Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector is sure Ajay is trying to protect Rahul for some reason.

Raj is tensed for Rahul. He abruptly left the recording and disappeared. He was brought home by Avanti! It is all proving that! Sonali asks him not to say anything inauspicious. Raj says not saying anything will not do them any good now. What Guru ji has said is bound to happen. Sonali is sure there must be some way. Guru ji is not a God. We should look for a solution. Raj insists that Guru ji’s words always come true. I said that Rahul and Manvi should not be sent for the honeymoon but no one listened to me. She warns him not to blame him. He is angry on Manvi yet again. Everything has messed up since she has come in our lives. Very soon Rahul will turn into an animal. Sonali tells him to shut up. You are one of

those kinds of people who blame others for their mistakes. You are to be blamed for it. Your habits, greed is behind it. You wanted the world in your feet. We are ruined today all because of you! You are the one. He sadly nods. How many times will you curse me for this? People get life imprisonment. I am imprisoned for forever. I did not spend a day in peace thinking that my son is going to bear the brunt of my mistakes. It is very painful. You wont understand. She realises her mistake. I am sorry. I know you care a lot for Rahul. I dint mean to hurt you. He dismisses the convo. We have to think how to increase Rahul’s security. Don’t say anything to Manvi. She points out that they were quiet as they did not want their words to come true. She is Rahul’s wife. She needs to know it. He insists. He is the face of my empire. Everything will be finished if this news is out! She nods sadly. I know what you are more scared to lose. I also understood one more thing. Gayatri gave Rahul precisely to me. I understand now why she solely asked me to look after Rahul. He asks her what she wants to say. She says my words will only be understood by a father. You wont be able to understand it. You should focus on your business. I will save my son my way!

Avanti is cutting veggies. The cook offers to do it but she dismisses him. She wants Rahul to know how much she cares for him. No one can take such good care of him like me. She receives a message from Manvi. The food will go waste. But my making it wont go waste!

Rahul looks at himself in the mirror. Avanti compliments him. He thanks her for bringing him here last night. She asks him to have breakfast with her. He politely denies. I will eat with everyone at home. They must be worried. She says I have informed at home. You only said we are best friends. Best friends can eat together. I made your favourite breakfast for you. She intentionally drops it on his shirt. He wants to go home and get it clean there only but she insists. She gives him a bathrobe to change. I will make breakfast again by the time you change. She thinks Manvi should not delay.

Producers compliment Manvi before Shaleen. We can blindly sign a contract with her now. When is Rahul coming? Shaleen says I don’t think he will be able to give you time. He is perfectly fine. he went to attend a party instead of recording for you. They are aghast. Did Raj lie to us? Shaleen denies. Dad wouldn’t have lied to you. He might himself know nothing about it. Rahul listens to no one. He is moody and arrogant. This much goes with rock star. Producers decide to replace Rahul. Shaleen suggests them to launch a newcomer along with Manvi. I should rectify my dad’s mistake. I also sing, I sing way better than Rahul. Dad gave training to me along with my brother. Rahul cannot see anyone moving ahead him. I feel like helping you seeing your loss. The call is yours. They agree to record the album with him and Manvi. Shaleen is thrilled. I will snatch everything back from Rahul!

Avanti serves breakfast to Rahul. She looks at him as he eats. I will eat later. He touches him while trying to clean the food crumbs off his robe. The door bell rings. He wants to go upstairs but she asks him to stay back. It is Manvi. Avanti knowingly continues clearing off the crumbs. Rahul is surprised to see Manvi there. Avanti asks her to join them for breakfast. Manvi decnlies. I came here to take Rahul with me. Mummy ji and Papa ji haven’t eaten anything since last night. Rahul says sorry to her. I was not in a condition to tell anyone anything. She thinks Avanti was right. He says you could have sent driver to pick me up. She asks him if he is not happy to see her here. He replies that he actually liked it. She tells him to get ready. Everyone is waiting for you at home. He goes to change.

Avanti thinks to add fuel to the fire. She walks up to Manvi. Are you alright? You look upset. You can always tell me. We are friends after all. Friends share everything! You can tell me if something is bothering you. Oh, I always forget that you are from a middle class family. it is difficult for you to handle these things. These things are very common in our society (partying late night and staying overnight at a friend’s house). Better accept it. It will be good for you. I am your friend after all. She keeps her hand on Manvi’s shoulder as she speaks. Manvi removes her hand. Thanks, but no thanks. You advised me like a friend just now. I cannot remember though when we became friends! You were right baout one thing. I am unlike you. I don’t even want to become like you. I might be an old fashioned girl from a middle class family and I am proud of it. I don’t know what friendship means in your society but mangalsutra holds a lot of important in my society. Mangalsutra ties two people together for life. Rahul and I have been tied together for life. You are his friend while I am his wife. Even your society has given me this stature. I do not get jealous or insecure with her or with any other girl ever. You can do anything that you want and cross any limits you want to but I have full confidence on Rahul. He will never cross his limits. This is my faith in him. It is the faith of a wife. Why do you look upset now? You might be regretting it that things will not be the same between you and Rahul since I beame his wife. This is the truth. It will be good for you the sooner you accept it. I am waiting outside in the car. Send my husband outside soon. Avanti is angry.

Precap: Rahul asks Manvi if she is jealous of Avanti. She says no. Why will I be jealous? She tells Rahul to go back to Avanti’s home if he wants to talk about her. He agrees. He hears some noise and moves her aside just in time before the chandelier falls.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I think by now Manvi should know about d curse n try to RAHUL with Gods power n prayer. Rahuls acting is superb n manvi too has started trusting Rahul great..

    1. i think she didn’t start understanding him but may be after knowing the truth and her kundli had some abnormal powers so that she too i am waiting that when producers reveal that what are these powers and i hope those powers will help her to save her husband

  2. love this show

  3. Very nice understanding

    1. i don’t think so she understand him but she only did this to show avanti that she understand him i think she will fight with him afterwards

  4. Nice episode guys…… Loved the way manvi talked

  5. Nice episode

  6. shaleen is very big lier

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