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Epi begins with Rahul saying I only wanted to say that you are my beautiful wife. My life has become beautiful because of you. You are my beautiful wife. Manvi smiles shyly.

Dadi teases Manvi. Manvi complains that he has so many mood swings. He can blast anytime. Dadi says the same goes for you. Why don’t you both go on a candle light dinner? Manvi says that isn’t needed. I will cook food for everyone. Dadi firmly tells her to go out with Rahul on a dinner date tonight. Get ready. I will speak to him.

Shaleen pulls Nisha out. I made a mistake by marrying you. Get out of house. She says I am sorry. He refuses to forgive her this time. Your friend’s party is more important for you than my papa. Go and have fun there only. You don’t have to come back here now!

Manvi comes there. Nisha begs for forgiveness. Shaleen tells Manvi not to intervene in this matter. She says this is not the way to speak to your wife. Shaleen tells her to stay out of this matter. Don’t you understand? Nisha asks Manvi to forgive her or Shaleen will actually throw her out of the house. I wont repeat it. Manvi speaks in Nisha’s favour. Shaleen says I don’t understand why you are still taking her side. Manvi reasons that NIsha has realised her mistakes and is apologizing. Sonali asks them what’s happening. Manvi tells her to make Shaleen understand. Nisha cries before Sonali. I am sorry. I wont repeat it ever again. Shaleen calls them crocodile tears. No one will believe them. Manvi says we have already forgiven her. Sonali too tells him to forget it and move on. Shaleen leaves it on them. NIsha thanks Sonali. Sonali says I am forgiving you for the last time upon Manvi’s askance. If you repeat it again then I will throw you out of the house. Sonali also leaves. Manvi tells Nisha to go to her room. Nothing will happen. Nisha picks up her bag.

Dadi comes to talk to Rahul. Accept your mistake. He is confused. She asks him to sort his fight with Manvi. Take her out on dinner tonight. Manvi isn’t at fault for whatever happened. he knows it too. I apologized to her today only. But wont it look weird? Harsh just got well. She insists to go tonight only. Rahul thinks their problems may be sorted this way.

Nisha compliments Shaleen on his acting. He still cannot believe it that she said sorry to Manvi. How is that possible? She nods. this is the last time I said sorry to anyone. he asks her if she got scared of Manvi. She denies. I only wanted to win the trust of the family members. I atleast got their sympathy. Book a suite in a good hotel for now. You will have to stay there for a while. He thinks to do it tomorrow but she tells him to go today only. He is tensed thinking about packing but she has done it already for him. He agrees to go. But I want to know why all this is happening. She thinks her main work will start now. Everyone’s story will be over now.

Manvi sends the servant to rest as he is unwell. I will give soup to papa. Dadi tells her to leave it. I spoke to Rahul. He is ready for it. Manvi suggests going tomorrow. Nisha and Shaleen had a fight. I don’t think we should go today. Dadi tells her not to take tension of the world. I will give soup to Raj.

Nisha angrily thinks of manvi’s words and of SOnali’s slap. Enough Manvi. You have insulted me a lot already. I wont tolerate you or your insults anymore.

Another servant thinks to cook up excuses and get off too. Nisha comes there. You needed an off today? He nods. She sends him out to get some stuff. I and Manvi will manage dinner. Nisha closes the windows and leaves gas open. Manvi will now know what consequence of insulting Nisha is!

Rahul and Manvi are ready to leave. Nisha asks him for help. He asks her if she isn’t ashamed. You still think someone will help you after what you have done? She requests him to help her find Shaleen. He was so upset. All his stuff is missing. He is not picking his phone. Manvi asks Rahul to find Shaleen. Rahul advises Manvi not to fall for Nisha’s words. I will talk to him. Come. Nisha thinks to stop Manvi so her plan does not fail. He acts before Manvi. Manvi sends Rahul to look for Shaleen. He wonders why he feels something really wrong is going to happen today. Manvi sends Nisha to her room. I will bring food for you. Nisha acts to be grateful to her. Manvi goes to kitchen. NIsha think she indeed realises her mistakes so she is only trying to rectify them today.

Manvi is headed to kitchen. Nisha thinks to leave so she does not get hurt. I don’t care if anything happens to Manvi, mom or dad or anyone else. Nothing should happen to me. I will leave form the back door. Nisha locks her room and is heading out. She is almost about to collide with Kabir. Kabir and Nisha wonder if they got a doubt on one another. Did she see me changing into a bull like Harsh? I was careful though. Where are you coming from? Did you see something? She declines. He holds her hand angrily but she storms out of the house. We are anyways not friends anymore. He notices the lock on the door. What was she going to do? She might fail my plan.

Manvi is in kitchen. She has cold so she cannot even smell veggies. She gets a call from her mother. Everything is fine between Rahul and me now. We were about to go for dinner. We dint go as Papa is unwell. She does not tell anything to her mother about Nisha. Manvi prays to God to bless them like this only. Hope no evil eye falls on our relation. A blast happens as she lights the gas.

Precap: Manvi hugs Sonali. She notices the wound on Kabir’s body. He too follows her gaze.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. o god pls atleast maanvi pata lag Jana chaiye ki kabir or koi nahi agni hai and yes pakka maanvi ko iss idiot kabir ne bachaya jisse maanvi dobara use thanks kahegi rahul usse thanks bolega omg ye silsila kab take chalega and yes ooshi jaldi comment karo mai wait kar rahi hu thanks to pooja

  2. o god pls atleast maanvi pata lag Jana chaiye ki kabir or koi nahi agni hai and yes pakka maanvi ko iss idiot kabir ne bachaya jisse maanvi dobara use thanks kahegi rahul usse thanks bolega omg ye silsila kab take chalega and yes ooshi jaldi comment karo mai wait kar rahi hu

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