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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A blast happens as soon as Manvi tries to light the gas. Rahul is still outside. He is shocked to hear the sound. He runs inside. Kabir joins him. Maybe a fire broke down. They both run inside. Rahul feels uneasy. Kabir too thinks how to move inside in this condition. Fire is my weakness. Rahul should not find out about this. Rahul goes inside shouting for his parents. Is anyone inside? Kabir thinks how to overcome his weakness. I got the perfect chance to win everyone’s trust today but how to do it.

Sonali coughs and supports Raj. He is coughing badly because of the smoke. Rahul rushes upstairs. He finds his parents. He helps Raj and takes them downstairs with him. Kabir is still at the door. Rahul sends them outside with Kabir. Rahul checks his room but Manvi is not there. He asks

about manvi and Dadi from Sonali. Sonali shares that Dadi left for some place in the morning itself. Manvi is inside. Sonali is shocked to realise Manvi is inside. She was in the kitchen. Blast happened there only. Raj asks Rahul where is he going but Sonali tells him to let Rahul go. Kabir gets thinking. If only Rahul goes inside and saves Manvi alone then I will lose my worth in this house. Their relation will also become stronger. It cannot happen. He tells Raj not to worry. I will go and help Rahul.

Nisha is happy thinking Manvi will be gone by now. You shouldn’t have messed up with me. You asked for it.

Rahul shouts for Manvi. Kabir comes there. We should be together to find her. Rahul agrees. I think she is upstairs in the kitchen. They both go up. Both Rahul and Kabir are uneasy. Rahul runs inside the kitchen. Kabir stands there tensed. Rahul finds Manvi unconscious on the floor. He picks her up in his arms and heads outside. Rahul pats at Manvi’s stomach as she isn’t breathing. He gives her mouth to mouth. Kabir looks down upset. Manvi wakes up and coughs. She assures him she is fine. Where is Nisha? Kabir realises that it can be Nisha’s work. Why dint I think of it before? If she has done it then I wont leave her alive. I cannot even tell them I saw her rushing out of the house. She will tell my truth to them if I say anything to them. Sonali also asks about Nisha. She would have heard us if we had shouted. Oh My God, I understand it all now. She went out at the time of accident. She left intentionally. I should have understood it that a person like Nisha cannot change this easily. It was all her plan. She wanted to take revenge from you. She did all this. She burnt the house! Manvi says you cannot blame someone just like that. Sonali reasons that she is talking about Nisha. I know her since long. I did a very big mistake by trusting her. She set fire to my house. Kabir assures her he has called fire brigade. They must be coming. Manvi tells her not to think of all this. We can make memories again. Rahul wants to file a complaint against Nisha. Manvi hugs Sonali. Kabir’s shirt is open. She notices the wound on his stomach. How did he get hurt? I attacked the bull at the stomach only. Kabir follows her gaze. Did Manvi saw the wound? Does she doubt me? He asks her why she is thinking. She says nothing. Maybe I am facing truth today but I wont let you figure it out so soon. Are you alright? Did you get hurt? He denies. Does she really doubt me or is she genuinely concerned? Manvi thinks of Dadi’s doubt on Kabir. Was Dadi thinking about Kabir only? I have to find out.

Baba is walking on road. Shilpa thinks something has happened to Harsh. He mutters in sleep and is always scared. He is not at fault. The attack was such. I should do something to make him fine again. I don’t know if Raj is behind this attack or not but he can stoop this low. Rascal! I will have to meet Manvi and talk to her about Harsh. Maybe she can make him understand.

Baba reaches Sabharwal House. He is shocked to see the house on fire and everyone standing outside. Manvi hugs him. He asks her if someone hurt her intentionally. She denies. I was in the kitchen only when the blast happened. Rahul saved me. I don’t know what would have happened if he wasn’t there. He only saved me. Baba thanks Rahul for saving his daughter. I will never forget this favour. Rahul says she is not just your daughter but my wife as well. What if something had happened to her! Raj looks irked. Baba is relieved. I may have enmity with Raj but their family loves and supports Manvi. I should help them. He invites them all over to his house. Sonali agrees. The person who is behind this wants us to break down because of the situation but we wont let it happen. Manvi seconds her. Rahul agrees. You all go home. I will have to inform police and fire brigade. I will come there directly. Raj asks Sonali if she is mad. Will I go to his house? She suggests him to keep his pride and ego aside. You are unwell. Don’t think of all this. Rahul also requests him. Kabir offers to stay back with Rahul to help him. Manvi denies. I wont be able to handle things alone at home. Please come with us. He is puzzled at her behaviour. Does she really need my help or is she acting as she doubts me? He nods. I will come along. Manvi thinks she cannot leave Kabir alone with Rahul ever if he only is Agni.

Shilpa is all worried as there is no AC in their house. I will get a cooler in this room. Sonali says it is ok. I always wondered how Manvi’s heart is so pure. Now I know it is because of you. She has gone through so much in our house but never gave up. She has always supported us. This proves you too have a big heart. Happy families are happy because of relations. Plus the room is perfect.

Rahul tells everyone that the fire is under control. It happened because of gas leak. Manvi says I checked while coming from the kitchen. Sonali is sure Nisha is behind this. Baba asks for Nisha. Rahul shares that both Shaleen and Nisha’s phones are switched off. I feel he is also involved in this. Sonali is sure Shaleen cannot do it. Rahul says I have a doubt. Baba advises them to speak to Shaleen first before coming to any conclusion. Rahul is helpless at the situation. I only had a doubt only but it is slowly turning into a confirmation. Nisha had problem with Manvi since always. I think she is behind this. the blast started from kitchen and spread to house. I found Manvi on the floor. It must be a miracle that she is safe. It was impossible but it happened somehow. Manvi thinks to do something to divert his attention. He looks tensed. Let us end it now. You are tired. We should go in room, change and sleep. Manvi goes with Rahul. Sonali tells Upmanyu and Shilpa to rest as well.

Rahul asks Manvi to rest. She tells him not to worry. He regrets trusting Nisha. She tells him to stop it. I will get clothes for you from Dad’s room. He says I realised one thing. we have come here earlier too but we are about to stay here for the first time. You have grown up here. I will find that Manvi here who I don’t know. I want to explore around to know more about you. He checks the stuff in her room. He finds a diary there. She tries to take it from him but he does not let her. He loudly reads the entries. His name is also mentioned in the diary as Rahul Kuch Kuch. She asks for the diary. He keeps reading. She has appreciated Rahul’s singing and his looks in it. He teases her. She is all shy. How much cute do you find me? She hides her smile. I will just bring clothes for you. He smiles.

Precap: Manvi asks Kabir if there is some problem. Are you hiding something from me or want to say something? He asks her what she means. She indirectly asks about his wound.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. wow last ka scene kitna mast tha rahul kuch kuch and yes maanvi pls an tum kabir ka sach samne le aayo and yeh nisha or uska hubby kaha hai pls Ravi ESA romants dikha te rehna

  2. Loved the episode when rahul saved manvi and have her mouth to mouth that time kabirs expression was awsome

  3. fullmaza aa gya dekh kar

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