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Rahul thinks of Manvi’s words of fighting for him. Manvi comes there. Who stays in the guestroom in their own home? Come. He tells her not to act fake. She sits down next to him and holds his hand. Baba is out of coma. He looks at her pleasantly surprised. When did this happen? Why dint you tell me? Where is he? What did he say? She says he wants to meet you. He goes quiet. I am glad to hear it. Go and meet him. I cannot come. She makes him look at her. Baba wants to meet you. He has been talking only about you since he gained conscious. Should I tell him you don’t want to meet me? Get up. He thinks she knows his entire truth yet wants to make him a part of her life. I wont let you put your life in risk. She tells him to come. I have heard enough. You will have to come with me. She

notices Sonali standing by the door. You have spoiled your son. Can I not go out on lunch with your son? Make him understand. Sonali tells Rahul to go. Manvi did so much for you when you were not here. It is your duty to listen to what she says now.

Manvi asks rahul to come. He goes with her. She tells him to get ready fast. Baba has been calling again and again to ask about you. He tells her to stop it. I tried to kill you. come to reality. There is nothing normal here. I have given you all these wounds. Let us go meet your Baba and tell him I did all this. She denies. I will lie to Baba. He asks her to whom and till when she will lie. There is nothing left in his life. There is nothing in their relation anymore. She covers his mouth. I am not mad. I know this problem is big but this relation means a lot to me. Rahul tells MAnvi that it is his life’s reality. I am an animal because of the curse. She denies as she leans her head on his shoulder. You saved me from the curse by marrying a man like Sujoy. Don’t know what would have happened to me then. That would have been a curse! Baba told me the truth and I know how you saved me from a cursed life. You helped me back then. Would I not help you now? I will! He clears it to her that this is about his entire life. Earlier it was a misunderstanding now it is hell. No one can escape this bitter truth of life. She tells him that they will fight this together. we wont give up. I want to be your strength in this hour. He refuses to take anyone’s sympathy. She asks him if he married her out of sympathy. I could never understand why you married me. were you trying to save me from Sujoy or was there some other reason? He replies that he did what he felt was right. My dad has done injustice with your Baba. I dint want to see you suffer.

She leans close to his ears. You did all this for Baba’s happiness and married me? You went against your family; broke all the limits and married me? For Baba’s happiness or was there some other reason? Tell me the reason. he pulls away from her. He notices the guitar she had gifted to him. She says a big rock star will hide his face from his wife. He denies. She asks him to touch her and tell why he married her. he takes his hands back from her face. After a second, he touches her face again to wipe her tears. This cannot be! She knows it isn’t easy but nothing has been easy with us. Don’t you feel this? I want to be with you for the sake of this feeling. I have full faith in this relation and us. I am half of you. Don’t separate me from you. He holds her face again. They touch heads. Manvi takes a step back realising something. We will get late this way or we will be able to hear Baba shouting till here. She goes to take out clothes for him.

Upmanyu says I always knew rahul is the perfect life partner for Manvi. She has gone after me. She never looks and keeps walking. She fell in a pothole. Manvi agrees to take care in future. Upmanyu nods. I have no worries now as I know Rahul will always be with you to take care of you. I can thank you for saving me. But you saved my daughter from a criminal like Sujoy. Any thanks would be less. I will never forget what you have done for me. Shilpa takes manvi aside. Upmanyu tells Rahul he will give statements any time.

Shilpa asks Manvi if everything is fine between her and Rahul. How did you get hurt? Is this some problem? Manvi denies. Don’t worry. Rahul and Mummy ji got so concerned. They only bandaged my wounds. There were misunderstandings but everything is fine after Baba gained conscious. Shilpa is relieved. She blesses Manvi to be happy always.

Upmanyu calls out for Shilpa and Manvi. Come here. I was telling Rahul that my daughter is lucky to have a husband like him. Start afresh. Manvi nods. Sujoy should not escape. He should be punished. Manvi says I hate him more than you. He tried to snatch you from me. I wont spare him. I will file another complaint on my way. Police will punish him.

Inspector beats Sujoy to make him spill the truth. Sujoy says I did not kill anyone. I only pushed Manvi’s Baba so he does not tell my truth to Manvi. I hate Rahul. I wasn’t here on the night of murder. Inspector refuses to believe him. Sujoy talks about the marks of an animal on Niru’s body. I dint do anything. Manvi hears him. How did I forget this? There were marks of tiger on Niru’s body. Was she the first prey of that tiger? Sujoy keeps on saying he is innocent while the inspector continues to beat him. Manvi tells Rahul to sit in the car. He asks for Inspector. she lies that she is unwell. We will meet later. Manvi thinks what to do. Rahul is innocent. It is the tiger who hurts people when it overpowers Rahul. Should I save Rahul and protect innocent people? Rahul notices that her face went pale. Should we see a doc? She still talks of going home. Inspector comes out. Manvi and Inspector see each other. Manvi tells Rahul only to say yes to what she says.

Inspector knocks at the window. He is surprised to see Manvi’s wounds. She lies to him. He talks to Rahul next. Manvi keeps her hand on Rahul’s while he is talking to Inspector. He asks them why they were leaving without meeting him. Manvi again lies to him. They drive away. Inspector is intrigued though. Was manvi lying to protect Rahul? From where will an animal attack? Did someone made it? Who will do it and why?

Precap: Manvi knocks at the bathroom door asking Rahul if she is fine. She opens the door only to see that he has slit his wrist.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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