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Harsh lies to Manvi that it was his dream. She senses something weird in his behaviour. He is hiding something from me but why. She gets a call from someone and leaves.

Manvi is shocked to see Raj’s condition. Chotu shares that Nisha gave medicine to him before leaving as Sonali wasn’t at home. I tried calling Rahul Bhaiya but his number is not reachable. Manvi talks to Raj who is writhing in pain. You will be fine soon. Doc will come soon.

Doc checks Raj. He got a really bad allergy. I will give him an injection. Take very good care of him. He was given a wrong medicine so his body reacted. It is good that you called me or his condition would have worsened. Manvi wonders how Nisha can make such a big mistake. She asks about Nisha to Chotu. She went to her friends’ house.

Manvi is angry with Nisha. She took the prescription with her as well. Manvi tries Nisha’s number but she disconnects her call. Manvi tells Chotu to sit with papa. Don’t leave his side even for a minute. I will get his medicine.

Nisha is enjoying cards party at her friend’s house when Manvi comes there. Manvi scolds NIsha for giving importance to her friends over her papa. I called doc on the right tie or you don’t know what could have happened. give me papa’s prescription. Nisha gets angry on her. No one will die if they skip one medicine. I meet my friends once in a week only. You cannot insult me like this. Manvi again reprimands her for giving wrong medicine to papa. Which of this friend will come to help you if any problem comes on you? They argue. MAnvi asks for the prescription and walks out. Nisha’s friends say your SIL treats you so badly.

Nisha slaps Manvi as soon as she comes home. How dare you insult me at my friend’s place? Who do you think you are? No one spoke to me in a high tone till date! Are you proud of the fact of being the wife of the elder son of this house? I came in this house before you so I have more right on this house than you. Don’t think to even act smart over me after today. Sonali asks them what’s happening. Manvi says nothing but Chotu tells her everything honestly. Sonali asks about Raj. Chotu says he is fine and taking rest. Manvi Bhabhi handled everything. Sonali questions Nisha if she gave wrong medicine to Raj. Nisha ends up saying yes for which she gets a tight slap. SOnali tells Manvi against interfering. Till when will we bear and hide your mistakes Nisha? I knew everything but I dint want a drama in the house. Nisha did everything intentionally (non-veg incident; humiliating Manvi’s family; the snake incident and more). I knew everything but dint say anything. I thought you will understand but you don’t belong in that category. Raj would not have to bear all this if I had stopped her. How can you be so careless? Don’t you know what Raj is allergic to? You raised a hand on Manvi too. Who gave you that right? I am warning you not to even talk to Manvi in high voice. I don’t want to see you around Raj or you will see worse of me.

Raj is sleeping. Sonali sits by his side. our family was once a happy family but everything changed since that curse started to show its effect. I wonder if everyhign will get back to normal or not. She goes out.

Manvi asks about Raj. Sonali says he is fine. he is sleeping now. She hugs Manvi. We should be thankful to you for what you have done for this family and house. No one could do it till date. Manvi calls it her duty. Sonali says I have taken a decision. Let anyone say anything. I don’t care. You will take care of Raj after today. Only you can bring back the happiness of this house. I cannot trust anyone else. Manvi shares that Rahul does not want it. Sonali does not care. He is stupid. He cannot understand who is right and wrong. But I have full faith in you. Manvi agrees.

Kabir asks Nisha why she called him here. What is it that you couldn’t tell on phone? She tells him what happened at home. She complains about Manvi. She only looks innocent but isn’t. She only wants a chance to insult me. I slapped her tightly. She will remember it for life. Kabir angrily holds her hand. You slapped manvi? Nisha agrees. I would have killed her if it was in my hands. He asks her how she dare do it. Don’t say or do anything to her ever again. I have warned you earlier as well. Don’t try it again. this is my last warning. She asks him what he will do about her family. he replies that he forgave Harsh for some reason. I promise I will kill anyone who tries to hurt Manvi. He walks out. Nisha thinks someone insulted her again for Manvi. I wont get scared of anyone now and bear it silently. Manvi cannot defeat me. I wont give you a chance. I will throw you out of my life tonight!

Manvi is looking for medicine. Rahul coughs. She says sorry. I was just leaving. He thinks she is so angry. I am dumb. I said so much to her. She is surprised to hear him talking to her. we never do anything but argue. He says I am not in a mood to fight. I was about to. She knows he wants to thank her for saving his father’s life. Atleast for a while you wont think I tried hurting him. He says my dad is my super hero. I have never seen him weak like this in my life. I too fall weak seeing him thus. She says I understand. I felt the same way when Baba was in hospital. But I am not his enemy. Why do you think I over react? I cannot understand what you find wrong about me and when? I don’t over react ever. He keeps his hand over her mouth to shush her. They look at each other. You say so much? Your mouth does not hurt? She shakes her head but he does not let go of her. Rahul shouts in pain as she bites at his hand. Manvi sneezes. He is surprised. You bit my hand? She nods. I had no other option. I wanted to sneeze but you weren’t removing your hand. What if something had happened to your hand? He says ewww. They sweetly talk about what’s in his heart. He teases her as she says she understands what’s in his heart. My heart is very naughty. Even I cannot understand at times what it wants. She tells him not to change the topic. You were complimenting me before. He says you talk a lot. She turns to go but he holds her hand. They come closer and recall all their happy moments from the start. Manvi feels shy.

Precap: Shaleen pulls Nisha. Get out of house. She says I am sorry. He refuses to forgive her this time. Your friend’s party is more important for you than my papa. Go and have fun there only. You don’t have to come back here now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. yaar pls an koi bhi misunderstandings ravi ke beech nahi aane dena Dono kitne pyare Legte hai and yeh tiger track kab khatam hoga

  2. yaar pls?? an koi bhi misunderstandings ravi ke beech nahi aane dena Dono kitne pyare Legte hai and yeh tiger track kab khatam hoga???

  3. hey friends Maine bataya tha na ki nisha gas ko open chod degi and maanvi ake use light karegi use smell nahi aa payegi kyuki use cold huya hai

  4. Loved manvi and rahuls convp loved the episode????????

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