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Talwar tells Avanti not to cry anymore. You are my daughter. I ahve given you whatever you have asked. Don’t cry on this matter now. Things will happen as per your wish. You will marry Rahul even if he doesn’t want to! He doesn’t know that I am the biggest investor in Sabharwal’s business. I will finish everything in a second if I want to! They share a hug. Avanti thinks it is only her right to reject someone. You cannot reject me. You will have to marry me. Once we marry, I will make you pay for all my tears.

Manvi is allowed to go home. Shilpa goes to inform Sujoy’s parents. Upmanyu too goes out. Manvi thanks Sujoy for saving her. He sits down beside her. it is one of the vows in pheras. I will protect you for life. You matter a lot to me. I love you. I wouldn’t

have been able to live if I had not saved you. She asks him if he dint think about himself. He does not mind the wounds he got while saving her. She wonders how she will repay him ever. He asks her to marry him soon. She smiles. Sujoy gets a call. His face turns pale. He goes outside to attend it.

Sujoy speaks to the person. I had told you not to call me. I will come when I am free. Stop calling me! He disconnects the call. I have to make her quiet!

Sujoy stays back in the hospital to handle the discharge formalities. Upmanyu blesses him.

Rahul comes to hospital. He gets to know that Manvi has been discharged. He is relieved. Thia means she is fine. A guy stands with him to click a selfie. Rahul notices Sujoy in the corridor. What is he doing here when Manvi has left?

Sujoy meets Mala. She calls him a cheater. You have always cheated me – mentally, physically. I wont let you ruin someone else’s life. You have already ruined my life. Sujoy thinks of doing something to quieten her. You don’t trust me. I really love you though. It is all because of my parents. I am doing this marriage so my parents aren’t upset with me. I wont marry that girl. Mala is shocked to see Rahul there. Rahul slaps Sujoy. He is your ex-boyfriend who impregnated you and elft you! He turns to Sujoy. You were going to marry Manvi. Liar! Mala is shocked. Rahul slaps him again. you were going to ruin 2 girls’ lives. Now I recall where I saw you last. He keeps beating Sujoy. You only hit me on the head. You wanted to act all good and kill me? I wont spare you. You hurt Manvi. Mala requests Rahul to leave Sujoy. Rahul tries to make her understand that Sujoy was only using her. You still think he will help you and stand by you? Sujoy holds Rahul by his neck. The compounders free him. Sujoy rushes out. He thinks of doing something before Rahul meets Manvi. I have to stop him.

Rahul vows to teach Sujoy a lesson.

Sujoy comes to Chatterjee house all coughing. Rahul can go to any extent. They ask him what Rahul did. Sujoy says Rahul has become mad. He asked me to meet him. He asked me to take the blame of fire in the sangeet hall. He beat me when I said no. He has threatened me. Manvi cannot take it anymore. I had promised Baba I wont see him again but I cannot sit quietly now. we wont tolerate their wrongdoings. Shilpa agrees with her. UPmanyu blames Raj for Rahul’s upbringing. Rahul comes there just then. He points at SUjoy. He is the goon here. Upmanyu reprimands him for entering in his house. Rahul asks him to listen to him today. Upmanyu stays put. Rahul calls Sujoy a fraud. Upmanyu warns him not to call him his uncle. Rahul says it is a misunderstanding. Sujoy asks him to throw Rahul out. He is a liar. Rahul pushes Upmanyu by mistake. He holds Sujoy angrily. Manvi gets angry. How dare you hurt my Baba? You beat my fiancé. Your father insulted me that day. He is elder to me so I kept quiet but I wont spare you if you try to do anything against my family members. Rahul tries to make her explain that Sujoy is a cheat and liar. Trust me once. She says I would like to die rather than doing that. I know you cannot see me happy. You are trying to break my alliance since the day you got to know about it. Why are you doing this? Rahul calls Sujoy a cheater. He is only using you. Manvi says he is 1000 times better than you atleast. He has stood by my side in every problem. He saved me. Rahul points out that Sujoy does not love her. She speaks in Sujoy’s favour. He knows what love is, not you. You love the one you trust. I trust Sujoy more than I trust me. Nothing you say can shake it. We have had enough of you and your father. This is my last warning. Go away from me, my matters and my family or I wil file a complaint against you and your father. You wont dare come close to us again! I hate you Rahul. I only hate you! I don’t know which wrong time was when I met you. She does not let Rahul speak. Get out of the house! Rahul dejectedly leaves. Sujoy is relieved.

Rahul walks in rain. He remembers all the times spent with Manvi. Why does she hate me this much? You can hate me as much as you want to but my love for you will not go away. I wont let you marry that cheap man come what may!

Manvi’s parents lovingly feed food to Manvi. They share an emotional moment. Manvi says I am only getting married. I will come here even after marriage so I can eat food from your hands. They talk about the old times. The house looks so empty already. Upmanyu thinks how Manvi used to fall asleep when he used to sing for her. She hugs him. He assures her they will stay together always.

Precap: Sujoy holds Rahul’s feet. You are a good guy. Please forgive me. Upmanyu watches it from a distance. I knew that Sujoy is a good guy. I wont spare this Rahul. He is about to go there when Sujoy’s tone changes. Sujoy asks Rahul if he thinks he will change this way. I have made Mala pregnant 3 times already. Upmanyu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  4. If anyone reads my cmmnt now reply fast

  5. Upamanyu Chatterjee (Kali Prasad Mukherjee) will
    be seen slipping into coma.
    It will be seen that Rahul (Karan Kundra) will
    learn that Sujoy (Arun Rana) has an extra martial
    affair and is marrying Maanvi (Saanvi Talwar)
    just for money. Rahul will warn Sujoy, but he
    would get into a fight with him.
    Fans will get to see a power packed fight between
    Rahul and Sujoy. According to a source,
    “Upamanyu will get to know about the matter and
    intervene. Sujoy will push Chatterjee, leaving him
    injured. This would lead him to slip into coma.
    His daughter Maanvi will be shocked learning
    about the same.”

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