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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes to ladies washroom. She scolds herself for not thinking before scolding Rahul. He even scolded me back. She cannot wipe clean the stain on her dress. A girl comes inside crying. Manvi suggests her to throw that person out of her life who brought tears in her eyes. The girl continues to cry. Manvi says sorry to her. can I help you in some way? You can share your problem with me. the girl says I am not a little well. The day was not good too. It all took over. I am fine. She calms down. Are you the 5th chorus singer? Manvi nods. Have you learnt music or is this your first time? The girl says she has been singing in chorus since long. I have done it for years with a band too. Manvi says this is my first time. I hope everyone likes the song. The girl gets sad. How does it matter

for us? We have to sing it as background singer. That does not run any album. Manvi disagrees. Everything contributes to a good song. The girl is amazed by her knowledge in music. Have you learnt music from someone? Manvi shares that she has learnt it from her Baba Upmanyu Chatterjee. The girl praises Upmanyu Chatterjee. I have heard a lot about him but couldn’t meet him ever. Manvi smiles that she dint have to think of that ever. The girl gives her intro. Her name is Mala. Manvi shares her intro too. They go back to the studio.

Rahul greets everyone. I want to make an announcement. We will record this song in both male and female voices. Rahul tells his chorus singers that one of them will sing with him as a lead singer. Manvi looks uncomfortable. This is his plan to make me sing with him. I wont be able to say no! I will prove it to him that he is wrong. Rahul points towards Manvi. Step forward. Manvi repeats that she wont sing in lead. Everyone is confused. rahul asks her why she thinks everyone is talking to her. go back in line. I dint even point at you. you are having too many misunderstandings today. He asks Mala to step out. You will sing with me in lead. People don’t get such chance again and again. give your best shot. Mala gets excited. Mala sings but both Rahul and Manvi can see that she is losing her focus at one same point only. Rahul waits for Manvi to stop Mala and take the mike. Manvi knows Rahul’s plan already. Mala is singing wrong but I cannot even stop her. Rahul tells Mala to concentrate. We wont be able to go further if you don’t handle the pitch. Mala tries again. This time Manvi asks her to stop. She explains about the pitch. Rahul suggests her to sing and show Mala once. You look a lot experienced. Manvi takes Mala with her.

Rahul wonders what they will be talking about. Mala cannot understand this song. It’s been half an hour that they have been outside. Manvi only will have to do it. Manvi and Mala come back. Manvi asks Mala to sing. Rahul interrupts but Manvi shows her faith in Mala. Mala sings the song perfectly. Rahul ends the rehearsals for the day. Mala thanks Manvi for teaching her this song. Manvi smiles. She looks at Rahul pointedly before leaving. Rahul stops her. What is your problem? You know you are the best singer out of all these 5 singers. Why are you doing this? Why don’t you want to sing with me? Manvi asks him what his problem is. Mala sang well. Rahul asks her why she is hiding her voice with crores of people. She talks about the rules of her life. I wont leave them for any reason. He tells her to sit at home then. She replies that she is helpless. You are right. I wouldn’t have come here if I wasn’t compelled. Rahul wonders what could be her reason.

Raj is very excited about Rahul’s son and its promotion. Rahul refuses. I am not ready for this album yet. There is still time. Raj reasons that the rehearsals have already begun. You got the chorus singers too. Rahul talks about the lead singer of his choice. She does not want to sing with me. Raj tells him to sing with mind. You chose her on your own. It would have driven her crazy. She might need money. Rahul finds it irritating. Some things can be understood from heart too. Sonali and Raj are surprised. Rahul apologizes to his father. I want that girl to sing that song. We have to wait. Raj talks about their investors. Will we wait for 20 years too if that girl does not agree? Rahul says we can wait for 30 years too. But only she will sing it. Sonali tries to intervene but Raj asks Rahul the reason behind it. why she refused to sing with you if she is so good? Rahul wants to handle this situation on his own. We wont talk about this again. She is the best. He walks away. Raj is curious to know about that girl now. Rahul never spoke to me like this before. I have to find out who she is! She created a rift between me and my son. Even Nisha thanks that girl from heart. She did what I could not do in all these years!

Manvi comes back home. Shilpa asks her to light diyas in all the corners of the house. Upmanyu calls everyone for the puja. Chatterjee family does puja together. Upmanyu thanks Ma Kali for his kids. They are my blessings. You saved our house today. You proved it that you are very much there. Bless us like this always. Upmanyu blesses Manvi. I am sure you will make a big name one day. You will defeat Sabharwal’s arrogance with your magical voice. Manvi thinks that she is going against Baba’s wishes. I cannot hide such a big truth from Baba. Someone comes there before she can tell him anything. It is an expensive sweets box. Upmanyu opens it. There is a photo of Rahul and Raj inside it. He gets angry. How dare that man send sweets to my house? He asks everyone about it. do any of you know anything about it?

Rahul’s family also does puja. Rahul looks at his father from the crooner of his eyes. Raj walks away from there without saying anything to Rahul.

Manvi is at a loss of words when his Baba asks her about the box of sweets. Sujoy comes in. I sent it here. I did some work for them so they sent best wishes to me. Baba cannot eat sweets so I gave this address. Upmanyu clearly tells Sujoy that he wants nothing in his house that is associated with Sabharwals. He throws away the box of sweets.

Precap: Manvi slaps Rahul. You only sent the goons. You gave them money. You wanted to better your image in my eyes so I will sing for you. I have seen worse people in my life but you are the worst above all of them!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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