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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sujoy pushes Upmanyu before an approaching truck. Rahul runs but fails to stop it in time. Sujoy steals the phone and runs away. Rahul rushes to Upmanyu’s side. Upmanyu is hurt and unconscious.

Manvi gets ready. Rupa teases her.

Shilpa is emotional as she looks at the vermilion box. Rupa asks her if she is ok. Shilpa shares that on every occasion Upmanyu fills my maang with his own hands. The preps are on. He isn’t home. Rupa says girls are closest to father. It will be tough for uncle to see Manvi leaving. I feel he must be gathering courage to face it. Don’t worry, it will be fine. She leaves to check preps. Shilpa puts vermilion on her own. Where are you?

Rahul tries to stop the passingby cars but they don’t stop. He stops one car. The men recognize

him but seeing blood in his hands, they drive away. He finally manages to get help from another car.

Shilpa is unable to reach Upmanyu. Rupa tells her to handle the guests. I will try. Sujoy picks up the phone. He has covered the speaker with a kerchief. Sujoy hears the noise in background. Thankfully, she will not recognize my voice. He cooks up another story. I had come to book honeymoon tickets for Rahul and Manvi I got to know that Rahul will again create trouble in the wedding. I wont leave him. Rupa asks him when he will be home. Sujoy says I have to stop Rahul. You tell Shilpa not to worry. Don’t tell anything to anyone. Say sorry to Dibakar from my side. The wedding should not delay. Continue without me. Ask Harsh to do Manvi’s Kanyadaan. He ends the call. I have to marry Manvi before another problem surfaces. No one will be able to do anything then.

Rupa tells everything to Shilpa. She wonders what Rahul has done now that Manvi’s father will not be able to come to the wedding. She prays that they get saved by Rahul’s tantrums.

Rahul admits Upmanyu in hospital. Twinkle joins him there. She had come to get Mala’s check up done. Sonali Ma’am is trying to reach you. He calls SOnali using Twinkle’s number. She asks him his whereabouts. He tells her to make excuses to everyone. I will join you soon. She agrees. She senses the hesitation in Rahul’s voice. It always happens when he lies. He cannot do this today. I have to speak to Raj. Talwar family has come over.

Doc asks Rahul to meet the patient. He wants to say something important to you. Go inside. He might slip in coma soon. Rahul meets Upmanyu. Upmanyu holds Rahul’s hand. Save Manvi. Rahul assures him he will get fine. Upmanyu does not want Sujoy to ruin Manvi’s life. Save my daughter. Rahul promises him. Upmanyu slips in coma. Rahul calls for doctor. Doc asks Rahul to call the family members of the patient. His situation is very critical. Rahul tells him not to worry about money or anything. He should get fine. Outside, Rahul ponders what he should do. I have no proof against Sujoy. Manvi hates me. How do I stop him?

Sujoy comes to the wedding venue with his parents. Shilpa does his tilak. Dibakar asks for Upmanyu. Shilpa says he went to book tickets for the couple. We should not wait for him. Sujoy goes on mandap. Manvi is called as well. Sujoy thinks about Rahul. All your attempts failed. I can do whatever I like with Manvi now. Even her father wont stop me now.

Manvi and Sujoy exchange garlands. He caresses her face during that and holds her shoulder as they pose for the photo. She looks uncomfortable. He asks her if she isn’t liking his touch. We are getting married today. after today, I can touch you anywhere, anytime I want to. Get used to my hands. It turns out to be Rahul’s dream. I will lose my mind this way! But what should I do? I should try one more time. I have made a promise to Upmanyu uncle.

Sujoy’s parents want to wait for Upmanyu. Manvi is his life. We should wait a little more. You can wait upstairs in the room. Sujoy heads upstairs. Shilpa looks tensed.

Sonali does aarti of Avanti. Nisha compliments Avanti. Rahul will not think of anyone else after seeing you. Sonali is waiting for Rahul. Nisha can see she looks tensed. Sonali says I feel something is wrong. There is no news of Rahul. He left in the morning. Nisha says he will come back soon. He might have gone to salon to get ready. This day is special for him too. Sonali does not look convinced. Shaleen asks Nisha what happened. You told me not to talk to these people. Why you doing it then? Nisha explains one needs to understand their opponents in any game. This game is going to be fun. Just wait and watch.

Manvi has given restraining orders for Rahul. Rahul tries to convince the Inspector but in vain.

In the room, Sujoy tensely thinks about the accident. Upmanyu would send me to jail if he is alive. It cannot be. The accident was bad. He would have died. I have to marry Manvi asap. This is the only way. How someone can hurt your daughter’s husband after marriage! Rahul manages to enter inside the house. Sujoy is shocked to see Rahul entering in the room. Rahul asks him how much he will take to get out of Manvi’s life. It is enough. Get out of Manvi’s life. I am tired. Ask me whatever you want. Sujoy enjoys it. Mr. Rahul Sabharwal, the rock star is begging before a normal guy. I would have agreed to you but now after seeing all, I wont. I know you love her. Rock Star Rahul is in love with Manvi. Now it has come to ego. You think you can buy anything with your money, but that one thing that you like, will be mine now. Rahul says Manvi is not a thing. Sujoy agrees. This is why I don’t want to leave her. She is the golden goose for me. I have two options. I can take money from you and back off or take money from you for every minute of her life. I can threaten you to beat her or hurt her. I can do so much to her after marriage. She hasn’t let me from touching her till now. She wont stop me from touching her anytime, anywhere I like after marriage. She will stay like my slave. Rahul looks angry. You will touch her? You will hurt her? You will make her your slave? He hits Sujoy on his head. Sujoy faints. Rahul recalls his promise to Upmanyu. This is the last way to reach Manvi and tell her everything. He wears Sujoy’s clothes and sehra.

Rahul joins Sujoy’s parents downstairs. Pundit ji asks them to call Manvi. Rupa teases Rahul. Rahul thinks of telling Manvi everything asap. He excuses himself to go to washroom. He looks around for Manvi. Where do I find her now? I will tell her about the accident once I meet her. I will take her to hospital, make her meet Mala and then everything will be sorted.

Shilpa comes there. She thinks him to be Sujoy. Shilpa tells Rahul that Manvi’s Baba isn’t here. Maybe he wont take part in the wedding. Rahul has played another game. We don’t know why he and his family are after us. You know how much Upmanyu loves his daughter. He wont do the Kanyadaan with his own hands. He would have never let it happen if it wasn’t a big problem. Don’t know what Rahul has done this time. She folds her hands. Don’t halt this wedding for any reason today. we have been already insulted a lot till date. I wont be able to take it if this wedding isn’t complete. I will die. Rahul is shocked. Rupa asks Sujoy / Rahul to come. Pundit ji is looking for you. Shilpa says we are coming. Shilpa tells Manvi is lucky to have a husband like you. She leaves. Rahul thinks of his promise; Shilpa’s words and of Avanti. He goes back inside.

Rahul comes to the mandap. He thinks of Manvi. I love you a lot. I wanted to marry you too but with your wish, unlike this. I know you will be angry with me, hurt me more after knowing the truth. I have promised your Baba to save you from Sujoy. I will do anything to fulfil it. Manvi enters just then. Sad song plays. He thinks of their old times.

Manvi asks for her Baba. I cannot marry without him. Shilpa makes her understand he cannot see you going like this. You know how emotional he is when it comes to you. He wants Harsh to do your Kanyadaan. Manvi gives in. She joins Rahul on stage. They exchange garlands. Rahul’s hands are all shaking. They sit down to continue with the remaining rituals.

Sujoy wakes up. He is shocked to think of his situation.

Manvi wonders if her Baba wont come before her even once. Harsh does Manvi’s Kanyadaan. The couple’s gathbandhan is done next. They both stand up for the pheras.

Sujoy asks for help as the room is locked from outside. Downstairs, Manvi and Rahul take pheras. Sujoy wears clothes and tries to open the door again. He finally succeeds. It is time of mahurat. Is Rahul in mandap? I wont leave you Rahul. He runs.

Pundit ji gives mangalsutra to Rahul. Rahul makes Manvi wear the mangalsutra with shaky hands. It is his turn to fill vermilion in her maang next. Shilpa asks him to pick up the sehra and then do it. Rupa says he is saving it for his wife. Rahul puts vermilion in Manvi’s maang. Sujoy enters just then asking them to stop. This isn’t wedding but cheating! Everyone looks at the groom.

Nisha sits with Avanti. You must be finding it boring to meet people you don’t know. Rahul will introduce you once he is here. Avanti asks for Rahul. Nisha says he too has to look good. She excuses herself.

Talwar and Raj get a pic clicked together. Talwar asks for Rahul. Raj too hasn’t seen him. He asks Sonali. She lies about an urgent meeting. Raj takes her aside. Don’t lie to me. There can be no meeting in office. I have given a 2 day break to everyone. Tell me the truth. Sonali tells her what all she knows. Raj says how he can be so irresponsible. What will I say to Talwar? You too dint tell me. Raj sends the guards to find Rahul. Sonali tells Raj not to be angry. Raj replies that she should pray he is home on time or I!

Manvi gets up in shock. She notices Rahul’s side face. Rahul too gets up. Manvi removes his sehra. Everyone is stunned to see him dressed as the groom. She feels dizzy. Rahul tries to hold her but Sujoy warns him not to touch her. Sujoy asks pundit ji to make him marry Manvi. No one can marry her except me. Start the rituals again. Pundit ji explains that the couple got married following all the rituals. They are husband and wife now. Sujoy refuses to accept it. Reverse whatever you have done. Only I can marry her. He calls Rahul a cheater. He pushed Upmanyu uncle before a tempo to reach here. Rahul calls him a liar. Manvi is about to fall. Rahul tries to hold her but she stops him from doing so. Harsh holds him by his collar. Where is my Baba? Rahul replies that Baba is alive. He is in hospital. Sujoy had pushed him before tempo. I got him admitted in hospital. Sujoy gets tensed. Rahul offers to take Shilpa and Manvi to hospital. They all go with him. Dibakar asks Sujoy to go with Rahul. I don’t trust him at all.

Raj talks to a news reporter. Nisha overhears his convo. I wont let him continue speaking lies. Nisha advises the photographer to do the photo shoot of the bride and groom. Photographer asks for Rahul. We haven’t seen him in any of the pictures. She sends him to check with Raj.

Raj tells someone to find Rahul by any cost. Talwar asks him about the call. The photographer steps in between. Raj smartly tackles him. Talwar questions Raj. Why did you lie to reporter? Where is Rahul? Raj takes him inside. Nisha thinks no lie will do the damage control if Rahul isn’t back in time. I have a feeling he wont come to save your respect.

Rahul and Upmanyu’s family reach hospital. Doc shares that Upmanyu has slipped in coma. Rahul brought him to hospital on time. It would have been dangerous if there was any delay. They all see Upmanyu from outside the door. Shilpa goes in as only one family member can stay back. Sujoy calls out for Rahul. You did a fab job! They all turn to look at him.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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