerate this, forget Rahul or I will send you back to US. He goes. She says no dad, you can’t make me away from Rahul, I will not leave him.

Nisha tells Shaleen about temple matter. He says I don’t know about it. Nisha taunts him, and says there is some secret, I never saw mom and dad so worried. They are hiding something, tell me about that village. Shaleen says dad used to go to that village, he never took anyone or told about it. she says how shall I find about it. Manvi calls Sonali. Sonali asks where are you both. Manvi says our car met with an accident, we could not reach Shimla. Sonali and Raj worry. Manvi says we are staying in village. Sonali asks which village. The phone line gets disconnected. Nisha looks on. Raj asks did she say place name. Sonali says no, call got disconnected, she said they are fine and in village near Shimla. He asks are they in Durgapur Jagir, maybe, I have to find out, I m leaving for Shimla.

Rahul wakes up and finds himself cloth-less. He looks for his clothes and hides seeing Manvi. She gives his clothes and says I went to get medicines for you, I called home and told Sonali that we are fine. He asks who did this with me and wraps himself in blanket. She asks him to forget what happened. He says I m wearing nothing. She says you were all drenched, you would have got ill. He says don’t lie, you removed my clothes. She says I had to remove your clothes, as you were not in your senses. He asks that too… she says yes, that too. He says chee, what type of girl are you to use this chance, you were finding chance to touch me. She recalls their moment and says why will I use you, there is difference between our situation. He asks what, don’t men have respect, you can’t take advantage of me, don’t know what you did, you took my respect. She says yes, you are right, I did all that, I made your video MMS too. He smiles and says no, liar. She says you see it when its uploaded on internet, wear these clothes and come out. He says she did not leave me.

Manager tells Manvi that mechanic has come, and you told me to change his wet clothes. She asks him not to tell Rahul that he removes his clothes. Mechanic checks Rahul’s car and says car will get repaired till tomorrow. He says you are that singer Rahul right. Rahul says no, I know I don’t look like him, everyone insults me. The man says no, I mean you look better than that singer. Rahul smiles. The man says bus did not come today, rains damaged the route. Rahul asks him to repair car soon. Someone looks at Rahul.

Rahul asks manager to reserve two tickets in morning bus. Manager asks him to stand in queue and get bus. He says best wishes for your wife’s birthday. Rahul asks what. Manager shows Manvi;s birthday she wrote and asks how did he forget, don’t forget it like this. Rahul comes to Manvi. She asks is car ready. He says it will take 2 days, I came to wish you, happy birthday. She says you remember, thanks. He asks what gift does she want. She says I got it, your MMS. They smile. He says seriously, tell me. She says nothing, when will we leave from this village. He says I think this year your birthday will pass in this village. She says its first time I can’t take my parents’ blessing on my birthday. He asks how do you celebrate birthday. She tells her day plan. He smiles. She gets emotional and says I wish I could celebrate my birthday with my family. He says we won’t talk depressing things, you can stay with your family once your dad gets fine. He says once he gets fine, he will take me back. He says I can’t guarantee this. She asks really. He says yes. Pal bhar…………..plays……….. She goes. He promises to make this birthday special for her.

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