Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi and Manvi discuss about what happened at Avanti’s house. Dadi is anyways irked with Avanti. She is a weird girl. I don’t like her. She suggests Manvi to keep Rahul in her control. Ask him why Avanti was doing what she did. Manvi says Rahul will think I am jealous of him if I ask him about all that. Dadi does not mind it. you are his wife. You should be jealous. It is your right. Go and question him right away! Manvi leaves. Dadi thinks to handle Avanti.

Manvi questions Rahul on what she saw at Avanti’s home. He honestly tells her what was happening. What happened to you? We are not that close. How does it matter to you? Are you jealous? She denies. why would I feel that way? He makes her look at her. She tells him to make normal faces. I am not jealous. Don’t

be happy. your parents were so worried for you last night. Could you not call once? He asks her if she was not worried. She looks away. I was a little worried. You don’t understand. The music company people were upset. Papa had to lie to them because of you. that has never happened before. You jumped out of the window? He replies that he felt suffocated there. She agrees. You could have told anyone atleast. He gets thinking. She turns to go thinking he does not want to talk to her also now. He tries to stop her when he pulls her blouse tightly. It pulls out from a corner. He takes out a needle and thread to fix it. She takes it from him. I will do it on my own. He repeats that he dint do it intentionally.

Raj is tensed. Sonali assures him everything will be fine. He nods. I wont give up that easily. Rahul comes there just then. he says sorry to them for last night. Rahul shares that he felt weird and suffocated when he went to his room. It was as if I was not in my control. I was profusely sweating. I felt like someone was trying to tear my head off. I cannot explain what I was feeling. There were guards and people around so I jumped out of the window. I don’t recall what I did afterwards. Raj takes it lightly before him. it happens because of anxiety before a show. Rahul says you never did so before your show. I am not just myself these days. you had to lie to the new people because of me. I am really sorry. Sonali assures him everything was managed. He says how. She shares that Manvi sung before the producers. They loved her voice so much that they did not complain. He is relieved. It is such a good news. He promised them that he wont do such thing again. he goes from there. Raj says he does not know he is saying sorry for the mistake he has never committed and that he wont be able to fulfil his promise ever.

Rahul asks Manvi if she is done. She says yes. He compliments her. She points out that she changed the blouse. He says it is looking good. Mom dad told me that you sung in my place. I have been telling you that you should be a lead singer. She points out that she wanted to keep the family respect intact. He is touched. At times I feel you are not as much chudail as I think of you. She replies that he has no traits of a human being. You are a wild animal. He transforms. What did you say? She repeats it to tease him while the animal in him takes over. He angrily holds her. She says I was only joking. Don’t act like an animal. He warns her not to call him an animal again. She tells him to leave her. I am in pain. Rahul is back to normal. She asks him what he was doing. She holds her hands as she is hurt. She asks him to leave. He feels weird. She wonders what happens to Rahul suddenly. Her hands are red.

Inspector appoints two people to keep an eye on both Rahul and Ajay. I want to know who and when Ajay meets, especially from Rahul’s family. I want proof against Rahul. I don’t want anyone to find out about this. Don’t discuss this with anyone. Media should not know of this. it will be a front page news otherwise and will reach Ministry as well. They both nod and leave. Inspector is sure Rahul is hiding something. I will find out what it is.

Rahul meets the producers. He apologizes to them for his unprofessional behaviour. I was unwell and could not sing. I should have informed you. It is my mistake. They say its fine. How are you now. They also tell him that they signed another singer for their contract. Rahul does not mind it. It is entirely my fault. But it is good that you got a good replacement. I was hoping you will give a chance to my wife. She sings really well. They nod. It will be brilliant if you both sing for us one day. Rahul is excited to hear it. Can I know who the new singer is? They cannot disclose the name but Rahul still wishes them good luck. I will promote your album nonetheless.

Sonali asks Raj till when will they hide it. Raj replies that Rahul wont be able to handle it. sonali knows it also. But what if something goes wrong or if something has already gone wrong? Raj understands his worry but he is helpless. Poor Rahul, he knows nothing about what is happening with him. Sonali notices Manvi standing by the door, listening to their convo. Raj also notices her as Sonali takes her name. Raj asks Manvi what she is doing here. He scolds her for eavesdropping on them. Your father sent you here so you can give the inside info to him. Can you not think of anything else? She replies that she came to take antiseptic. He rudely tells her about giving everyone space in this house. It might not happen in your house but it does happen here. I will send you back to the same house from where you have come! Stop this drama. A tearful Manvi leaves from there. Sonali tells Raj to stop it. You are always extra rude to her. He says what if she heard everything that we were saying. Sonali goes to check on Manvi.

Manvi is crying. She tells Sonali she really did not come there to eavesdrop. Sonali knows it too. you know how short tempered Raj is. Don’t take it to your heart. I apologize to you on Raj’s behalf. Manvi tells her not to say so. She wants to know what has happened with Rahul. Something is wrong with him. Sonali tries to dismiss it but Manvi stays put. Rahul stays lost these days. He is behaving differently. We can visit a doc. Sonali advises her not to be overprotective. Raj is already overprotective of Rahul. Don’t think this way. Rahul is fine. Take this ointment. Manvi thanks her. Sonali notices the marks on her hand. Did Rahul? Manvi lies to her. I got hurt. Sonali puts ointment on her wound. She mentally apologizes to MAnvi. I don’t have the courage to tell you the truth and you will also not be able to bear it. You don’t know that the man you have married is slowly turning into an animal!

Precap: Raj scolds Manvi for letting Manvi take rahul to a doc. Such drastic changes are happening inside Rahul. Anything can happen. Doc is taking Rahul’s blood sample. Changes happen in Rahul as he smells and sees blood.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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