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Manvi thanks SUjoy. You dint react to Baba’s anger. Sujoy says it happens. He is curious about Mr. Chatterjee’s anger towards Sabharwals. Why did you go to the studio if there is so much enmity inside your Baba? She shares that she took up the job in that studio as a chorus singer. Sujoy is impressed by her smartness. You can tell your Baba. He will understand. She disagrees. It will hurt him a lot. She thanks him for it. Sujoy is content over the fact that Manvi told him her secret herself. I can now make her dance to my tunes.

Rahul keeps glancing at his father from a distance. His Dadi asks him if he is feeling bad. Rahul feels bad for speaking rudely to his father. he is not even looking in my direction. She shares a similar incident when Raj was in Rahul’s place. Rahul

goes to apologize to his father. Raj goes to aside to welcome Talwar when Rahul tries to talk to him. Nisha enjoys the scene. She thanks Manvi in her heart.

Avanti wishes Happy Diwali to Rahul. She can see that he looks upset.

Nisha goes aside to pick a call.

Avanti as usual talks nonstop to Rahul. He makes an excuse and goes away. He wishes Happy Diwali sadly to the guard. The guard wonders why Rahul left alone today.

The guy (the same guard who increased the volts on the day of concert) greets Nisha Happy Diwali. I just got out of the jail. How is Rahul Sir? I am thinking to tell him who asked me to increase the volts. He asks for 50k. She agrees to meet him. I thought he will quieten if I scare him. I will have to think of something else. Shaleen asks Nisha about the money bundle she picks up. She makes up an excuse of buying jewellery. She refuses to trust any servant with this much money. He nods.

Upmanyu talks highly of Manvi to Diwakar and Sujoy. She will become a big singer one day, the best one. She will still sing before good and intelligent people only. Manvi feels bad. I broke your trust Baba. Please forgive me. I cannot look him in the eye if I will continue to lie to him. Harsh takes her aside. You face can tell everything. Manvi cannot live with this guilt. Harsh says you are thinking a little too much. Go out for a small walk. It will freshen up your mind.

Manvi is in a park. She thinks of the contract. A few shady guys come there. They notice Manvi. She gets up to go but they block her way. She pushes one of the guys and starts running. Rahul stops his car noticing Manvi. He stands in the dark. What’s happening there? Manvi rushes to his side. She is taken aback to see him though. The guys chase Manvi. Rahul beats one of the guys. The other two guys apologize to Rahul as soon as they recognize him. Rahul scolds them for misbehaving with a girl. they swear not to trouble any girl again. Rahul leaves them. Manvi wonders if the guys overpower Rahul. Rahul gives money to the guys. One of you is bleeding from the nose. Get yourself treated. She thinks of Rahul’s words. No one in today’s world does anything for free. She slaps Rahul. You only sent the goons. You gave them money. You wanted to better your image in my eyes so I will sing for you. I have seen worse people in my life but you are the worst above all of them! Rahul thinks that Manvi mistook him once again.

Rahul comes back to his house. Raj is still upset with Rahul. His anger disappears the moment he notices the wound on Rahul’s hand. Rahul heads to his room. The guests ask for Nisha.

Nisha pays money to the guard. The guard says I will call you again if I need more money. She says this was last time. Don’t call me again. he asks her not to joke. I have sent all my family members away from my house. The ball is in my court. Save my number. I will call you again.

Harsh asks Manvi if she is feeling better. Manvi cannot break her Baba’s trust. He will get to know it sooner or later. Harsh agrees. But he looked so happy today. He will immediately leave the house if you tell him the truth. Upmanyu calls out for Manvi. Harsh advises Manvi to think twice before telling him anything. What matters more to you – Baba’s trust or his happiness?

Raj compliments Sonali for the party. You did fab arrangements. He asks about all the kids one by one so he can get some info on Rahul. Sonali knows what he is up to. He shares that Rahul is hurt. He isn’t talking to me and neither am I. I saw his hand. See if he is hurt a lot. Call doc if needed. Sonali asks him why he doesn’t go himself if he knows what has happened to Rahul. He answers all panicked. Sonali agrees to go and check. Sonali comes to check Rahul’s wound. He asks her why Dad dint come himself if he knows about my wound. Sonali calls both the father son duo impossible. I cannot handle you both!

Upmanyu asks Manvi not to make up any excuses. You have grown up. You can take your decisions. I dint think you will hide things from me like your brother. Manvi gets confused. What did I hide? Upmanyu says now you want me to say it. You also asked Sujoy to keep quiet? Manvi is taken aback. He couldn’t hide it from me though. He told me everything. Manvi starts crying. Upmanyu says I should cry, not you. I will be alone once my daughter leaves me. Shilpa adds that Sujoy agreed for the alliance. Upmanyu nods. You both have become friends. He wants to make you his life partner. Why dint you tell him you like him so much? I don’t have any problem. I dint like it as Manvi dint tell me anything herself. Manvi denies. I dint speak to Sujoy about it at all. I don’t know if I am ready for this wedding. Shilpa scolds her. Sujoy has been coming to our house since so long and you still want time? Upmanyu wants no one to force Manvi. She will marry as per her wish. Shilpa walks away angrily. Upmanyu tells Manvi clearly that no one will force her to do anything against her wish. I will speak to Sujoy. She hugs him. I am not as good as you think me to be. He calls her best, best singer, best person. I dint achieve much in life but I forget all my pains and failures when I see you. I know you will fulfil my dreams. You will achieve everything for me. This is where I defeated Raj Sabharwal. You are not just the best singer but definitely a best daughter! Epi ends on their hug.

Precap: Manvi says if you (Rahul) think you can impress me by sending gifts to my best friend then you are anger. I am compelled to come here and sing as a chorus singer. I am counting every single day so I know when I will be leaving!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Oh…. Helpless Rahul… He has to bear Manvi’s anger…. But Manvi, he is not like that what you think…. Try to understand buddy…. As always Karan’s act rocks… I thought he would come to Splisvilla-08’s Final… But he didn’t… SO SAD….

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  4. Adityanand Sarswati

    This show is nice.

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  6. They beginning to drag

  7. pooja why taking so much time for updating 19 nov epi

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