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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells Rahul that Manvi did not like it as he was here. He is surprised. Did she say anything to you? Avanti remarks that Manvi is right after all. She is your wife. I forgot that you are her husband first and my friend later. He asks her if she did not tell Manvi why he was here. Avanti replies that MAnvi did not give her a chance. rahul knows Manvi does not listen to anyone when she is angry. Avanti says it isn’t her fault. Anyone’s wife will doubt if she sees her husband in someone else’s house in a bathrobe. Rahul demands to know what Manvi said. No one can say anything to my friend. I did not expect something like this from her. I will speak to her. sorry from her behalf and thanks for everything. Avanti nods. He leaves. She thinks it is important to show Manvi her

place. I am sure you will do my work today.

Rahul sends the driver away. I want to talk to madam. He asks Manvi to sit in front. I am not your driver. She sits on the passenger seat next to him. he asks her if she is happy now. he asks the same question from him. he advises her to think before saying something. People get hurt. She knows he is speaking about Avanti. Tell me what all she said to you about me. He says she does not deserve to hear whatever you said to her. She reasons she deserves to know what she said about her. When you don’t know the complete story then you don’t have a right to intervene. He is all quiet. I cannot speak before you, forget about anyone else! She gives him a fitting reply. He thinks people are right. You can talk to women regarding something but not to wives!

Guru ji is doing puja. He recalls that inauspicious day when he had asked Raj to sacrifice a tiger. Raj killed the tiger right outside that temple in Durgapur Jagir. Pundit scolds him. This tiger was our saviour. Tigers are worshipped in this town. Everything will be finished now. raj says you should be thankful as I killed a wild animal. I saved you all. Pundit ji says it is Purnima tonight. The soul of this tiger will come back in your eldest son to seek revenge from you. It will turn your son into an animal. Flashback ends.

Raj comes there. Guru ji knows all his attempts over these years went in vain. No one can change what’s written in fate. Rahul missed that puja and went to Durgapur Jagir. Rahul will fully turn into an animal in 10-15 days. Be alert and follow him. The longer he stays away from home, the sooner he will be under the spell of that tiger. Keep him away especially from jungle. Raj asks for a solution. Guru ji has no option left now. He will start developing traits like smelling things; eating non-veg; hearing any sound from far and he will be drawn towards blood. His sixth sense will be active real soon by which he will be able to sense any approaching danger. Plus he will start to hunt. Raj talks about Niru’s death. Animal’s marks were found on her body. Does it mean that she was his first hunt then? Guru ji says we were wrong to consider this soul weak. It is showing its effect pretty quickly on Rahul. Probably Niru was indeed his first hunt! Guru ji feels as if Rahul’s wife is his shield. I asked you for her kundli. Maybe she is our last hope. Raj is in thoughts.

Manvi and Rahul reach home. he asks for coffee. She is happy as he has a headache. You hurt people. You should be also in pain. He takes Avanti’s name. I did not hurt her. Rahul asks Manvi if she is jealous of Avanti. She says no. Why will I be jealous? She tells Rahul to go back to Avanti’s home if he wants to talk about her. He agrees. He hears some noise and moves her aside just in time before the chandelier falls. Dadi helps Manvi. Everyone is gathered outside. Dadi scolds Chotu for not being careful. He says sorry to her. I was cleaning the chandelier. I did not know the screw was loose. Sonali asks Manvi if she is fine. manvi nods. I was standing right under the chandelier but Rahul pushed me aside in time.

Manvi asks Rahul how he understood the chandelier was about to fall. Chotu was cleaning it but he himself was unaware of the loose screw. How did you understand it then? He says I don’t know. Like sixth sense I felt as if something wrong is about to happen. I thought it is the right thing to move you aside and I did it! I felt as if some power came in me. Some power was guiding me. I did what I felt right. Raj thinks of Guru ji’s words.

Sonali notices Raj tensed. I am really very sorry. I did not intend to hurt you. He also says sorry to her. She cannot understand why he was so stunned when he looked at Rahul. The couple are safely home. Why are you worried? He says you will also get worried when I tell you how Manvi was saved.

Nisha is sure something is wrong with Rahul. Firstly, his weird smelling sense! I could not smell it! Rahul left his recording when he is such a dedicated person! Chotu was standing close to chandelier but could not realise that the chandelier was about to fall. Rahul understood it! How! Shaleen does not care. Everything is going good with me. He shows her his first music CD. I have replaced Rahul in that contract. I actually feel pity for my brother. It would have been better if he could smell the danger from his own brother. I will slowly snatch all his contracts from him! Nisha is impressed. I see so many changes in you. He says I have to change a bit if I have to take revenge from everyone. She nods. I wanted to tell you about police coming to enquire Rahul on the murder case. I overheard mom and dad’s convo. They made Ajay a witness. Something is wrong as we were told something else. Dad is also involved in this. Shaleen does not want anyone to find out he is responsible for Rahul losing the contract. I have an idea to save myself. I will implement it soon!

Inspector comes home. There is an envelope waiting for him. He finds a message saying he is on the right track. Rahul is indeed the culprit. Inspector thinks he was right. Rahul’s witness is fake! He is Niru’s killer. Shaleen is outside. I killed two birds with one stone. Inspector will be after Rahul and dad will try his best to save his son! Best of luck Dad! I saved my career but how will you save your son now!

Precap: Rahul holds Manvi forcefully. You are turning into an animal. He angrily warns her not to call him an animal again!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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