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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manvi coming to room and seeing Rahul smiling while sleeping. She smiles and thinks he is looking relieved. She thinks to do something so that her morning starts with his smile. She thinks people pray to get a good life partner, but I should thank God as I got you. You have always supported me, and I couldn’t get a better life partner than you. Sonali comes to their room and says she brought breakfast for them. She says actually I came to apologize to you both. I was excited about the trip and took my anger on you both. Manvi asks her not to apologize and says she can understand as Papa ji spoiled her birthday. She says I even scolded Mummy ji. Sonali says I got a good bahu and says she is lucky. Manvi says even I am lucky as I got you, and says we shall keep lunch

party for all your friends, and says she will make food. Sonali says good idea, but we will order food. Manvi says she likes to cook food. Sonali goes. Manvi asks Rahul to get ready. Rahul asks her to send his clothes. Sonali stands infront of mirror and Yamini is shown. Yamini says there is really a special day, not for me, but for you both.

Servant gives CD to Shaleen. Shaleen thinks of Kabir’s threat asking him to upload the video. Shaleen thinks why the hell is he doing this with me and why he is torturing me. Nisha comes and snatches the CD. She says it is sent by your music company and says she will check. Shaleen thinks they will kill me. He says we will see later. Nishi plays the CD. Shaleen sits shockingly. Nisha is shocked.

Yamini comes to kitchen in Sonali’s face and asks about her saree. Manvi says good and says she is making arrangement for the party. Yamini is about to attack her with fork. Manvi doesn’t know and asks her to go for shopping. Nisha asks Shaleen if someone joked with them, as there is nothing in the CD. Shaleen says may be wrong CD is sent and asks her to get his breakfast ready. Nisha asks why didn’t you want me to see your audition CD? Shaleen says I thought I haven’t perform well and is getting conscious. Nisha says if this is true? Shaleen says why I will lie. Nisha goes to get food. Shaleen gets a call again.

Shaleen tells Kabir that those scenes are not in the house. Kabir asks him to stop nonsense and says scenes are there itself. He says don’t know how did you get Nisha? Shaleen asks him not to take Nisha’s name. Kabir threatens him and says next time your wife will get that CD. Shaleen thinks he has to do something else Nisha will know that he had cheated on her. Nisha hears him and slaps him. It was Shaleen’s imagination. Nisha comes and asks him to come and have food. Shaleen thinks if I don’t do Kabir’s work then this will turn into real.

Yamini as Sonali comes to Shilpa’s house. Shilpa welcomes her and says we thought you went with Raj. Sonali says Manvi kept party on her birthday occasion and invites her. Shilpa says she can’t come and tells about her high profile friends. Sonali asks her to come. Shilpa gets happy. She thinks she was always scared about Manvi, but she got a mum in saas.

Sonali’s friend come to the party. Sonali thinks where is Shilpa, without her this plan will not work. Rahul calls Manvi and says his meeting is cancelled. He says I was thinking to take my beautiful wife for lunch. Manvi says did you forget and tells that she is cooking for mum’s friends. Rahul says I didn’t forget, but. Manvi asks him to do practice and cuts the call. Rahul thinks where he tries to show tashan, she makes him quiet. Servant likes the food and goes to serves it. Manvi hopes that her friends like the food. Shilpa comes. Nisha thinks why did Mom call her here? Sonali introduces Shilpa to everyone as Manvi’s mom. Sonali’s friend tells that you are lucky as Sonali loves your daughter very much. Nisha thinks Manvi puran have started. Sonali tells that Manvi did all the preparation alone and praises her. She asks her friends to have a drink. They take drinks.

Sonali asks Shilpa to drink. Shilpa says she don’t drink. Sonali says she is not used to high class society, her husband is a singer and her son is useless. She insults Shilpa. Nisha thinks what she is doing, insulting Manvi’s mum. Sonali asks her to take drink. Shilpa says I don’t drink. Sonali tells that she has invited her, but don’t know that she will come in her middle class clothes. She says she has many clothes which she has work just once, and says she will give it to her, as charity begins at home. Her friends laugh on her. Shilpa thinks what happened to Sonali. She never insulted me. She thinks she shall go from there. She tells Sonali that she is unwell and have to go. Sonali says you don’t have AC at home and says she will gift her. Manvi comes and hugs Shilpa. Shilpa says Sonali invited her. Manvi thanks Sonali.

Sonali asks her to have food as Manvi made it. Manvi asks her to come. Nisha thinks why Shilpa is not telling her daughter about her insult by Sonali, and thinks she is strange. Manvi asks Shilpa to have food and asks what happened? Shilpa says I am unwell and tired. I will be alright if I take rest. Manvi says I will make you eat and is about to feed her, but Sonali pushes her plate and asks what is this. Manvi and Shilpa are shocked.

Manvi cries and tells Rahul that Sonali have insulted her mum in the party. She says I made food for her friends and she insulted me infront of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    writers don’t force me to use the language i didn’t want to i am warning u

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  6. Seriously no rahul and maanvi romantic scenes

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