Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upmanyu and Shilpa come in the party too. Manvi is happy thinking that Rahul invited them but Rahul denies. Dad invited them.

Nisha and Shaleen are eager to see Raj’s reaction.

Rahul and Upmanyu compliment each other’s wives. Manvi later asks Rahul if she is only looking good. He nods. She gives up on him and leaves upset. He knows it well what she wants to hear. You will have to wait as you made me wait.

Lights go off. Rahul and Manvi dance together while Agni is very much disturbed. He is unhappy to see their proximity too. He angrily breaks a painting (in which he could see their reflection). Everyone claps for the couple. Rahul thanks everyone. He discloses the motive of tonight’s party before everyone. Shaleen and Nisha are upset. Rahul introduces Kabir / Agni

to everyone. This album will have many duet songs. I and my wife will sing together. There are two legends in my eyes. One is my father and other, my FIL. They are the geniuses of this industry. They will sing one song together in my next album. Both Raj and Upmanyu are stunned. They walk out of the room. Manvi goes after Upmanyu while Rahul goes to talk to Raj.

Raj asks Rahul what he thinks of himself. You think I will sing with that man? On the other hand, Upmanyu too refuses to sing with cheater Raj. It will be like cheating to myself, God and music. How can Rahul make such an announcement? Raj questions Rahul too. Whose permission did you take? Rahul replies that you only taught me nothing is wrong in moving ahead in your career. You cheated uncle once. That wasn’t wrong. Why is my decision wrong then? Don’t you think it will be a chance to rectify your mistake? Let us look at it from business perspective. It will be a great boost for my album. Think about the numbers.

Shilpa asks Upmanyu to think with a calm mind. It can help Manvi. Manvi says the enmity is going on since long. Forgive him for me and Rahul if possible.

Rahul tells Raj if his allegations on Manvi were true then the news of his curse would have been everywhere. Truth is she is risking her life to keep me safe. Uncle also thinks good about me. I can give guarantee. I am tired of your rivalry as I get stuck. I am suffering because of the curse. I will be at peace if your enmity is normal because of me. don’t you want me to be happy? You said you regret what happened at Durgapur Jagir. Think of it as your redemption for me.

Manvi asks Baba if he cannot trust Rahul. It can make us all happy. Think once. She asks Shilpa to make Baba understand. Shilpa agrees. You should look after your guests. I will talk to your Baba.

Reporters ask Rahul for an interview. He suggests a corner to them. I will join you soon. he asks Agni / Kabir how he is. Reporters are asking many questions. Why don’t we do the press release together? Agni denies. I am not used to all this. it suits you only. Rahul goes to give byte to reporters. Ambika asks Agni to come.

Manvi hopes Baba listens to Ma.

Ambika sets Manvi’s saree on fire and signals Agni. Manvi notices it and screams in shock. Agni comes there and pulls her saree to save her. She stands there shocked as he removed the entire saree. Are you alright? She covers herself with her hands. Agni decides to get Manvi at any cost. Rahul comes there. Manvi hugs him. my saree caught fire. He covers her with his coat. Upmanyu and Shilpa also come there. Upmanyu is sure Agni did something but Rahul says he saved her. Rahul takes Manvi to their room. Upmanyu asks Agni about the fire.

Prithvi thinks who to ask. Any insider only can tell me something but no one will say anything in this get up. I will have to find another way. He hears someone talking about acidity and gets an idea. He asks for lemon water from the waiter. He shows Nidhi’s photo to him but waiter has not seen her. Waiter denies. She wasn’t here yesterday and neither is here today. a lady comes there. He takes her aside. She gives him his medicine. The lady notices Nidhi’s photo in Prithvi’s phone. I saw her last night.

Precap: Nisha tells Agni she knows he wants Manvi. You would need the help of an insider for the same. I can help you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. The track is going really bad… End it up soon plz….

  3. Nice figure maanvi you should wear better elegant clothes like the way misha and sonali wears you only wear those behenji type dresses.
    You should wear stylish attires and trust me she was looking damn hot and super cool when agmi ripped off her saree

  4. yeah you are right shruti maanvi ko ache kapre pehene chaiya and some jewellery also

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