Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avanti saying Rahul is just mine. Her dad scolds her and says I know Rahul did not do right with you, but this is not right, you can take revenge, Sabarwal family is living on our money, I will bring them on road. She says no dad, Rahul left me for Manvi, I will not give him any option than choosing me. He goes and tells his wife Shraddha that he is wrong, he has got everything for Avanti, I did not know my love will make her so stubborn, she wants Rahul. Shraddha says Avanti will need time, find a nice guy for her, everything will be fine. He says its good suggestion, maybe a new guy can make her fine, and she can forget Rahul.

Manvi sees the honeymoon room and asks the guy. The guy says its our special honeymoon room, enjoy. Rahul talks to the manager and

says she is my wife, we want different rooms as she is fed up of my snoring. The manager says fine, we give rooms per hour, I will get the other room cleaned. Rahul comes to the room. Manvi thinks she will scold him for booking such room. She asks what type of room is this. He says look at the brighter side, I saw such room in films like Dev D. She says I understood everything, you did this to trap me and come close to me, you planned that car accident and got me here, this was preplanned right, sorry I won’t met by your sweet words. He holds her close and says you are saying right, problem is you know my plan, I sent driver and did car accident, where will you run. She says leave me. He holds her forcibly and says I got you here by my planning, there is no one here. He says now when I m seeing you from close, I realized you are not my type. I will find better girls. So be away from me. He leaves.

Guru ji tells his assistant that he can’t sleep in such situation. The man asks whats such problem with Raj Sabarwal and that secret of Durgapur Jagir. Guru ji asks him not to use these words, its dangerous curse, I m not hiding anything, but saving you from this curse, its 10 years and I failed in my attempts, you go and let me do this work.

Manvi says Rahul would have come, I will see him. She opens the door and its manager. He says Rahul is asking for his bag, he booked two rooms and one room got vacated late, now its available, he said he snores and you don’t get sleep. He takes bag and leaves. Manvi says oh God, I m mad to scold him without thinking, he also told bad to me, I should get better guy, I won’t say sorry to him. She sleeps.

Rahul gets disturbed in the sleep. He wakes up by the bad dream. Manvi says this stupid room and that stupid Rahul, I can’t get sleep till I say sorry, could he not tell me this. She says why did my parents gave me such good values and goes to apologize to Rahul. Rahul hears the temple bells and goes out to see the thundering storm. He goes inside the jungle following the sound. Manvi goes to see him and does not find him in the room. She says where did he go at night, and sees outside the window. She says its stormy wind, where did he go.

Rahul goes to the temple and thinks whats there that’s attracting me. He thinks its not good to go inside and hears some sound coming from inside. A pandit wakes up and hears the bells. Rahul walks up the temple stairs. Pandit says who are you, what are you doing here at night, don’t you know its not allowed to come here at night, go from here. It starts raining. Pandit says I think something bad is going to happen, this guy is not listening and asks him to stop. Rahul goes inside the temple.

Rahul tells Manvi that don’t know what did you do with me, by excuse of changing my clothes, you took advantage of my innocence. He says you…. My respect… She says yes Rahul, you are right, I did a lot more than you are saying, I took your pics and made MMS, I m thinking to post it on internet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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