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Rahul thinks Inspector Prithvi is investigating two cases – of Niru and of his constable. They have the same marks on their body. It cannot be that no one will know if a tiger is roaming openly in Delhi. It means? He breaks the mirror angrily. Why is it happening with me? I never thought ill of anyone or tried to hurt anyone! Baba gained conscious after so long. Manvi’s misunderstandings cleared. Manvi too feels for me. we could start a life together. Baba thinks I saved Manvi from Sujoy. He has no idea who I am in reality. She would have lived had she married Sujoy. Her life is in danger with me. He picks up Manvi’s photo. You don’t deserve this life. If I have killed someone then I can do it again. You should not live with me. There is only one chance to end it. it is almost

evening. I will have to do my work before I turn into a dangerous animal again.

Manvi comes to tell Rahul that Dadi is calling him. She thinks he is in washroom. She looks at the broken pieces of the mirror lying on the floor. Manvi knocks at the bathroom door asking Rahul if he is fine. She opens the door only to see that he has slit his wrist. She rushes to his side and covers his hand. he says I did it with my own hands. She is shocked. Why? Dint you think about your parents once? He replies that everyone else will have benefit from his death. It is a danger for everyone if I live. I am not selfish. She says everyone loves you so much. Come, we will visit a doc. What will they go through? He tries to make her understand his point of view. How would I feel if any of you get hurt because of me? Nothing will change. The blood in my hands will be of someone else tomorrow. She insists upon going to a doc. He points out that he slit his wrist half an hour ago. This curse wont even let me die. He tells her to go. She refuses to leave him alone but he closes the door of the room on her face. She cries outside. He too feels bad.

Sonali is shocked to know what Rahul did. Manvi stops her from meeting Rahul right now. He is perfectly fine. the animal inside him wont let him die. Why not send him abroad for medical treatment? This will mean something else in medical term. Sonali says we tried everything. Manvi wants to do something. Rahul is falling weak. We have to do something. Sonali asks her about Ambika. Manvi has no clue about her. I went to Drugapur Jagir but no one there knows her. I searched online as well but couldn’t find anything constructive. Sonali remarks that all the doors are closed. Manvi is sure one door is still open. I will find that door anyhow. Sonali wants to do something soon. It is almost evening. What if he does something again? Manvi too has no answer to that. We can stop Rahul but how to stop the animal inside him!

Manvi finds Rahul’s wound all healed up. She looks at him in shock. There is no mark here. He begins to go but she says I only want good for you. he is fed up everyone hovering around him all the time. I want to have some fresh air. I know I am an animal but you cannot cage me. She requests him not to go out. It is evening. It isn’t safe for you. He says it is my choice. I will decide when and where I will go. Stop interfering in my life. He mentally apologizes to her for hurting her. I cannot afford to lose you. I have no other option to save you. Sonali asks Manvi about Rahul. Manvi cries as she hugs her. He went out. Sonali panics. What if he hurts someone again? Manvi gets stunned. It means he only killed Niru and the constable. Rahul is behind it? Sonali has no clue about it. But we haven’t heard any animal killing people in Delhi. This news has spread since the curse took over Rahul. Manvi shares that’s Sujoy attacked Baba. Why would Rahul kill Niru then?

Rahul is driving. The spirit of the tiger does something to him.

Manvi reasons that there was no reason for Rahul to kill Niru. He would have been only proved innocent. This is what baba told me the moment he gained conscious. Sonali wonders if Rahul did not kill anyone at all. Manvi relates her incident. Not everyone gets so lucky. What if he meets someone at night? Sonali too is worried of the same. No one will be able to stop the tiger who gets powerful at night. What if he finds his prey? Manvi wants to go to Niru’s house to meet Niru’s father. Maybe I can find some clue there.

Avanti’s car breaks down. She waves at the car. She is pleasantly surprised to see Rahul. He too flirts to her. She takes the beer bottle from her car. He asks her if she was drinking and driving. She replies that she was only enjoying life. Will you scold me? he has no habit of scolding beautiful girls. She asks him why he is roaming alone at this time. Where is manvi? He pulls her closer, telling her not to speak of someone else between them. She happily agrees. You look hot today. He resumes driving.

Manvi is at Niru’s house. I want to help you to find Niru’s murderer. Think and tell me if Niru ever told you of anything different. Did she tell you about anyone? Niru’s father denies. she always used to update everything online. Her status that night meant she was alone at home and had no plans. Manvi is sure someone would have seen someone entering. Niru’s father shares that police has questioned everyone. No one has seen anyone. She notices something there. Niru’s father breaks down. She comforts him. I only want to help you find the culprit. He too wants the culprit to be punished. Manvi thinks she couldn’t find any clue here. What should I do? Some light falls on her eyes. A guy is making videos and pointing laser at her. He tries to run but she pulls him down. She scolds him for making videos stealthily. He apologizes to her, promising her he wont make any videos ever. She tells him to delete every video right away. She notices something in his phone.

Rahul is driving while Avanti continues to drink.

Manvi sees Avanti in her video of that night. Why was she following us that night?

Avanti tells Rahul his wild side looks very attractive today. It looks as if the animal inside you has come out. It’s so damn hot. He leans closer to her. This animal will be with you for the entire night. He suggests stopping the car ahead. Let’s chill here. She agrees. The animal inside him is very much active.

Precap: Manvi meets someone and asks her about Ambika at her home. The girl shares that Ambika is in a town named Lakhanpur in Bihar these days.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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