Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicku makes Manvi sign a receipt. Manvi thanks Rahul. She turns to go when Rahul stops her. No one does anything free for anyone in today’s world. She knew it already. I know you want me to force to sing with you. She returns him the money. I don’t need your help or money. He agrees he wants to sing her with him. But music comes from heart. No one can force it. He says our company gives people money for their work. I want you to sign a 2 year long contract with our company for this. manvi is surprised. She thinks of the current condition at home. She agrees. Rahul asks Vicky to bring a contract with Manvi’s name. Vicky brings it. Rahul gives the pen to Manvi. She signs it. Rahul congratulates her but she walks away. rahul doesn’t know why she doesn’t want to sing with

him. But your voice is not the one that will mix with the crowd. You will realise it yourself one day. I don’t know how you will understand it but one day you will!

Manvi keeps the money in her father’s hands. No one can snatch your Taj Mahal from you. Mrs. Chatterjee thanks God. Upmanyu asks Manvi how she got this much money. His wife says we should focus on our happiness. Upmanyu waits for Manvi’s answer. Harsh comes as a saviour. I spoke to boss for loan. I went out for some work so I asked Manvi to get it. Upmanyu hugs his kids. My son did something good for the first time in life. You both are my biggest blessings. Harsh wants to go with his father but Upmanyu wants to go alone. I want to see how that Talwar will throw me out of the house!

Manvi feels bad for lying to his father. She thanks her brother for saving her. He calls it her diwali gift. They share a hug.

Talwar is talking to his lawyer Agarwal. I want to know how that guy got that much money at once. Do anything but don’t let this man get away from this! He doesn’t want to lose the deal he has with Raj. I will throw that Bengali out of that house! Avanti hugs her dad. He can see her happy. She has decided to marry Rahul. I was with him so I could know him. I saw his real face today. I thought I cannot be with anyone but him.

Rahul makes his mother swirl with excitement. I found that girl, that voice. She is also very happy for him. Finally I can see my old Rahul again! Now you will make your album like you had planned. He goes quiet again. That girl refused to sing with him. She wants to sing in chorus. Lacs of girls want to sing with me. The girl I want to sing with doesn’t want to sing with me! What’s happening? Her voice is magical. I will sing only with her but how? His mother says we don’t value whatever we get easily in life. Gain her trust if you want her to sing with you. That is how she will trust your work. The day she trusts you, she will sing with you. He finds it complicated but agrees. I will do my best. Thanks Mom. You have a solution for everything.

Sonali tells Raj about the girl Rahul was looking for. He has finally found her. Raj is happy that they can execute PR. She says Rahul wants to gain her trust as she is very important for him. He asks for a drink. Talwar calls Raj. They both decide to celebrate thinking that Rahul and Avanti like each other. Raj is shocked to know Upmanyu gave 1.5 lacs. Talwar promises to throw Upmanyu out of his house any cost. Raj vows to make sue Upmanyu is left bereft of all his happiness by next Diwali.

Shilpa is making ragoli. Upmanyu comes home from the market. They talk about the puja. All the family members sit down for the puja. Manvi wants to go for the rehearsals. How do I tell Baba? Sujoy comes there too. He gets a call from someone. He makes an excuse and leaves. Manvi lies to her Baba to go to her rehearsals. Shilpa suggests getting Manvi married but Upmanyu wants Manvi to make her career in music industry first. Shilpa says Sujoy doesn’t mind it if she sings after marriage. We should do the engagement first. We know his family since years. We should talk to them about it. Upmanyu tries to dismiss the topic.

The preps for Diwali are full on in Rahul’s house. Nisha tells Shaleen to tell his family members about their holiday. I don’t want any drama this time. Raj asks Shaleen to make the presentation by tomorrow. we will execute our marketing plan in 3 days. Rahul goes aside to do rehearsals. Nisha scolds Shaleen for not talking to his family about their holiday plan. Dadi tells Nisha to take care of Shaleen. Hope he does not break from inside. Shaleen looks on sadly.

Manvi comes for the rehearsals. She collides with Sujoy. She is shocked to see him there. He looks lustily at Manvi. He makes up excuses when she asks him what he is doing here. She lies to him that her friend works here. She goes to washroom to clean her dress. Sujoy thinks of marrying Manvi. She can get all things done. She arranged for so much money in one day itself. I should do something now.

Manvi hears someone whistling in the washroom. It is some guy. In ladies washroom? She is not surprised to see Rahul there. She scolds him without thinking anything. Rahul opens the door to show her the board. It is men’s washroom. He uses the same lines back on her. Nothing comes for free. Sing for me. She still refuses to sing for him ever. She walks out. Rahul refuses to lose out to her. You will have to sing for me.

Precap: Rahul tells his chorus singers that one of them will sing with him as a lead singer. Manvi looks uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The limit of bad acting. Plz someone chng the actress. She has nothing..
    Blood y loser..
    And Rahul as usual was awesome and finally the story is gearing up..

  2. What is your problem dalia
    If you don ‘t like the actress don’t watch the show
    And don’t talk in this way plz

  3. Dalia this is not the way to say anything about anyone……
    Good episode

  4. simply luv the tashan between the 2 leads,luv u guys………………

  5. I completely agree wd dalia……Rahul is seriously awesome bt d actress oh god!!!!!

    1. Oh god if you don’t like don’t watch the show and don’t say anything plz
      In the world any person is perfect

      1. *not perfect

  6. The last scene was awesome hope we get more scenes like this

  7. I completely agreed with jas

  8. Jz cz u like her doesn’t mean I hv to like dt person tooo @jas…..n pls m nt talkn abt u….n FYI I ddn say d actress is a bad person… I said her acting Is nt good…..

  9. N als I lov d show…..n stop putting ua opinion on others….plz…

    1. Why u blame jas she say right you don’t have to blame because u don ‘t like her acting i think if u like the show why u don’t like her acting? she is good i think u have to thing about u firstly and later about anyone

    2. Sorry but i don’t want to hurt u and i don t want to put my opinion on u and i said what i think

  10. M sory too jas……i said what I think too..:-)

  11. Oh mi god…..i said I dnt like d acting so r u going to make me like her acting by force???….n everybody hv d their own opinion…it doesn’t hv to be same…i dnt like d actress’s acting period… Bt i ddnt say she s bad person… N think abt urself too wdout puttn ua opinin by force on others @priya

  12. N I ws telln jas……. Nt u….. N I ddnt get u..if u like d show y dnt u like her acting??? Wt does that mean..Jz bcz a show is rlly gud does nt mean I hvta like eveythng……n plz dnt talk to me…m nt here to argue wd any1…i jz cme to share ma opinion jz like u all xcpt evry1 ‘s differ frm eac other..

    1. I think namdi said right and priya u have to talk and don’t argue plz

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